Why Do Nice Guys Date Ugly Girls?

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Why Do Nice Guys Date Ugly Girls?
Why Do Nice Guys Date Ugly Girls?

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a guy with a not pretty girl
a guy with a not pretty girl

Ugly girls think that the only one they can find is an insecure nerd who will be scared to show to their friends. At the same time, all of them are interested in the question of why guys meet with ugly girls, it would seem that the alpha male should have a corresponding girlfriend.

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  • 1 Subjective assessment of appearance
  • 2 Inner beauty
  • 3 Internal complexes of guys
  • 4 Beautiful means expensive
  • 5 Jealousy
  • 6 The need to comply

The truth is that beauty is not a decisive factor in men's choice. Yes, they look and see you, but they see only what you yourself want to show him. If you want, he will see moles, a big nose, ugly hands, but also, if you wish, he will see beautiful eyes, slender legs, irresistible charisma and the desire to laugh with him. Guys date ugly girls because they see them as beauty, femininity and support. Getting rid of insecurity increases your chances of finding a man who you like and no longer have to be content with a tit in your hand, handsome and intelligent men will pay attention to you themselves.

Beauty is a short-lived resource, it is foolish to rely only on good looks, it is much wiser to pay attention to how you present yourself. A confident woman will not be laughed at, even if she finds herself in a stupid situation, no one will perceive her as funny, until she herself wants to laugh at it.

Subjective assessment of appearance

In fact, beauty cannot be judged on an absolute scale. The fact that one man does not seem attractive can cause delight in another. Despite popular beauty standards, more and more men prefer a non-stereotyped appearance. Because the standardized beauty is the same. In the end, relationships are built not only on the external attractiveness of a partner, although this is not an unimportant factor, but still not decisive, especially when it comes to a long-term union.

The variety of appearance is so great that for every girl who considers herself not beautiful, there is a connoisseur.

Inner beauty2

Despite the fact that appearance is the first thing that young people pay attention to, the character of the girl, her ability to present herself, erudition and education play an important role. Beauty is a depleting resource, and it will always be interesting with an intelligent woman.

Pretty girls often neglect the inner fulfillment of their personality, because they are already provided with the attention of young people from a very early age, while they absolutely do not think about the fact that they are getting old, and third-year students never. Over time, their admirers begin to be drawn to younger and fresher young ladies, and then the crisis of yesterday's beauty may begin.

Internal complexes of guys3

A separate reason why guys meet ugly girls is the internal prejudices of men who, at the sight of a pretty girl, fall into a stupor and cannot connect even two words. They are not confident in themselves and try to assert themselves at the expense of not beautiful girls, filling their own worth. In truth, men are afraid of smart and beautiful women.

Nice guys with ugly girls
Nice guys with ugly girls

At the same time, in fact, a pretty girl can suffer from a lack of attention if in her environment most men are indecisive and shy. Then the situation turns upside down, and the guys are already wondering why beautiful girls choose a nerd with whom they seem awkward in public.

Beautiful means expensive4

Social networks are full of pictures of beautiful girls with a breathtaking figure drinking cocktails on the coast. From this, many men get the impression that even if you decide to invite such a young lady to meet, you will not be able to go on vacation with her grandmother in the village. You will definitely have to pay for a vacation at sea, preferably not somewhere in Turkey, but in Courchevel or Mallorca.

What means to surprise such a girl for a simple engineer is not clear, therefore men, having counted incomes and comparing expenses, choose girls without any special claims, with whom it will be possible to go to the river and to get apricots to a neighboring garden while no one sees. Adrenaline, laughter, pleasure, and most importantly, practically free.

Why don't handsome guys date handsome girls
Why don't handsome guys date handsome girls


Temperamental men who want to control everything prefer ugly girls to avoid feeling jealous.

It's much easier to keep track of a stout accountant than a top model who gets so much attention every day that she could have dinner with different men for a year without ever meeting someone again.

The need to comply6

A sober outlook on life suggests that in order to meet a beauty, you also need to represent something of yourself, preferably to be a rich, pumped up director or, in extreme cases, a top manager of a large enterprise.

A guy with an ugly girl
A guy with an ugly girl

Not everyone can do it. In this case, most often, girls, in order to maintain themselves in shape, must adhere to a strict regime of visiting makeup artists, cosmetologists, and a gym. How much more pleasant it is to be in the company of your beloved woman at night at the refrigerator, in contrast to contemplation of the sad face of a maiden sitting on a diet, who in a restaurant can only afford a salad, and even then until six in the evening.

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