Dating A Stripper: An Incredible Adventure Or Not

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Dating A Stripper: An Incredible Adventure Or Not
Dating A Stripper: An Incredible Adventure Or Not

Video: Dating A Stripper: An Incredible Adventure Or Not

Video: Dating A Stripper: An Incredible Adventure Or Not
Video: No Beauty Without Sadness. The Godfathers Of Natural Seduction [Zan Perrion & James Marshall] 2023, March

What do you want from a stripper? A few fun evenings in the city with a little beauty? Free passes to the boob bar, where did you meet her? Eternal true love? Sex? If you are going to date a stripper and go for it without a purpose, it will definitely lead to failure, because she is acting on her own terms, and if you let her manipulate you, you have failed.

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  • 1 you are not special
  • 2 She makes more money than you! Get used to it
  • 3 If you bond emotionally with this girl, you will be in a hurricane of pain.
  • 4 She has more boyfriend friends than you in school and university.
  • 5 she'll kick you off three dates in a row

She meets 50 guys a night who are potential dates, so she just plays with you. She thinks she can meet someone who can handle her, but no one can. You will never change her or get her out of Stripperville. Remember this.

A stripper's job is to get men to drool and fall in love at first sight, and because of this, most men don't understand what they need to do to actually date a stripper.

You are not special

You are one of 88 guys she's fooling around right now, and one of a hundred who see her naked every night. Her job is to make guys feel like they are the only ones interested in her. She is paid very well for this skill. That sultry look she gives you across the dining room table with piercing green eyes is the same look that makes 75 men fumble in their wallets a night and hammer a handful of pieces of paper into her thong.

Since strippers are always close to men with money, remember that you may have to maintain a certain lifestyle to get her interested in the first place, and you may have to visit the strip club several times to get her attention. In general, approach a stripper as you would any woman, but just be more sensitive about what her workplace lifestyle entails.

She makes more money than you! Get used to it2

Keep in mind that she makes more money than most financiers, who also represent most of her clientele, and you shouldn't expect her to pay for anything. It’s not in her nature. Every night the guys shower it all night and offer her shots of crispy Yaroslavl.

If you connect emotionally with this girl, a hurricane of pain awaits you

Your relationship with a stripper: broken dates, shattered windows, holes in doors, loads of ex-boyfriends and husbands, a thousand "friends" calling all the time, an encyclopedia of restraining orders on your exes and clients who stalked her for six months. Her apartment is littered with wet thongs and cheap heels, as well as empty tubes of body glitter, mascara, prescription drugs, acne cream.


She has more boyfriends than you at school and university4

Sometimes they just drop by when you're dating a stripper and think it might be romantic. The guy's friend will ask her - right in front of you - if she wants to go somewhere and she will look at you with bright eyes and say: "Yes, let's go - it will be fun!" And you, still clinging to that glimmer of hope, will say yes, and you will spend the next three hours in seething rage because she is the most popular girl in the bar and every man with a penis there hopes to jump into the Stripper Van that flies through Stripperville. at a very unsafe speed.

All these "boy friends" started out the same way as you, chief. They saw the Promised Land and thought they could get there. As soon as they got tired of bullshit and drama, or when she found someone else, they were sent as friends. They could buy a fucking sailboat with all the money they poured into her thong, and now they're holding on to some last vestige of hope, thinking she might get enough drunk one night and let them.


You guys could get together and share the same stories of wasted nights full of frustration and confusing, desperate crazy sessions where you all learned that meeting a stripper is no different than trying to punch a wall with your head.

She will kick you off for three dates in a row

When you keep calling, she knows that you are on her leash. That Saturday night dinner and the special room you provided will evaporate after she tells you she's going out of town with her "friends."

Of course, this is a crazy business, but just remember what is needed and what is not, and you will be fine:

Don't make her guess your name. Her phone rings more often than all the housing and communal services phones in Moscow put together. Don't put her in a dangerous position trying to guess your name. She will make it quite clear that she has many suitors, which endlessly excites her, and by nine in the evening she is dragging herself into a bottle alone. Try to sound cheerful.

Don't ask her about tattoos if you don't want to look like one of her clients.


Do not go to her work unless absolutely necessary. It would be necessary to get her apartment key so you can feed her cat. If you've gotten to this point, for your information, you are now one of her "friends" and you can curl up your sexual fantasies about her by hitting her right on the pillow after you toss the cat some Whiskas.

Don't try to keep up with her. Don't skip work to spend the day with it. She works at night, and you work during the day. Continue your work. Her days are spent in tanning salons and chic outdoor cafes, where she and her striptease "friends" eat poached salads with salmon and dressing.

Remember this: kiss her on the cheek when she comes to your house for dinner and you are about to impress her with your ability to handle food and wine. However, some early evening you will need to find her cell phone in your purse and take out the battery, because this thing will ring continuously and she will eventually find something or someone better.

Pull out the battery, or it gets a call at midnight when romantic music plays in the background and candles light up the room with soft light, and you think you're about to "go by storm." This call will undoubtedly come from one of her “friends” who is going to a party outside of working hours in some suburban bar, and suddenly she will squeal with delight, scribble the address on her hand and say to you: “Let's go have some fun in some institution with my friends (most likely a crowd of people like you).


Remember this: The strippers are more spoiled than The Who on their 1973 UK tour. It's hard to communicate with them, because there is so much freedom and money in Stripperville. They have it all, and they don't really need you. All they need is a drink and their job. Yes, work. This is what feeds the lifestyle, and you can never take her away from her lifestyle. Don't even suggest it.

If your goal from the above list is "sex", you should understand that it will take at least five dates. At least. The figure is 15,000 rubles a day. Add it up. While this beautiful body devoid of brown lines may spur you on to a fifth date, it's best to look for escort services in your area. With an escort, you get what you want right away, and it will probably cost you half of what this lovely young lady charges.

Good luck in Stripperville. It will be a short stay, but something that you will talk about for years to come.

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