10 Super Ways You Can Fall In Love With A Guy

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10 Super Ways You Can Fall In Love With A Guy
10 Super Ways You Can Fall In Love With A Guy

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How to fall in love with a guy: 10 ways
How to fall in love with a guy: 10 ways

After meeting a guy, some time passes and the girl's head may have an idea that she would like to start dating him. Proposing this first is not a very good option. It is much better to take advantage of the tips that will be provided below. So, how to fall in love with a guy: 10 ways that work with an almost 100% guarantee.

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  • 1 Take care of yourself
  • 2 Asking for help
  • 3 Not be easily accessible
  • 4 Be careful not to tell too much
  • 5 Create comfort around you
  • 6 Praise and admire a guy
  • 7 Let the guy be the leader and the initiative remains on his side
  • 8 Create competition
  • 9 Disable the Caring Wife feature
  • 10 Let the guy invest in the relationship

Take care of yourselfi

Do not believe that the main thing is not the appearance, but the rich inner world. Guys love with their eyes, so you have to match. This means that the problem called "How to Fall in Love with a Guy: 10 Ways" should be started with changes in the "outer shell".

The girl should concentrate on her beauty. And now it's not just about how she dresses, although that's important too. You also need to pay attention to your hair, makeup, and even your walk.

Ask for help2

Guys love to be needed, that's their nature. Why not take advantage of this? Let the young man feel like a real hero! It is worth discarding "I can myself". A girl who stops a galloping horse and enters a burning hut does not look feminine in the eyes of the stronger sex.

There is no need to be afraid to be defenseless and weak, ask the guy for help and let him know that he literally saved his life now. With a real man, this way of attracting attention works flawlessly!

Not easily accessible3

Let's not forget that all guys are hunters by nature. So what gives them pleasure? That's right, chase your "prey". And the more difficult it is to achieve the desired goal, the better. There is hardly a hunter who is interested in the prey that jumped straight into his hands. So boring.

A girl should be able to awaken a feeling of excitement in a guy, give him the opportunity to achieve it and act. Do not give up ahead of time so that he does not lose interest. You must be able to keep your distance. But only within the limits of reason, so that the guy does not think that he is completely uninteresting to the girl and does not step back or, even worse, does not switch to new prey.

How to make a guy fall in love with you
How to make a guy fall in love with you

Be careful not to tell too much4

It is good when a woman has a strong male shoulder to rely on in a difficult situation, talk about failures and get support. No one forbids sharing problems with the guy you like, but it is better to do it gradually and carefully.

You don't need to tell him at once about everything that worries. Otherwise, instead of the expected support or help, you can get only shock and bewilderment. But you shouldn't be constantly silent either, otherwise the guy will think that the girl is too cold and closed in herself, which will not play into her hands.

In such a case, it is important to learn to see the fine line that separates excessive openness and indifference. A girl should not "load" a guy with a lot of heavy emotions, so that he has time to adequately comprehend them.

Ways to fall in love with a guy
Ways to fall in love with a guy

Create comfort around yourself5

Every girl has such a gift. You need to learn how to skillfully use it in order to fall in love with a guy.

And now an important point: the conversation is not about thrift! You don't need to take the guy home immediately after the first date so that he can see how clean and comfortable the girl's apartment is. In the same way, do not run to him "for coffee", and then rearrange the flowers "according to Feng Shui", wipe the dust or advise that it is better to buy curtains of a different color for such wallpapers.

This point implies the ability to create coziness just while being nearby: in a cafe, restaurant, cinema. The guy should be comfortable next to the girl so that he wants to spend as much time with her as possible. One has only to learn to smile sweetly, maintain a conversation, tell something interesting about yourself or take unexpected actions (but here it is important not to overdo it).

Methods for making a guy fall in love with you
Methods for making a guy fall in love with you

Absolutely every woman has such a talent, you just need to be able to discover it.

Praise and admire a guy6

Men love to be praised and admired. At such moments, most of them directly melt, although they do not show it. But here it is important to understand that the guy needs to be praised only for the worthy deeds that he has done in relation to the girl. An endless stream of admiration can lead to the fact that a man is too proud of himself, or even thinks about whether the girl who is nearby is worthy of him, such an ideal.

It is necessary to remember about the famous "carrot and stick" method. But now we are not talking about rewards and punishments. The guy needs to be praised for worthy actions, but you should not endure and disregard unworthy behavior.

Relationship with a guy
Relationship with a guy

Let the guy be the leader and keep the initiative on his side7

Even with a great desire of the girl to take the initiative into her own hands, call or write to him first, you should not do this. Let the guy remain the leader. If he is interested in a girl, he will not have to wait long for the first step on his part.

Again, it is worth remembering the hunter instinct in men and the desire to achieve everything yourself. In addition, if the girl begins to act first, the guy can finally "relax". Why act or decide something if another person can do it for you? They quickly get used to this, and then a similar model of behavior passes into future relationships.

Create competition8

When there is no rival in mind, the guy may think that the job is done and the girl will be in his hands at the slightest appearance of desire. And so not interesting.

This does not mean that the girl urgently needs to start a relationship or sleep with different guys. But don't give up on dates with others. A woman must show that she is pleased with male attention. She is "snapped up" and you need to hurry up to win yourself a worthy darling. Otherwise, you will have to look for someone else.

How to make him fall in love with you
How to make him fall in love with you

At this stage, the guy who is really interested in the girl will begin to actively fight for her attention in order to disarm the rivals. And during such a struggle, he will fall in love with her more and more.

Disable the "Caring wife" function 9

Many girls often make the same mistake. As soon as the guy begins to take care of her more actively, the “Caring wife” function is activated inside. And now the girl takes care of her chosen one, prepares food for him and is ready to spend her whole life ironing his shirts. Stop!

A guy is looking for a girlfriend first, not a second mother. It is impossible to achieve good location and love with your care and attention. Most men fail to properly appreciate the effort and take it for granted. Then the point is to strain and do what you don't need? In addition, the guy may regard the manifestation of excessive care as a sign that the girl is definitely in his hands and will not go anywhere else. And then cool down and lose interest in her.

How to make a guy fall in love
How to make a guy fall in love

Yes, this does not always happen and there are exceptions, but is it worth the risk?

Let the guy invest in the relationship10

Perhaps it sounds a little mercantile. But the nature of men is such that they value their resources and where they spend them. It concerns not only money, but also time, energy, experienced emotions. It is necessary to allow him to invest in the girl as much of his resources as possible. Thus, he will only fall in love with her more and appreciate the relationship more.

On this, consideration of the topic: "How to fall in love with a man" can be considered closed. It remains only to start acting and not forget about a single point from the above list.

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