Mercantile Girl - Can This Be A Plus?

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Mercantile Girl - Can This Be A Plus?
Mercantile Girl - Can This Be A Plus?

Video: Mercantile Girl - Can This Be A Plus?

Video: Mercantile Girl - Can This Be A Plus?
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mercantile girl
mercantile girl

To be loved and rich is the dream of every female, but not everyone manages to fall in love with someone who has a good material base. This is where the concept of commercialism appears - neglect of the interests of others and pursuit of personal gain. But now marriage of convenience is becoming one of the ways of normal existence, so why do men still run from such ladies as from fire? So, a mercantile girl is … find out more in this article!

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  • 1 The paradox of modernity
  • 2 What are the advantages of a mercantile wife?
  • 3 Russia and the West
  • 4 Signs of a mercantile girl

The paradox of modernity

Not so long ago, everyone was of the opinion that only men who in ancient times could improve their financial situation with the help of a marriage of convenience are materialistic. At the same time, the chosen one could be of any age, appearance, but at the same time possess the most important thing - status in society and good material support. Women, on the other hand, sought to create a family for love and suffered greatly if they were forced into marriage.

Regardless of the financial situation of the future chosen one, the girls ran away with him anywhere. Now, another female subspecies is popular, which perfectly adapts to the urban jungle. A mercantile girl is a special kind and is not at all uncommon among women looking only for a financial component. Should I blame her for this?

According to statistics, 50% of men themselves are ready to live with just such a rational lady who maintains an optimal atmosphere in marriage for the sake of a lover's bank card. The remaining half of the male population still stands up for tender feelings.

What are the advantages of a mercantile wife? 2

A marriage of convenience, in which such girls are found, usually has the following advantages:

  • No divorce! A mercantile person will always calculate losses and benefits, so a divorce will never be included in her plans, which means that the kept woman will not wag her nerves over trifles and annoy you.
  • Guaranteed heir. Children will always inherit all the financial privileges of their father, so the mercantile lady will try to “come from the rear” and will definitely strengthen your union as a potential heir. Moreover, this applies to those women who conclude a marriage contract, it always contains a clause on the reward for the birth of an heir, especially a male.

Cleanliness and loyalty. If the interests of this person are aimed exclusively at money, then she will not risk her well-being, therefore, no betrayal in your union will ever happen. This point should be considered in two ways: if a man is completely confident in his material status in any situation, even with a wild default, inflation, etc., then you can breathe easy - a rational, mercantile wife will never ruin your reputation. But if you suddenly fall off your financial pedestal, then most likely such a lady will quickly find you a richer replacement

Russia and the West3

To understand by what criteria to define a mercantile person, you must first stipulate a very important point of the difference in mentality. Russian girls will seem to all Western comrades the very mercantile ladies who want a beautiful and rich life abroad. That is why girls who married a foreigner, as a rule, run home wearing what they brought with them from Russia, and not in furs and Armani.

Mercantile girl
Mercantile girl

The Western mentality a priori does not bring up a mercantile person - people there are very thrifty in their attitude to money, things and consider it absolutely normal to prudent economy. Our people have been accustomed to different status levels since childhood. The daughter of wealthy oligarchs will never communicate with the daughter of her servant. Therefore, all those whose standard of living is above average can be called mercantile in our country, because they all love a rich existence and are not ready to part with it even for the sake of their loved ones.

That is why such "princes" on a white Chevrolet do not want to legitimize relations with modern Cinderellas, since love is love, and money is for money.

Signs of a mercantile girl4

Of course, there are those who consider mercantile ladies ideal for themselves. They live among us in their ideal marriages, in which there is no place for living emotion. However, for the sake of real men who are able to love and give all of themselves to a real woman, you need to understand how not to "run into" such a mercantile thing. So, we identify the "criminal" according to the following criteria:

Pay at the cafe. A real man often says that he is pleased when he is in control of the situation and feels like a man next to a weak woman who needs to be taken care of. Including financially. Feminists, who on principle pay for themselves in a cafe, not allowing male objections, disgust the representatives of the strong half of humanity. Why does she need such a strong and independent man? Another thing is a mercantile girl. She will immediately offer the man a chance to pay himself, without even offering, out of politeness, to share the costs with him in half. With such a gesture, a woman shows that she always supports a man and wants to go with him in all endeavors. A mercantile lady will not provide such a feeling of support to a man

Signs of a mercantile girl
Signs of a mercantile girl
  • Everything has a price. The depth of the feelings of the chosen one in the kept woman is always determined by the value of the gifts that the man gives her. The more expensive the gift, the more clearly the lady will show her favor.
  • Fans. A mercantile girl always has spare airfields, so the chance of being the only suitor for such a lady is zero. After all, she is not yet your wife …
  • It won't be too demanding or vice versa. The smartest and most experienced mercantile ladies will not beg you for money for a taxi, but they will gladly sit in it if you pay for it. If not, then they will get there by bus, we will remind you of this with the next gift. Those who are less experienced in the matter of hilling men on the subject of money, on the contrary, will be very energetic to you to hint that she is a lady, and ladies are not used to public transport.

Spending indiscriminately. Such ladies do not have a wonderful sense of financial responsibility. They consider their money no worse than the best accountants in the country, but strangers, as long as they do not officially belong to a kept woman, can be spent right and left. Therefore, giving the girl your card, it is worth seeing how much your lady has spent in the store without your control. The higher the amount, the faster you can make a withdrawal

mercantile girl
mercantile girl

"Not friends!" The environment of the kept woman is a real palette of possibilities. All acquaintances, as a rule, are famous, rich, with connections. And there is not a single person who would be interested in her, as an ordinary person and truly friends with her. Just out of mercantile interest, kept women, going out on the hunt for a potential "wallet" weed out unnecessary acquaintances from their circle so that they could not reveal to the man the truth about the adventures of his sweet and shy girl. Such ladies always keep brands and can please any man, pretending to be anyone

  • Money to money! Mercantile girls will always refuse those who ask them for a loan, or put you on the counter, counting the interest even from the closest people.
  • You to me - I to you! A mercantile girl will always give in return exactly as much as you give her. If on her birthday a friend brought her a gift worth $ 300, then she will give her exactly the same, not exceeding the cost of the reciprocal present by a cent.

Familiar girl? Most likely, yes, and everyone can find such a madam in their environment.

Thus, a mercantile girl is a calculating machine that, alas, lives not by emotions and feelings, but only by counting bills and banknotes.

the advantages of a mercantile wife
the advantages of a mercantile wife

Is this good for modern men? Everyone decides for himself, but the main thing is not to forget that every person has a soul that can never be sold!

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