Ways To Leave A Girl. TOP-25 Working Councils

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Ways To Leave A Girl. TOP-25 Working Councils
Ways To Leave A Girl. TOP-25 Working Councils

Video: Ways To Leave A Girl. TOP-25 Working Councils

Video: Ways To Leave A Girl. TOP-25 Working Councils
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how to leave a girl
how to leave a girl

Fond memories of being a bachelor? Does a serious relationship seem out of place and untimely? You have a desire to become free again, but there is no clear understanding of how to leave a girl quickly, effectively and permanently? It's actually easy. If you follow the instructions below, any girl, no matter how charmed she is, will leave on her own and irrevocably.

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  • 1 Become selfish
  • 2 Become an owner
  • 3 Get rid of ambition
  • 4 Insist on unconventional sex
  • 5 Forget about hygiene and aesthetics
  • 6 Constantly complain
  • 7 Other girls
  • 8 Keep your distance
  • 9 Show stinginess
  • 10 Forgetting birthdays and other important dates
  • 11 Forget about the wedding ring
  • 12 Disorder
  • 13 be late
  • 14 Learn to intrigue
  • 15 Social networks
  • 16 Dinner Is Not For Her
  • 17 No plans
  • 18 Hardness
  • 19 Drive
  • 20 Promise and Don't Keep Your Word
  • 21 No ideas
  • 22 Whose Car Is The Rules
  • 23 Who's to blame
  • 24 Keep it a secret
  • 25 Do not answer calls

Become selfish

After all, self-worth comes first. Respect and love only yourself. At every opportunity, you need to loudly resent any of her gifts, but you should definitely forget about her birthday and holidays and not give gifts at all. You should constantly be late for dates. Forget her requests, habits, favorite pastimes. To become a narcissistic male is the main task.

Your life should be planned so that the girl is absent from the plans. For example, on Monday basketball, on Tuesday going to the movies with friends, on Wednesday meeting with school friends, on Thursday at home alone, on Friday a party in the men's company, and on the weekend go kayaking. Tell the girl to come next week, say Tuesday at half past four.

Become an owner2

If selfishness doesn't work, it's worth trying something completely opposite. Focus completely on the girl. But this must be done solidly and confidently. How a cheetah focuses on an antelope.

Any girl likes it when a guy takes care of her, is jealous, spends all the time with her and wants to know what is happening to her. All this tinsel should be discarded. It is only necessary to take care of control over every moment of her life, of her every step, to ensure full supervision of all her contacts with other people.

If the girl is absent, you should immediately send her a text message. And so at least every 15 minutes. If the girl did not answer at least two of them, it is worth calling. And don't take note of the answer that she's busy. Be sure to find out exactly what she is doing at the moment. And constantly ask if she is bored.

Get rid of ambition3

Girls usually prefer guys who are determined, strong, ready to conquer the world. That is why all ambition must be abandoned immediately. As a last resort, you can subdue a rubber ball while sitting on the couch with a beer in hand.

In general, the “sofa and beer” set is the most reliable patent on how to leave a girl. In addition, it does not hurt to scatter popcorn or chips around, put a couple of empty beer bottles nearby, keep the TV constantly on during a sports program and start a laptop with your favorite game. And under no circumstances should you talk about a promising job other than working at McDonald's.

Insist on unconventional sex4

Of course, there are girls who want to have sex at any time of the day or night and in any configuration. However, in real life, everything will be rather the opposite. It is necessary to show all your imagination and offer what was previously scary to think about. Everything will do, dirty sex, a latex dress with all the consequences, a little domination, hard role-playing games, etc.

how to end a relationship with a woman
how to end a relationship with a woman

And if you remind me every day that she has a nice friend who can take part in your fantasies, most likely the girl will send you to her or somewhere else. Yes exactly. Most girls won't do it no matter what. Therefore, everything is in your hands.

Forget about hygiene and aesthetics5

There is no better way to kill the remnants of a woman's self-interest than to become a real animal. Perhaps this is the best recipe for dumping a girl. The range of resources available is very wide - biting your nails, growing your nose hair, picking it with your finger, not using deodorants and colognes, wearing exclusively black clothes, losing your toothbrush and not buying a new one, etc.

Constantly Complain6

For all. For a job that cannot be left, for a life that cannot be changed, and of course for a girl. That she is poorly dressed, poorly prepared, and unable to create comfort. If there are no ideas, you need to take a piece of paper and write down all possible excuses for a complaint so that the girl does not have the illusion that you are hopeless. And do not forget that in all this, of course, her fault.

break off a relationship with a girl
break off a relationship with a girl

Other girls7

Do not be careful, act to the maximum. Talk and chat with girls for every reason and for no reason, dance with them at parties and pretend that it is very interesting and exciting. Interest in the opposite sex, accompanied by increased attention, will surely drive a wedge into a relationship,

Keep your distance8

From now on, you never need to publicly show tenderness to your girlfriend, not hug her or kiss her. Why close a potential path to other girls? In addition, you should stop allowing her to communicate with your family, and even more so with your colleagues and friends.

Show stinginess9

Stop giving gifts and spending money on the girl, and if you have to buy something, split the payments in half. Hide your income, never talk about it. Let the girl understand that even for a handkerchief, she must pay herself.

how to end a relationship with a girl
how to end a relationship with a girl

Forget about birthdays and other important dates10

When a girl's birthday or other important anniversary or date comes, you need to be well prepared. You should schedule a meeting with friends, an important trip, or a conversation with an important client during this time. And never, remember, you should never give a girl flowers. To her puzzled question, you should always pretend that it's a bad memory to blame and add the same thing in response: "Oh, it turns out today?"

Forget about the wedding ring11

If the marriage is official, it is necessary to destroy the wedding ring, melt it, hide it at the bottom of the well, and if the girl insists on buying a new one, you need to cheat, choose too small a size so that the ring can not be worn due to swollen fingers. Or because of poor blood circulation, because you need to take care of your health.


how to end a relationship with a woman
how to end a relationship with a woman

In creating a mess, the possibilities are endless. We must show ourselves in all its glory. What is needed for that? Throwing socks all over the apartment, walking in shoes on the carpet, throwing toothpicks and ear sticks on the floor, leaving a dirty rag in the bathroom, and dirty dishes in the sink, etc. And if a girl begins to be indignant, you must always look for reasons and blame her for everything.

To be late13

You must learn to be late anytime, anywhere. Let the girl wait. Not ten minutes, but much more. And the more important the meeting, the longer the delay should be. Think over an excuse for each delay, and try to make each of them as improbable as possible. The more angry the girl is, the better.

Learn to intrigue14

You should definitely renew all old contacts with friends and acquaintances. Let them have a chance and the girl should know that she is not the only one. In the end, you never know if one of the girlfriends will come in handy, since there is a high probability that you will be kicked out of the house. After any outburst of jealousy, you should answer dryly and briefly that they are just friends, and she is paranoid and should be treated.

How can you leave a girl
How can you leave a girl

Social networks15

You should never post joint photos with a girl on social networks. It is better to create a second account and make the girl know about it. In addition, you can leave naughty pages open on your computer so that she realizes that you are still searching.

Dinner is not for her16

If a girl insists on going somewhere together, to a restaurant or cafe, it is worth pretending to be a rational snob and start picking establishments with a promotional menu, cheap alcoholic drinks, a "free coffee plus scrambled eggs" dinner or two meals for the price of one. And let the girl take part in this search, it's not an easy task.

No plans17

You need to live for the moment, here and now, in the end, planning anything is generally pointless, because plans can change at any time.

break off a relationship with a woman
break off a relationship with a woman

Your only plan is how to leave the girl. So why plan your vacation, life, appointments, shopping and so on! When a girl tries to fix something in this matter, she just needs to calmly answer that “you need to live for the moment and enjoy what you have”. And no dispute on this issue!

Hardness 18

When a girl is mentally and physically difficult, it is worth taking this unique opportunity and reminding her that she is to blame for everything. The reason is only in her, and she herself must do something with her life, and that it becomes tiresome to stay with her at such moments. After that, it is advisable to leave home and add on the doorstep that you will return, how everything goes for her. If a girl suddenly wants to show a desire to understand everything, only one tough answer is available: "Do not dramatize."


Life should be an eternal pleasure, and the constant flow of adrenaline makes everything wonderful. It's a whole philosophy - drinking, having fun, smoking, having fun. But not at home and preferably without a girlfriend! Justification and explanation should always be at hand, and the more illogical they are, the better.

How to leave a girl
How to leave a girl

Promise and Don't Keep Your Word20

When a girl asks to do something or help, you need to start, and then postpone until tomorrow. There is always a chance that she will forget. If not, and for some reason is destined to complete the work for her, you need to make sure that the girl never turns to you for help again.

No ideas21

Let's say a girl decided to do something, for example, start her own business, enroll in cosmetology courses, start a blog, or write a book. Oh my God! One must be attentive to such aspirations. We'll have to convince her that she will not succeed anyway. Try to make it clear that all this is nonsense and a waste of time and money. And this must be done at the very beginning, in order to save her from suffering and disappointment.

Whose car is the rule22

Doesn't she like the fact that car travel is crazy? It's strange. You can gently ask her to leave the car and never use it.

how to break off relations with her
how to break off relations with her

After all, she can always take a bike that is gathering dust at home. Whose car is the one who rules - what music to listen to, what speed to drive, when to open the hatch and where to park.

Who's to blame23

When something does not work out, it is imperative that all responsibility for this be assigned to the girl. Basically, there is always a reason to blame her. For trash and disorder in the house, for the lack of beer in the refrigerator, for bad weather, for the shadow on the wall and the damp ceiling. And you never have to apologize, for anything. After all, everyone knows that it is necessary to apologize in the case. Who's always to blame?

Keep everything under wraps24

Where to go and what to do is not up to your girlfriend to decide. After all, stealth adds mystery and flavor to any relationship. Therefore, if after work you need to sit in a cafe with friends, you do not need to write to the girl that you will be home at 22 o'clock, because, firstly, you never know what time the party will end, and secondly, this is not her business. In any case, if she loves, let her get bored.

How can you leave her
How can you leave her

Do not answer calls25

It probably makes sense that no one in their personal lives functions like a convenience store. If a girl calls 10 times in a row, it could mean that something has happened. You just need to relax, why unnecessary problems. Of course, she needs help, which means that she will have to change plans. In this case, it is better to wait and not answer calls, a couple of hours, no more, then you can write a message that the business negotiations have just ended. Who knows, maybe the problem has already been solved by itself.

Believe me, if you follow this instruction on how to leave a girl with perseverance and perseverance, the result will not be long in coming, any girl will not survive in such conditions for more than 10 days. But if she does not leave after that, then you should start worrying, because something is probably wrong with her.

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