When Will A Man Propose? How Long Will It Take?

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When Will A Man Propose? How Long Will It Take?
When Will A Man Propose? How Long Will It Take?

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If a man really loves
If a man really loves

Unfortunately, scientists have not yet invented a miracle device capable of measuring the strength of our feelings. It would be convenient: they connected the wires, pointed the thermal imager at the heart area and, if a man really loves, he would play Mendelssohn's march, and shimmering confetti flew from the crackers.

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  • 1 Already unbearable to marry
  • 2 million in the marriage basket
  • 3 Shake the old days
  • 4 How many countries, so many differences in the expression of their feelings
  • 5 The tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it

Already unbearable to marry

What true love is based on, the symptoms are similar, but everyone experiences it individually. Some believe only in their youth the strongest feelings arise, others believe in unknown halves and live in anticipation of happiness, others who have gone through the first stages assure that the authenticity of the relationship has been verified over the years.

  • Kindergarten, school, university - the most precious memories, naive courtship. Boys grow up more slowly, everything that he wants to say or do the lady of the heart understands in advance intuitively. As if all these emotions she experienced many times in past incarnations and the next donated teddy bear will gather dust next to the same poor fellows.
  • To stand out from the crowd of fans, you need to be smart. Real feelings push guys to risky acts, sometimes adrenaline feats end in crime. According to statistics, only two out of five young men marry their first love. Therefore, in percentage terms, marriage with childhood friends is not a profitable option.
  • Puberty is over, the time to create families, reproduce offspring, so as not to stay in old age with cats in a one-room apartment on the outskirts of the city, girls go hunting: high heels, a skirt above the knee, bright makeup, everything you need to catch live bait. Pecked fry must be released, and larger prey cannot be hooked up right away, otherwise it will break loose, let it swallow the bait deeper.
  • It is necessary to create the impression that he is a hunter and the whole game goes by his rules. If a man really loves, he will try to surround the woman with care and attention. It is not necessary to give bouquets all the time, it is better to ask how the day went, meet her from work, ask if she was dressed warmly.
  • No matter how feminism and gender education are promoted, in our country the majority of the fair sex prefer a traditional marriage with all the ensuing difficulties. At the age of 25 - 35, people most often stamp their relationship, so it will not take long to wait for an offer.
  • Growing up comes in different ways for everyone, but as a rule, after 40 years, a person thinks about his purpose. By this time, 41% of married couples have broken up. Disappointed in love, the stronger sex hides behind a mask of cynicism, pouring a wave of mistrust over all approaching ladies.
  • Falling in love means showing weakness again, so it's easier to create the appearance of an absent feeling. Some are so virtuoso getting used to the role that ladies prefer not to delve into the partner's past life, fearing to cause emotional wounds. Men go to the subsequent marriage hesitantly, if they themselves offer to legalize the relationship, then their feelings are really real.
How long to wait for an offer
How long to wait for an offer

Here's how a man in love behaves:

  1. Shows daily care
  2. Participates in solving financial issues
  3. Loyal to the parents of the opposite side
  4. Be proud of success, supports in times of difficulty
  5. Admits his own mistakes
  6. Pays attention to children (if any)
  7. Makes concessions
  8. Set up for joint development
  9. Supports in work
  10. Sexually satisfying

There are no ideal people, but if at least a few points coincide, this is already a good option.

waiting for a marriage proposal
waiting for a marriage proposal

A million in a marriage basket2

Care should be taken with a partner when an absolute mutual understanding is created. Nowadays many well-to-do ladies miss the lack of communication. They may not even notice how they will get into a beautiful fairy tale where they are: a prince on a horse, a castle overlooking the sea, tenderness, care, fulfillment of all desires, only without material investments.

Experienced Alphonses so skillfully arrange nets that even when completely confused, their goldfish does not believe in deception. Then it turns out: the image of a prince in love is a well-thought-out image, a horse is rented or a gift from a past relationship, a castle by the sea is a virtual photoshop. After the stage of disappointment, many part, but some voluntarily remain under the power of illusion.

Well, where else can you find a man who will massage your toes, fill the bath with rose petals, arrange an evening by candlelight and will be touched to tears by the kittens on the Internet. It is not profitable to get married in this situation, so as not to lose what you have acquired by overwork, or to offer a marriage contract, then the lover who dreams of getting married will find any reason to remain a bachelor himself.

Shake the old days3

In the days of ancient Russia, it was not customary to confess feelings. Yes, and the word "love" meant agreement, friendship. The first mention was found in the annals of 944, in the military treaty between Russia and the Greeks, later in the will of Yaroslav the Wise, where he calls on his five sons to live in love and not to quarrel.

Ancient Greece advanced the farthest in this area, it seemed to them not enough to convey the sensations of one word, so wise philosophers divided the definition into six different directions and gave names by the names of the gods:

when to expect from your favorite proposal
when to expect from your favorite proposal
  • Eros was responsible for passion and sexuality - people were afraid of him, because he took possession of a person's mind, provoked rash actions.
  • Friendship, relations between relatives, parents, children - Filia was in charge.
  • Ludus - playful flirting, coquetry, frivolity.
  • Agape - acceptance of all mankind, charity, caring for others
  • Pragma - pacification, tolerance, strong connection.
  • Philacy - respect for oneself, the accumulation of inner grace, then to share it with others

Which one is considered real? A complete set is necessary for family life, otherwise something will be missing all the time. A lot of sex, little care, wonderful relationships with relatives, but there is no peace of mind, there is flirting, minus constancy. Balance is needed in everything, even in matters of the heart. Our ancestors indulged in intimate pleasures much more freely, shame was unknown to them.

Guys with girls played games, walked naked through the fields so that the earth - mother was saturated with fertility, jumped over the fire, performed rituals. For example, before the wedding, an innocent girl was brought to the magi to deprive her of her virginity, but in 967, by decree of Svyatoslav, this action was canceled to the delight of the grooms. With the advent of Christianity, debauchery had to be forgotten, church officials were severely punished for showing weaknesses.

when a loved one proposes
when a loved one proposes

Young people fell in love, but they created a family by parental agreement, some did not see each other almost until the wedding. Matchmakers walked around the neighborhood choosing a worthy option, then the parents met to discuss the nuances of the bride's ransom, and then they introduced the betrothed.

Fall in love will endure, so love manifested itself over time, naturally there were innuendo and betrayal, but it was not welcome to speak openly about it, quietly lived to old age, doing righteous works.

How many countries, so many differences in the expression of their feelings4

Russian princes are proud of their gentlemanly attitude towards the fair sex, so far this is more often manifested in words than in deeds, but recently the situation is improving. Devastated flower shops before March 8, lyrical inscriptions on the asphalt, driving a Zhiguli in which the subwoofer is larger than the car itself, a can of cold beer brought after a spree night, this is the real concern for lovers.

They come to the threshold of the registry office at the age of 25, but after 5 - 9 years, many return for a divorce. They do not willingly agree to remarriage, more often for the sake of children.

In Italy, if a man truly loves, he immediately speaks openly about his intentions and will not deviate from the chosen path. Beautiful courtship, going to a restaurant, presenting trinkets, any whim of a beautiful lady will be fulfilled. Previously, divorce was prohibited in this country, so the future wife was chosen responsibly.

how long to wait when a man proposes
how long to wait when a man proposes

The French are not so wasteful, they prefer a beautiful sunset, a delicious dinner, a walk along the embankment to gifts. After meeting them, a romantic light lights up in the soul. Over the past 10 years, marriage has become much less common, preferring civil relations to the family, they are also registered, but there are much fewer obligations.

The average age of newlyweds is 32 years, and repeated unions for monsieur - 48 years, madame - 44. In the age of stormy emancipation, everyone wants to stay with his own, even having children, prefer to live separately, meeting periodically for pleasure.

According to statistics, every sixth Turkish citizen leads our compatriot down the aisle, making acquaintance via the Internet or on vacation has become commonplace. Longing for attention and affection, girls are thrilled by burning, hot, temperamental guys. Many do not have problems with the difference in religions and traditions, the modern Turkish community is loyal to some of the innovations of foreigners.

Local ladies choose a richer groom, and pale-faced Russian women get the most persistent handsome men. During courtship, they are so absorbed in the hunting process that they themselves begin to believe in this love, at this stage it is real for them, but when the prey is conquered, sports interest disappears, and the radiant Apollo is looking for a new victim.

Long-term alliances leading to a wedding are also common, you just don't need to give up everything, sell an apartment in your hometown and move to an unfamiliar country, under the influence of endorphins. Well-considered decisions never hurt.

How long to wait for an offer from a loved one
How long to wait for an offer from a loved one

The British - at first glance, seem to be reserved, tactful people with a minimal set of emotions. Duality in behavior is developed from an early age. In society, it is customary to behave aloof, sometimes with a grain of arrogance. Upon close acquaintance, primitive desires and seething passions come to the surface.

The same person, in the daytime, will kindly give you a seat closer to the checkout in the supermarket, hold the door at the exit, and meet in the evening in a pub, push you away from the bar.

The initiator of the meetings is often a woman; if you are going to marry a resident of Great Britain, try to love his hobby, usually football. At the stadium, you will see what the potential chosen one is capable of. After a fight with the fans of a competing team, marriage plans may change.

In countries with a European way of life, everything is more or less clear, courtship, mutual attraction, desire for intimacy. A woman can express dissatisfaction, make a choice, initiate a relationship, or provoke a breakup. Girls in remote African countries are deprived of all these usual acts, where patriarchy prevails.

In the Mursi tribes, the wife does not even have the right to see the manhood of her husband, the weaker sex there exists only to reproduce children and please men.

For the sexual intercourse to take place, the spouse must run away into the jungle pretending to be a chase, and the excited husband must catch up and neutralize her. Then you can safely go home to continue raising children, cooking dinner until the next race.

when to expect a proposal from a man
when to expect a proposal from a man

The tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it5

A priori love must be real, otherwise it is a deception. You can’t fall in love for fun, because if you believe scientists, there are no feelings, there are only chemical processes seething in the body. The game of hormones, which means by injecting various drugs, you can regulate attachment, make a person yearn without any magic spells. Experiments have already been carried out on small rodents, the theory is confirmed.

Just ate to stuff a person artificially, then these substances cease to be produced naturally and no one guarantees that a loved one will not become a biorobot. It is safer to continue to believe in a fairy tale, to give flowers, to go on dates, to worry about partings, but without them there will be no new meetings and new fresh emotions.

And whether to give a second chance, if used by a beloved man, we read in our article further on the link.

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