10 Clever Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Jealous

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10 Clever Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Jealous
10 Clever Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Jealous
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girl winks
girl winks

They say that in love and war, all means are good, and one can hardly find a weapon stronger than jealousy. Making a guy turn green with jealousy when he is around or, conversely, when he is not with you, is a real art.

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  • 1 Walk with your friends
  • 2 Ignore his messages and calls
  • 3 "Accidentally" touch another guy
  • 4 Add some mystery
  • 5 Demonstrate You Don't Need It
  • 6 Say You Need To Stay Up Late At Work
  • 7 get attention from his best friend
  • 8 Start a conversation about your ex
  • 9 make him get your attention
  • 10 Post your photos on social networks

Walk with your friends i

When a girl goes out without her boyfriend, it can make him feel insecure or anxious. For example, he may worry that someone else will be interested in her and start pestering her, or that she will drink too much, and it is not known how this “going out” will end. So if you've decided to make your boyfriend a little jealous, put on your sexiest outfit, put on stunning makeup, and get your hair blown away. When he sees how adorable you look, he will definitely lose his mind. Especially if he thinks about how the other guys will look at you. A fit of jealousy and lack of sleep is guaranteed to him.

Ignore his messages and calls2

If he sent you a message, do not rush to read it or send a response. It's the same with phone calls. Make it clear that you will not be available whenever he wants to. Make it clear that you have your own personal life, and you are happy to spend time with others

Show him that you will not be available to him when he wants you. Show him that you have a life of your own, your world is not limited only to communication with him and that you enjoy spending time with other people.

And if you want to annoy him even more, post on social networks that have nothing to do with him. Chances are good that he will start to think about how he behaves with you and without you.

girl with phone
girl with phone

"Accidentally" touch another guy3

If you are sitting in a company where other men eat in addition to your boyfriend, you can use a light touch on another guy, for example, on his shoulder, as a reason for jealousy. And still laugh at other people's jokes all the time. Your boyfriend will definitely wake up a feeling of possessiveness, and you will definitely achieve your goal.

Pani tend to react very painfully to such situations. When it comes to touching between his girlfriend and another guy, he immediately wants to "protect" her from outside encroachments. The main thing in this business is not to overdo it.

If you decide to use this method, be prepared for the fact that your boyfriend may feel his own insecurity, or decide that you can be available not only to him, but also to other men.

girl shows shhh
girl shows shhh

Add some mystery4

Women are mysterious creatures, and a little mystery can spice up your relationship. Become a mystery girl for a while and see how he reacts to it. Most likely, at first he will try to restrain his emotions, however, sooner or later, all this will break out.

Not knowing what the reason for your behavior is, he will want to find out if you have secrets because you have someone else. Due to a touch of mystery, doubts will begin to overcome him, but he will not dare to ask directly, so as not to look jealous.

Demonstrate that you don't need it5

One of the signs of a special attitude towards a girl is the desire to help her. So the guy demonstrates his masculinity, feels himself useful and a real protector. Try not to ask him for anything, either solve small problems yourself, or ask your friend to help you.

the guy helps the girl
the guy helps the girl

Then tell your boyfriend what a wonderful helper you have found. Most likely, he will immediately imagine a muscular handsome man in the form of a superhero who came to your aid. This will definitely make him jealous, although there is a possibility that in addition to this, he may also feel helpless.

Tell me you need to stay late at work6

Of course, it's okay if you don't come home for dinner, staying at work for some urgent business, but he is unlikely to be happy if you tell him that your male colleague is left with you in the office. And then everything depends on his imagination, and it is not known what he thinks up to himself about what the two of you could be doing there in an empty office. A storm of emotions is provided for him, until he finally makes sure that you are really just working together.

Get attention from his best friend7

If you start to show interest in his best friend, your boyfriend will definitely not ignore this, and jealousy will slowly eat away at him. He will wonder why you both behave this way, and if there is something between you. Of course, this is a rather dangerous trick, and the main thing here is not to overplay or overdo it. But on the other hand, there is a chance that your boyfriend will think more about you and stop taking you for granted.

girl twists her hair
girl twists her hair

Start a conversation about your ex8

This technique is considered one of the most effective ways to induce jealousy. But just mentioning the former will do nothing. The conversation should be such that it makes your boyfriend jealous. The fact is that men tend to compete with each other. They constantly strive to at least somehow become better than other men, to be in the spotlight and to receive recognition and approval for their achievements. And talking about the merits of your ex will clearly unsettle him.

Make it get your attention9

No immediate responses to his calls and messages. No immediate conversations at his first call. Let him fight for your attention. This will make him feel helpless and bewildered. He will be lost in conjecture, trying to find the cause of what happened. And, as he cherishes you, he will have to make efforts to win you again, because he is unlikely to be satisfied with the idea that someone else may appear on the horizon who will attract your attention.

Post your photos on social networks10

When going out for a walk or on vacation, take pictures, take pictures, how fun you are, how you do interesting and mind-blowing things, how you hang out in companies where there are a lot of guys. And don't forget to post them on your social networks. An explosion of jealousy is provided for him only because all this happens without him.

girl takes a selfie
girl takes a selfie

The very fact that he is not part of the active and interesting side of your life will be a great reason for jealousy. Now all his thoughts will be absorbed in where you are and what you are doing without him. An excellent excuse to scurry and fight to play a significant role in your life.

Before using any of these techniques, think carefully and assess the situation. It's okay if you're trying to make the guy who broke your heart and who you want to return to jealousy. However, if you're trying to make the guy you're currently in a relationship with jealous, be careful. A certain amount of jealousy will not hurt and even refresh the relationship, but if you go too far, your boyfriend may think that you have completely lost interest in him or just a girl of easy virtue who is ready to flirt with everyone. Remember that a true relationship should be based on trust, not doubt and suspicion.

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