TOP-21 Tips On How To Attract A Guy's Attention To Yourself

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TOP-21 Tips On How To Attract A Guy's Attention To Yourself
TOP-21 Tips On How To Attract A Guy's Attention To Yourself
Women's tricks
Women's tricks

Women are cunning, cunning and cute creatures. For the sake of achieving the desired goal, they are able to turn mountains, stop a galloping horse and enter a burning hut. When the fairer sex is in love, in their beautiful heads "Napoleon's plan" ripens for conquering the desired object.

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  • 1 Call me softly by name …
  • 2 Laughter, and more!
  • 3 Free as a bird in the sky
  • 4 What Men Want
  • 5 Pamper your beloved man
  • 6 Admiration, encouragement, praise
  • 7 A kind word and a cat is pleased
  • 8 Be always on top
  • 9 The Basics of True Beauty
  • 10 You are so smart! (include dunno)
  • 11 Support in difficult times
  • 12 A strong man for a weak woman
  • 13 Exciting, beautiful eyes
  • 14 Prohibited Utterances
  • 15 Manipulation
  • 16 Prove your
  • 17 Harsh criticism
  • 18 Disappointing remark
  • 19 Right to choose
  • 20 Independent person
  • 21 Rebuke

Naive men are unaware of many female tricks addressed to them. They think: "What an attentive senora!", But in fact, in front of him is a calculating lady, whose every word and movement is directed to achieve the goal.

Call me softly by name … i

"Lesha, Dima, Andrey …" - the girl pronounces the guy's name with the most different intonation: in an undertone, tenderly, with a smile, sadness … This is not just a polite address and a sign that the young lady has a good memory. A person is constructed in such a way that hearing his own name gives him pleasure. And women know this.

It doesn't matter if they say the full form of the name or an affectionate abbreviation - men like to hear their names. There is a keen interest in the girl's voice when addressing a guy who will not remain indifferent after hearing familiar letters addressed to him.

Simple and effective advice for women: do not hesitate to call the object of adoration by name.

Laughter, and only! 2

Nobody ever considered him a satirist. Petrosyan and Zhvanetsky would have turned green with despondency after hearing such flat and banal jokes, but not her. For half an hour the girl laughs merrily, her eyes shine, her palms applaud, and all for his sake.

The guy is delighted. He made the young lady laugh, caused a flurry of positive emotions. Yes, she has a great sense of humor, and he is undoubtedly handsome! The cavalier does not suspect how much acting talent is in a young lady with a sonorous, lively laugh. The girl gained a black belt in the "Women's Tricks" competition, and long ago she missed an important factor: if you want to conquer a man - laugh at his jokes!

Free as a bird in the sky

Jealous and capricious ladies scare men away. No matter how love burns in the heart of the stronger sex, not one guy will agree to be forever chained to the “beloved princess”.

A guy needs a get-together with friends, fishing, football, a car, a breath of fresh air at a distance from his dear passion. Trust and unlimited freedom are the path to the success of a loving woman. A man doomed to hear constant tantrums, nagging and infringement is unlikely to want to go under the altar with a “worried girlfriend”.

woman attracts man
woman attracts man

What men want4

Every guy wants to have an adequate, sweet girl. He needs a reliable, trusting and patient person. But most women have an excellent gut instinct for a "tracker" and an indomitable imagination. The beloved went out to the nearest market for bread, and in her head pictures of a saleswoman - a temptress flirting with him - flicker bustlingly.

What does it say about meeting friends! Only vigilant control and interrogation with addiction can save a love relationship. At least that's what stupid women think. Smart ladies who know a lot about female tricks trust (or pretend) their partners.

To keep a loved one near you, you must provide complete freedom of action. Let him take a walk with friends, go to his family, do what he loves and know that the woman trusts him. Even if he is under surveillance by an experienced detective.

Pamper your beloved man5

Guys love pleasant surprises as much as girls. A romantic dinner with burning candles is a trivial but pleasant surprise. Positive emotions are whipping over the edge, if, after returning from work, a man sees a festively set table with a baked chicken and a soul mate in a seductive robe, well-groomed and cozy.

female tricks
female tricks

She smiles, hugs, kisses, does not ask a lot of stupid questions, sits down at the table, feeds her beloved and kisses on the top of the head. Not a woman, but a dream! Every representative of the stronger sex dreams of this. Love, care and pleasant signs of attention will strengthen the love relationship between partners and bring the woman's dream of marriage closer. Women's tricks are aimed at making unexpected pleasant surprises for your beloved boyfriend.

Admiration, encouragement, praise6

A reckless woman brings up a man like a little prankster. Observing the clumsy actions of a partner, she blows him to smithereens. "A muddler, a loser, hands are growing out of the wrong place …" Who, if not a wife, will draw the attention of a spouse to his dissolute life, the fate of a loser, general worthlessness and inability.

It is her keen eye that will notice how slovenly the appearance of her beloved. Scolding one's own and exalting others is a big mistake for many women. The carrot and stick method works positively only when training animals.

A kind word and the cat is pleased7

Guys are sensitive natures that require affection and respect. And who, if not a woman, is able to make a real person out of a "fool". The feminine trick lies in the right strategy for creating the "perfect man." Acceptance and admiration truly work wonders.

woman attracts
woman attracts

A guy who hears compliments and rewards feels content, recognized, and confident. He will try to earn another portion of pleasant words. In order to feel like a hero in the eyes of his beloved woman, a man must learn how to fix sockets, throw away garbage in time and repair loose furniture.

Men are like children: praise for A's and good behavior, and he will stop skipping school, abandoning lessons and being insolent to teachers.

Always be on top8

Silly young ladies look after their men, and smart ones look after their appearance. A well-groomed appearance, impeccable taste in clothes selected for the event, presents to those around a dignified and charming lady.

Guys want to be accompanied in life not only by their beloved, but also by a beautiful girl. And, beauty is a relative concept. You don't have to be born a girl with perfect facial features to get approval and positive feedback from others.

how to keep a man
how to keep a man

The basics of real beauty9

Cleanliness, cosmetics and appropriate wardrobe, like a good fairy godmother, turn a nondescript girl into a charming companion. A shining sincere smile will undoubtedly decorate a successful "bow". Thanks to little feminine tricks, young ladies know how to stay attractive 24 hours a day. And let the man be proud that the words of the song: "Oh, what a woman, I would like this …!" are addressed to his chosen one.

You're so clever! (turn on dunno) 10

Men hate stupid girls, but they are even more annoyed by ironic scholars who know "everything about everything" more than the stronger sex. Girls tend to do two stupid things: talk utter nonsense or constantly brag about the mind.

Both that, and another quality greatly annoy men. They do not want to seem stupid boys against the background of "Omniscient Madame". And it gets boring to hear the stupid statements of a friend. To please a life partner, a woman needs to feel free and admit things in which she does not understand anything.

Asking a question to a partner, a woman, firstly, learns his point of view and replenishes the information supply, and secondly, flattering a man who goes into the details of the answer with a sense and arrangement. The guy's self-esteem rises, and the girl learns something new and informative.

how to attract a man
how to attract a man

Support in difficult times11

Compassion is what even the “mighty of this world” need. Life is filled with difficulties and troubles. Even an undaunted man sooner or later finds himself in a difficult situation and feels a squeezing lump in his throat. At such moments, he needs the support of a loved one.

It doesn't matter what the problem is, whether it was created through the fault of the guy or not, but if the chosen one walks gloomy and gloomy, you need to pity him. Do not shed tears and lament. It is enough to hug you tightly, assure you of your own love and loyalty, and say that the difficult period will definitely pass.

A strong man for a weak woman12

Young ladies want to meet a strong and strong-willed man, but they themselves do not stop talking about the fact that they are “strong and independent personalities”. Why does Baba Rimbaud need a defender? She will cope with all adversity alone! For a partner to take decisive actions, he needs a push.

A weak lady asking for protection and help is a great stimulant. Especially if she is full of gratitude and warmth to her “benefactor”. Next to the defenseless princess, the guys feel like brave knights, ready to defeat the dragon and any everyday issues.

how to keep a man
how to keep a man

Exciting, beautiful eyes13

Sensual and gentle gaze melts Kai's cold heart. More precisely, men. A girl who strives to charm, fall in love or keep a guy must remember this. Representatives of the stronger sex are very sensitive to female eyes. The eyes are known to be the mirror of the soul. What can you expect from the inner beauty of a person if he looks from under his brows, with an evil, angry or dull gaze? It’s a different matter: a gentle, sensitive and warm look of a loving woman …

Banned statements14

Women's tricks skillfully turn men into loving and attentive gentlemen. Unfortunately, most of the fairer sex are too simple-minded and straightforward in their relationship with a partner.

They pronounce the first thing that creeps into their heads, turn their souls inside out and shake their exhausted nerves, both their own and those of others. The word, as you know, is not a sparrow, if it flies out, you won't catch it. But women are not confused by this fact. They scatter emotional phrases left and right, and then reap the fruits of despair.


Words can destroy relationships and feelings. To prevent this from happening, you must remember what words are forbidden to let go of the chosen one.

attract and keep a man
attract and keep a man

"You do not love me at all!" The phrase is a manipulator, most often used out of place. Women use it as a secret weapon in the most unexpected situations: when they want to find an expensive thing, invite a relative for a week, or go to a club with their girlfriends.

Prove your own16

"Oh, I said." The quote is like a nuclear bomb. She explodes an abyss of irritation and anger in a man's soul. Usually, ladies pronounce it in order to assert themselves in their own rightness, but in the most difficult and unpleasant situations. Most often, it acts like a thick layer of salt applied to an open wound.

Harsh criticism17

To prick and prove your own superiority is a strong drawback of some women.

"You're doing everything wrong." The worst mistake is doubting your own man. Women put labels on their partners: "Clumsy", "Careless", "Clumsy", and then they are surprised that the guy has nothing to do around the house.

Negligent remark18

Girls hate being compared to other young ladies, but they do the same.

how to attract a guy
how to attract a guy

"Ah, Lyuska is doing well!" Comparisons with the guy should be aimed at praising him. Arguing that the husbands of neighbors and colleagues are much more attentive, gallant, richer and more successful, the woman is slowly trampling the path to the free life of a divorcee.


Ladies love to make claims, throw threats and issue an ultimatum.

"Then choose!" Cruel method of manipulation. You can not control the feelings and actions of the second half. Girls often erect an ultimatum when they do not receive a dose of attention and care. If a guy cares about certain people or occupations with which his girlfriend decided to compete, it will be difficult for him to make the appropriate choice. It is better to honestly say what the young lady lacks in a relationship than to rudely suppress her husband's communication with dear people, or the hobby of her favorite pastime.

Independent person20

Strong and independent is the motto of modern women.

"I myself!" - a proud and strong woman cries desperately. Time passes. She asks for help without a proactive couch potato, who sluggishly replies: "Do it yourself." You, however, are strong, brave, smart, you can handle it …

I want to keep a man
I want to keep a man

Rebuke 21

"The son is all in you!" - a phrase pronounced with love and tenderness fills a man with joy and a sense of superiority. But more often than not, wives shout her out with a rude reproach, such as: lazy, rude, impudent, unlucky son, all in a folder.

It is strange to observe claims of this kind, when a girl, years earlier, passionately whispered to her betrothed: "And let our boy be like you!" Come true, it looks like. Especially if the spouse's quarrelsome line of behavior is similar to the line of raising a child. Shouts to two that they are incompetent, and receives a prophetic result.

Women's tricks are given to the fair sex to hide displeasure and show charm with their beloved men. Eve's first teacher showed how to behave in difficult life situations. It is not for nothing that the symbol of a cunning snake in esotericism means wisdom and resourcefulness on the path of life.

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