I Want A Lover: Why Women Have A Partner On The Side

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I Want A Lover: Why Women Have A Partner On The Side
I Want A Lover: Why Women Have A Partner On The Side

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I want a lover
I want a lover

A love front is called a front for a reason. Until you win one heart, you will experience many losses and disappointments. Relationships are often achieved with such work that after that couples need to make a huge amount of effort so that they do not fall apart. But for some reason, not everyone does it.

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Men gradually lose their former fuse, and women think that they deserve more. And at the same time, no girl can explain when this feeling arises. When the time comes to understand - I want a lover to become desired again.

In fact, there are many reasons why ladies choose this difficult path. How justified they are is not for us to judge. However, they all have a right to exist. Below we will consider why women so want to have another partner, and what factors influence the fact that a third extra partner appears.

Why would you have a lover? I

In today's world, it is normal to have a lover. Many girls even share their experience of how to have romances with several guys at once and get benefits at the same time. However, to consider it natural is unlikely to turn someone's tongue. After all, all adults and educated people know that if he confessed his feelings to someone, and if he got married, then one should not betray his promises. Well, or, as a last resort, you must admit to your soulmate that the feelings are gone. It will be honest not only in relation to her, but also to herself.

It cannot be said that women cheat much more often than men. All are sinners equally. However, the reasons for such actions are completely different. If men are most often looking for just sex without any commitment, then women are trying to regain the feeling that they are truly desirable.

They want to believe that they are still loved by other men, that for their sake they are able to perform real feats and conquer. We can say that in this case, the main component is feelings. Moreover, it is not at all necessary that they be deep. Simple attraction, warmth, sometimes light affection. All that is missing in long term relationships and marriage.

There is a separate category of women who simply love to collect men and are excited by the fear of being exposed. Is this a perversion? It cannot be said unequivocally, but definitely not an everyday occurrence. This woman does not need declarations of love or timid romance. In their vicious passion, they are ready to burn and burn everything around.

reasons why girls have lovers
reasons why girls have lovers

And what's even more entertaining - they can really love their constant partner, but they cannot do anything with their own desires.

Reasons why you want to turn it on2

The favorite pastime of almost every girl is to compare herself with others. Or vice versa. If a young lady is in a relationship, she tries to figure out what the ex-boyfriend was. Was it better, and if so, in what way. Deep down, they keep their own account, and when it is not in their favor, then the time comes for revenge.

This is one of the reasons why many representatives think - I want a lover. They are just driven by their own scripts in their head, where their boyfriend has already dumped them and returned to a more ideal ex-girlfriend. And even if there are no prerequisites for this, it does not matter. She came up with everything herself, she was offended and she herself takes revenge.

Revenge in the arms of someone else's man is one of the most unpleasant. Men painfully perceive the fact that his only and beloved ran away to the side. This hits their pride. And this is exactly what some ladies seek, whom their current partner could greatly offend or change in the same way. Walking to the left for many women is not a walk along the beach at all.

reasons why women have lovers
reasons why women have lovers

They can plan everything down to the smallest detail. Choose a prospective lover for yourself, calculate on what date the intimacy will be and how they will part ways. There is an exact expression - there is no more terrible creature than an offended woman. And this is true, because a vengeful girl can make a lover and turn her whole life upside down.

The third reason is the search for mental and physical harmony. For example, a woman has a quiet and humble husband. He loves her, helps, provides, but she does not feel attracted to him, does not know what to talk to him about. And then a brilliant idea appears in her head - to get herself a partner for body and soul.

So that you can have fun chatting with him, and then have mind-blowing sex. And then go home to my husband in a good mood. Dissatisfaction with the current state of the relationship is the most common reason why women decide to take this step. They are not even afraid of the consequences, because subconsciously they have already parted with their current partner and became free.

Marriage is a difficult undertaking. And the longer it lasts, the less room for passion and tenderness remains in it. Everything is replaced by habit, and if there are no financial problems, then such a marriage can exist for a long time.

why women have a lover
why women have a lover

But if there are problems with money, if there is no understanding of their future, if one of the partners plows like a damned one, and the other sits still and does nothing, then many people have a desire to run away. Often, boredom forces girls to have a lover who would help them remember how good they really are. Escape from a boring marriage to a colorful world where she is loved, wanted, showered with gifts.

These are the main reasons women seek solace in other men. Next, we will consider the main pros and cons of having a lover, as well as formulate the questions that every girl should ask herself who once decided - I want a lover.

The delights and disadvantages of cheating3

Any person, it is worth asking him, will immediately answer that cheating is bad. And you can't find fault with this answer, because morality teaches us to be honest, and conscience teaches us not to do stupid things. But even so, there are often such betrayals that are only beneficial to the marriage. And sometimes it doesn't hurt to allow yourself a little more. If you have problems in your life that are piling up in a crowd, then do not rush to get upset. Perhaps you have a simple way out of the situation.

why women have lovers
why women have lovers
  • You have long forgotten the last time you had a good rest with your husband and had sex fully. At the same time, the spouse himself feels normal and does not express any complaints. You want to experience the old feelings, once again plunge into the exciting atmosphere of a first date and closeness for a while. In this case, it is useful to have a partner on hand who will agree to play the role of your "vest". It is believed that such periodic sex on the side can only make the marriage stronger, because women throw out all their negativity outside the home and spouse and return completely renewed.
  • You want to keep in touch with your current partner, but you lack intimacy with him. Lack of sex is the most pressing reason for cheating. After all, the desire for intimacy is as much a physiological need as food or sleep. The less often it is satisfied, the more consequences appear. The weaker sex even becomes too sensitive and irritable. This can manifest itself in a variety of ways: anger over little things, tears for no reason, a state of apathy and depression. A good lover in this case is a medicine that cannot be dispensed with. It helps to regain composure and take control of the situation.
  • This point is the opposite of the previous one. If the husband is great in sex, but in communication - a biscuit, then the girls can easily have a lover. And often not even to have sex, but for simple conversations and flirting. After all, the conquest of a woman should last a lifetime, and if the husband for some reason believes that “this fortress has already surrendered without a fight,” then he is greatly mistaken. There is a gentleman for any lady, so you should never tell your soul mate that no one will need her anymore.
why do girls have a lover
why do girls have a lover

Of course, every girl has her own reasons to say these difficult words "I want a lover." And if it is associated with an offense at something or lack of something, then it always seems to be the most faithful and correct. But even in the most justified situations of betrayal, there is always a reverse side of the coin.

The first minus of lovers is their complete lack of control. This is not your doll or toy that you can command at will. A lover can easily ruin your game by simply giving himself away to a regular partner. And then your fun will end, gray everyday life will begin. It is worth remembering to be careful when communicating in secret with temperamental and passionate guys, because they do not like to be the "pawns" they use.

The second risk is the possibility of falling in love with your boyfriend. Moreover, if he himself is not free. You can start this secret relationship only in order to indulge your self-esteem, relax and forget about problems in the family, but in the end you will suffer even more. It's good if the lover is a free guy who will understand you. But if he is married and is not going to break the connection with his wife, then you have no chance of a positive outcome. In most cases, for men, a lover is nothing more than an outlet that he will forget about if there is a chance that he will be revealed.

The third risk is remorse. No matter how simple-minded you are, no matter how calm you are about everything, your conscience does not sleep.

why women have lovers
why women have lovers

And she certainly will not let you sleep peacefully at night, especially if your spouse is a model of ideality. To betray a truly faithful and loving companion is at least stupid and at the most vile. You should understand perfectly well that you may no longer find such a partner for yourself, or you may not receive his forgiveness when everything becomes known. Therefore, it is better to think twice - was everything so bad for you to run into someone else's bed?

Life questions 4

If the thought of cheating on your husband does not leave you day or night, it is recommended to sit down and think it over carefully. First of all, ask yourself the main question - why do you want to find yourself another partner? Is it all about bad communication or has sex life stopped pleasing with its colors?

Reason plays a major role here, because it is in it that the solution to all problems lies. If you have problems with bed games, then it is quite possible to try to fix it without the help of third parties. Talk to your spouse, discuss claims, find a joint exit. The situation is the same if you lack emotional communication. Talk, tell, share!

The second question is, will having a lover give you satisfaction? Perhaps you misjudge your desires. Sometimes it seems that only a handsome man on the side can solve everything, but cheating makes everything only worse. You should not cut from the shoulder and jump into the bed to the first person you meet. Maybe you need a vacation, not a lover.

why girls have lovers
why girls have lovers

The third question is, is my desire related to resentment? Resentment and revenge are not the best excuses to have a lover. Because in this case, you will not get pleasure, but only start to get angry with yourself. If you want to change only because you cannot forgive your husband, then it is recommended that you just break up with your spouse. After all, you can never come to terms with the fact that he was with the other, and you will always remain a victim in the depths of your soul. Just let it go and give yourself the opportunity to love again, only without secret meetings and deceptions behind your back. It will be better not only for you, but also for him.

Cheating on a loved one is not the best thing to do. After this, usually few people feel good, so they are looking for any ways to remedy the situation. If you do not want to become a victim of your own delusions, then the next time you have a thought - I want a lover, analyze it, or even better, just throw it aside.

After all, nobody deserves to be betrayed. And if you do not feel any affection and emotion for your companion, try to discuss this moment with him. Perhaps he is simply not your person, and you should leave so as not to spoil life for him or yourself.

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