The Role Of A Woman In A Relationship And What Role Do You Play?

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The Role Of A Woman In A Relationship And What Role Do You Play?
The Role Of A Woman In A Relationship And What Role Do You Play?
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the role of women in relationships
the role of women in relationships

The role of a woman in a relationship with a man is great - she is a mother, wife and mistress, the keeper of the hearth. You can talk for a long time, but there is no need for this - just consider the main programs, the role of a woman in a relationship with a man.

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  • 1 Role of the mother
  • 2 The woman as the victim
  • 3 Solutions
  • 4 The role of women in relationships is a savior
  • 5 And the fourth program - Slave - Stepdaughter - Cinderella

Role of Matter

It is this role that women can take upon themselves in relations with a man, and the reason for this may be her inner conviction that a man is not capable of … … stroking, cleaning, cooking, and so on, to the point of earning money for a family. She behaves with him as with a child - she guides him and tells him that he should praise him, while taking on more responsibility.

But what else could be the reasons for such a woman's behavior?

Psychologists distinguish the following:

  1. Her internal readiness to become motherhood - this is how, at the subconscious level, a woman is "practiced" in her future role.
  2. So she tries to earn his love, to become necessary and irreplaceable.
  3. She believes that a man needs this, he is used to it.

But in the end, this can lead to the fact that the man will become annoyed and he will simply leave his lady of the heart. What to do about it?

  1. Do not do for your man what he can and should do himself.
  2. Treat him, communicate like a competent person, but when you need help - ask.
  3. Do not speak from the position of a mother, and entrust him with the role of protector, breadwinner, without judging for his mistakes.

A man learns from his mistakes, but not from the opinions of others.

Woman as victim2

She often carries her interests and desires in favor of the desires of the man - the partner tries to be what her chosen one wants to see. Habits and interests, behavior style and even gastronomic preferences. If you see all this - bravo, you are transferred to the next level in victim status. What may indicate this:

role of woman
role of woman
  1. Women's opinion is neglected, loved more than someone, relatives, a dog or a cat, but not you.
  2. When you conquer the love of a man, you lose yourself.
  3. Giving all of yourself - you lose your own self, the inner world, in which you were previously so comfortable.

How to solve a problem? There are possible solutions - which one to choose for yourself.


  1. Do not sacrifice yourself and your desires, time and energy - you live only one life, and you have no second chance. If they ask for something, think about whether you have the strength to do it, whether you want it.
  2. Make a list of what you sacrifice for the sake of your chosen one, as well as a list of what you yourself want - a list of people, goals, desires that are dear to you.
  3. Try to be true to your principles, ideals, desires - this will preserve you as a person and make, if not attractive to your man, then for your environment, for sure.

The role of women in relationships is a savior4

Often a woman is not so in love with a man as with an image, ideal and unique, and does not see what is hidden under the mask of virtue. Often a woman takes patronage over dreamers and poets cut off from this world, beggars and alcoholics - this is how she takes on the mission of salvation. The salvation of, if not the whole world, then at least one person, and in this case a woman is guided by the principle that it is worth loving a man as he is. How to solve this problem?

right girl
right girl
  1. You should not fall in love with a man's potential abilities and capabilities - they may not be realized. And if you failed to realize them, and you don’t want to live with a loser, then disperse.
  2. Concentrate your potential on your goals and desires, but in no way about your husband's feelings, especially if you doubt that they will be empty.
  3. And finally, make a list - what do you give up for the sake of this man, are they worth it.

And the fourth program - Slave - Stepdaughter - Cinderella5

Often in the house a woman takes on the role of a stepdaughter, submissive and unable to say her no, Cinderella, who does everything and everything for the man. They hide their talents, react sensitively to compliments, but in any case - if such a situation puts pressure on a woman, it is worth stopping her.

  1. Make a list of your own achievements - talents and merits, and just your strong, positive qualities of nature. Based on them - make a presentation about yourself.
  2. Accept compliments and don't compromise on your dignity. How? Just ask men, acquaintances and not so much what they think of you, your outfit or work.
  3. Try to find the man who wants you to be with him.
  4. Do not forgive a man an unworthy, dismissive or negligent, boorish attitude towards himself - there is no pain, insults and even more violence.
  5. Develop for yourself a scenario of behavior that does not fit into the programs - slaves, Cinderella and servants.
the role of a strong woman
the role of a strong woman

All this will help not only to preserve your self, but to develop and grow above yourself. The role of a woman in a relationship is the only way to be complete and harmonious.

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