The Girl Rejects: The Reasons Why The Guy Does Not Reciprocate

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The Girl Rejects: The Reasons Why The Guy Does Not Reciprocate
The Girl Rejects: The Reasons Why The Guy Does Not Reciprocate

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In the life of every guy there comes a moment when he falls in love with a girl. He decides to confess his feelings to her, but she does not reciprocate. This is very stressful for any guy. He begins to delve into himself, to think what is the matter. And for people with a fine mental organization, this can generally leave a wound on the heart for a long time. So why does a girl reject a guy?

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  • 1 The guy is not her type
  • 2 She doesn't love him
  • 3 she already has a boyfriend
  • 4 The guy has no sense of style
  • 5 A girl doesn't need a relationship
  • 6 This girl is an impregnable fortress
  • 7 She is a mercantile girl
  • 8 she is a lesbian
  • 9 She is a feminist

The guy is not her type

Girls like different types of guys. Some girls like the Apollo pumped up in the gym, others like the average man. If she likes "bumpy" guys, then maybe it's time to think about a gym membership to work on your body. Maybe then she will turn her gaze on him.

She doesn't love him2

The reason for a girl's refusal can be very simple and trivial - she just doesn't like the guy. At all. She is not in love with him and does not have strong feelings. There are still people on the planet who want to fall in love at first sight. And perhaps she is one of them.

She already has a boyfriend3

Another reason a girl doesn't like him is that she already has a boyfriend. They have been dating for a long time and they have a serious relationship and big plans for a joint future. You should not interfere in their lives and spoil their plans for the sake of your unrequited love.

The guy has no sense of style4

Some girls are very picky about guys in terms of appearance. A guy can be totally positive and wonderful. But if he does not have a sense of style or God forbid he has unclean shoes, then she will not even look at such a guy.

the reasons why a girl rejects a man
the reasons why a girl rejects a man

If the guy wants the girl not to reject him, then you should think about changing your style and appearance and is attentive to yourself. As the saying goes, "they are greeted by their clothes, but they are escorted by their minds."

The girl does not need a relationship5

Both among the guys and among the girls there are those people who are not interested, for whatever reason, at a certain moment in their lives, love, serious relationships and other mutual obligations. They have other more serious plans for the coming years. If a guy is refused by such a girl, then he should not despair. It is necessary to maintain friendly relations with her and continue to communicate. When she is ready for a serious relationship, the guy should be there.

This girl is an impregnable fortress6

A girl may reject a guy because she needs to be won. She will not immediately reciprocate the guy, she will not want to become easy prey. She will represent an indestructible citadel.

reasons a woman rejects a man
reasons a woman rejects a man

To win her heart, the guy will have to work hard, prove his feelings to her, do something unusual, out of the ordinary.

She is a mercantile girl7

In the 21st century, there are a lot of girls for whom money is everything. Such persons will always look for a guy or a man with money. And this is due to the spread of a vile and low culture of consumption, which is imposed on people on the Internet and from TV screens. And as a result, people exchange pure love feelings for hard currency. Without money, of course, it will not be possible to live, but it does not occur to such girls that money can be earned both together, creating their future family capital. If a guy is rejected by such a girl, then you should hardly be upset about this. The nervous system will be more intact.

She is lesbian8

The girl with whom the guy fell in love may turn out to be a person with a non-traditional sexual orientation or a lesbian. There may be many reasons why she crossed over to the other side of the barricades. This is a bad experience of sexual relations, and disappointment in the stronger sex. If a guy fell in love with such a girl, and she refused him, then you should not be discouraged.

the reasons a girl rejects a guy
the reasons a girl rejects a guy

You need to prove by example that not all guys are bad. Maybe then she will again be interested in the opposite sex. And you can try to talk to her again.

She is a feminist9

The struggle of women around the world for equality has become a complete absurdity over the past decade. Feminists, who fought for equal rights for women and men in society, began to turn into man-haters. Men for them are dirty exploiters and oppressors who want only constant sex and borscht from women. In Russia, the feminist movement is not as developed as in Europe or the United States of America, but representatives of such a radical movement can be found even in the vast territory of Russia. If a guy met such a girl, and he fell in love with her, then you should not expect that she will reciprocate. She would refuse him anyway. Although, as in the previous paragraph, a guy can prove the opposite to a girl by his personal example …

It is impossible to understand right away whether a girl will reciprocate or reject a guy's love. It can be compared to Russian roulette. You need to act and not be afraid of rejection.

the reasons why the girl rejects
the reasons why the girl rejects

It's okay that the girl rejects, no. In life, the guy will meet many more girls, and there will certainly be one who will accept his love.

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