A Woman Must Be Capricious. Is It Relevant In Today's World

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A Woman Must Be Capricious. Is It Relevant In Today's World
A Woman Must Be Capricious. Is It Relevant In Today's World

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A woman should be moody
A woman should be moody

One of the genius statements of the great and famous designer Christian Dior: "A woman should be capricious and harmful." Is it relevant in modern society and what do men and women think about it?

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  • 1 Why does a woman become capricious?
  • 2 Facts for and against a woman being capricious
  • 3 How to be capricious

Why does a woman become moody? I

Scientists believe that women's whims are due to the genetic trait of their body. Since they produce less of the hormone serotinin, they are more often unbalanced, irritated and, as a result, capricious.

Premenstrual syndrome is another female condition in which she is in a bad mood (she wants to hit someone on the hands). Whims during this period are often uncontrollable, she, like a pregnant woman, just wants something and that's it.

But for the most part, a woman's whims are a ruse for men. To feel like the weaker sex and make the man feel that he is the stronger sex. In the world of equality and "strong" women, they sometimes want to be vulnerable, to feel masculine care.

The pros and cons of a woman being moody2

The whims still have a positive side. These include:

  • Confidence and independence are great. But any representative of the fair sex sometimes wants to feel her "weakness". When the tap in the bathroom breaks down, you can, of course, call the master and he will quickly eliminate everything (and some women have learned everything themselves long ago). Or you can call a man and explain the situation in the most vivid colors - and then he will rush to "save" her.
  • In the situation discussed above, emotional satisfaction is received not only by the woman, but also by the man. He is proud that he was able to solve her problem. He feels like the "king of the world." And to some extent the man is grateful for this (although he does not realize it).
  • Women's whims attract men. But only if they don't look like selfish boredom and whining from the outside. It is important to feel this moment very subtly.
  • Women's whims can refresh a sour relationship. To stir up the lovers.
typical mistakes of the fair sex
typical mistakes of the fair sex

The negative side of whims is the presence of the following situations:

  • A woman who believes that she must be capricious and then she will be successful among men is cruelly mistaken. Communication in society is based on different rules than in a couple. And other men (and women too) will consider capricious behavior for imbalance and selfishness. After several meetings, the environment will gradually reduce communication with such a person to a minimum.
  • Not every man will be happy with the capricious behavior of his companion. This should be taken into account at the initial stages of dating. A person you like may be disappointed in a woman. Although, some men should remember how to relate to her whims and PMS.
  • Manipulation of whims in a serious relationship will not lead to anything good. These relationships usually have no future. After a while, some of the couple will get tired of this state of affairs and they will be forced to stop them.

How to be capricious3

In order not to overdo it with whims and instead of showing feelings not to get a portion of irritation and aggression, a woman needs to be capricious correctly. It is important to consider some of the factors surrounding a man and a woman at the moment.

Partner's mood. If a man is tired after a working day and all that he wants is silence and a delicious dinner, then he is unlikely to react to whims correctly (i.e., the way a woman would like). It is necessary to highlight those moments in time when the companion is happy and in high spirits. Then he will be ready for "exploits" for the sake of his beloved.

typical mistakes of the fair sex
typical mistakes of the fair sex

Emotional environment in a couple. If on the eve there was a major quarrel and the partners only reconciled, you should not aggravate the situation with new whims. They can be seen as a desire for renewed conflict. The only exception is the case if something was done by a man, he admitted his guilt and wants to smooth the situation. Then you can safely be capricious.

A man should not be busy with something important to him. Otherwise, the whole idea will lose its meaning. A busy man remains deaf to any whims, even the most sophisticated. Since at the moment his brain is busy solving a completely different problem and it is serious for him.

Whims only for the beloved. This means that you should not use them on colleagues, relatives, friends or acquaintances. In this case, it is necessary to be sure that the reaction will be adequate. To do this, before being capricious, you need to study your man.

Do not go too far. Experienced "whims" know at what point it is necessary to stop, so as not to be considered hysterical in the future. No tears, snot or whining.

Whims without humiliation. This must be done with dignity, without begging for anything. It is important to put the situation in such a way that the man thinks that he owes it himself, and not at the request of the woman.

Women's whims
Women's whims

Don't ask for a star from the sky. Unfulfillable requests humiliate a man, letting him know that he cannot achieve anything for his beloved.

Thanks. You should always shower a man with flattering statements in his direction after fulfilling whims. This will give him the feeling that he was not trying in vain.

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