The End Of The Relationship - How To Live On? Basic Steps To Freedom

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The End Of The Relationship - How To Live On? Basic Steps To Freedom
The End Of The Relationship - How To Live On? Basic Steps To Freedom

Video: The End Of The Relationship - How To Live On? Basic Steps To Freedom

Video: The End Of The Relationship - How To Live On? Basic Steps To Freedom
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two girls
two girls

Parting is not easy for anyone. Even those who initiated it. The gap is accompanied by a whole range of emotions that will have to be faced and overcome. There are several steps that can take both short and long periods of time. But these steps are worth taking in order to move on with fresh thoughts into a new healthy, full-fledged relationship, including with yourself.

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  • 1 Step One - Expressing Emotions
  • 2 Step two - quick
  • 3 Step three - long term rehabilitation
  • 4 When to enter into a new relationship

Step one - expressing emotions

To throw out the accumulated emotions is the first step to healing. Of course, you need to be a little sad about past relationships. This is a very volatile period. At one point, a person experiences the greatest sadness. In the other, intense rage or relief.

First, you need to arrange feelings on the shelves. The gap brings many feelings to a person's life:

  • Adoption;
  • relief;
  • negation;
  • shock;
  • pain;
  • fear;
  • feeling of betrayal;
  • confusion.

Some of them are brighter, others appear less frequently. Only time will help to understand true feelings.

Step two - fast2

After organizing feelings, you want something else. Something that will help you cope with stress, feel better, freer, live again.

1. Find yourself

Being in a relationship, especially for several long years, people lose their former selves. At first, it is difficult to find the good sides of the gap. But on the other hand, you need to understand that this is the very moment to find yourself anew. Are there places you've always wanted to visit? Food that you have never eaten? An activity that you liked so much, but was abandoned? It's time to fulfill old desires.

2. Consider visiting a psychologist

Some people find it very difficult to cope with the surging feelings on their own. Talking to a psychologist can be helpful. A specialist will help unravel the tangle of hundreds of emotions, put them in their places and find ways of inner liberation.

3. Social activity

There are situations when grief for a lost relationship is so great that a person, drowning in it, is left alone. At such times, it is important not to isolate yourself from the outside world. Go to support groups, connect with family and friends. Close people can cry, they will support and surround with warmth and love.

life after breaking up
life after breaking up

Keeping socially active is a good guide to new relationships. Experts have proven that social activity reduces the severity of depression, prevents its development and contributes to a longer life expectancy.

4. Think over the housing issue

When a couple breaks up, one or both of them move out of the house. And if they are also forced to share common pets and children, the degree of stress increases several times.

In addition, some financial problems may follow after a breakup. Once, after all, the budget was common, but now - only their own earnings and additional costs due to the move. Do not be afraid or ashamed to seek help from family and friends. Ask them to live with them temporarily until he gets back on his feet, for example.

Step three - long-term rehabilitation3

The speed of full recovery from past relationships depends on several factors.

1. Psychological health

Experiencing a breakup is a timeless process. Someone takes longer to let go of the past. Someone will do it faster. How to bring the end of this state closer? Make a plan for the future. Allow yourself to dream and make plans.

how to live on after the end of the relationship
how to live on after the end of the relationship

Lead an active social life. It helps to cope with depression and psychological pain.

2. Take care of yourself

Taking care of yourself is always important, and especially after a breakup. There is a good saying: "you need to take care of yourself in order to take care of others." This is a very useful saying. Dedicating time to himself, a person learns affection and courtesy. Learn to listen to your desires. These skills are then projected onto the partner in the relationship.

3. Restoring trust

Depending on the reasons for the breakup, many people lose confidence in others. Restoring faith in people is not easy. But this is a necessary step to create new life and new romantic relationships.

Experiencing difficulties with trust, you can seek help from a psychologist, under whose guidance you can work out several techniques to restore faith in people.

When to start a new relationship4

There are people who seek comfort in others. When, in order to get rid of the pain of past relationships, they immediately enter into new ones in order to lick their wounds and forget the grievances. This behavior will adversely affect the new life.

life after the end of the relationship
life after the end of the relationship

Old connections need to be mourned, sad, dealt with feelings and emotions, find yourself. Give yourself time to recover, breathe deeply again. Only then will a person become ready and open for a new romantic stage in life.

The gap is always difficult. It is important to understand that this is just another stage in life. You just need to cross it. If the process of acceptance and recovery is difficult and slow, you can always ask for help from friends, family and psychologists.

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