What A Man Is Ready For A Woman: 10 Signs Of Sincere Love

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What A Man Is Ready For A Woman: 10 Signs Of Sincere Love
What A Man Is Ready For A Woman: 10 Signs Of Sincere Love
relationship 3
relationship 3

For many women, identifying their partner's true feelings is a daunting task. It is not always possible to say with certainty whether a man really has strong feelings or is just playing. To determine true love or fake, you can analyze what a man is ready for for a woman. And as practice shows, in such cases a man is ready for a lot.

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  • 1 Respect and participation
  • 2 Joint pastime
  • 3 Appearance of the chosen one
  • 4 Fulfillment of desires
  • 5 Self-improvement
  • 6 Family
  • 7 Proximity
  • 8 Lack of interest in others
  • 9 Initiative
  • 10 Free relationship

Respect and participation

A real loving man will never allow himself to humiliate or insult his woman. Raising a hand on her or offending her with a word is a terrible dream for a man. He will not be able to count on reciprocal feelings from his partner, and the fear of losing his beloved is the strongest for a man.

A man will always listen and help with advice. Any information that a partner can give him is important to him. He will catch every word and delve into the essence, even if the topic is not entirely interesting to him. A loving man respects the interests of his woman and supports her in all endeavors. Even knowing that something is not working out for his beloved, he will never offer her to abandon the venture. For a man, the happiness and satisfaction of his beloved woman comes first.

Joint pastime2

A man who has love for his woman seeks to spend all the time with her. It doesn't matter what his beloved is doing at this moment: work, shopping, manicure or lying aimlessly on the bed. A man will want to spend every second with her, talking or in complete silence.

The realization that the beloved is nearby and completely belongs to the man fills him with boundless happiness. He will never be ashamed of his chosen one, and the feeling of shame will not visit him during joint walks or going to a restaurant.

Appearance of the chosen one3

For a loving man, his partner is the most beautiful. Even if she's wearing only an old T-shirt and frayed jeans, a complete lack of makeup and a nest instead of her hair. He will see his woman as a beauty in any situation. Even those small flaws and irregularities that women hate so much will have a certain charm for a man. After all, it is from such tiny features that his beloved consists.

Fulfillment of desires4

For his beloved, a man is ready to break into a cake, but to fulfill all her whims and desires. Even if it costs him sleep and rest, meeting friends and favorite hobbies.

what is a man ready for a woman
what is a man ready for a woman

First of all, he will think about the desires of his woman and how to please her.


A man can admit his flaws. And when he has a loved one, he will not only recognize them, but also work hard on them. It is important for a man that next to his woman there is a worthy person on whom she could rely in any situation.


Listing what a loving man is ready for for the sake of a girl, one cannot but mention the willingness to start a family. He dreams of life with her, waking up next to her every morning, raising children together and spending as much time together as possible. A loving man wants his woman to become a part of his life, and therefore he is in a hurry to introduce her to parents, relatives and friends.


A man with real feelings will not rush his girlfriend with intimacy. He will wait as long as necessary. Sex for him is not an end in itself, but only a pleasant addition to the relationship.

what is a man ready for a girl
what is a man ready for a girl

During intimacy, a man will direct all efforts to ensure that his beloved gets pleasure. Personal satisfaction comes only second.

Lack of interest in others8

A loving person will never have an interest in someone else, apart from their object of adoration. Even if any representative of the fair sex flirts with a man in the most immodest way, he will not fall under her spell. A man is simply not interested in anyone else. Any excuses for cheating are just cheap ways to avoid consequences. A loving man is not interested in petty affairs, because he has a man who is dear to him.


The man does not have the patience to wait for the first step from the woman. Therefore, he will call, write, invite to meetings and come himself, without waiting for the stars to converge successfully. His desire to be together overcomes any shame and fear of being intrusive.

Gratuitousness of relations10

A man with strong feelings will not ask his woman for anything in return.

what is the guy ready for the girl
what is the guy ready for the girl

He does not feel any material need, only the need for love, care and attention. For him, a relationship is not the conclusion of an agreement, but mutual and sincere emotions. If he wants to give gifts to his woman, then only for the sake of her smile, and not in order to buy her love.

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