4 Ways To Know If A Man Loves You Or Uses You

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4 Ways To Know If A Man Loves You Or Uses You
4 Ways To Know If A Man Loves You Or Uses You

Video: 4 Ways To Know If A Man Loves You Or Uses You

Video: 4 Ways To Know If A Man Loves You Or Uses You
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How to tell if a man loves or uses
How to tell if a man loves or uses

One of the beautiful evenings your eyes met, unexpected feelings flared up and there were only a few minutes left before the romance began. You soar on the wings of happiness and expect the logical finale of a love story, when the sweetheart will offer his hand and heart, call him his wife and solemnly lead him into the common house. Time passes, the veil of euphoria falls from the eyes, the situation does not advance, and you think about how to understand a man loves or uses.

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  • 1 How he looks at you
  • 2 How he values joint leisure
  • 3 How he looks at your future
  • 4 How he makes you happy

The way he looks at you

They say the eyes are the mirror of the soul. You can determine the sincerity of love feelings by paying attention to the gaze of a loved one. How does he look at you? Is there a deep look in which joy, patronage and warmth shine through? So the guy is really full of love. Playful lights in the eyes, a glance sliding over the intimate parts of the female body responds to the intimate sphere of a man's interest.

He wants you and nothing more. This does not mean that whenever a beloved looks at your figure with admiration, lust and lust play in him, but if a partner stares at his chest and thighs with heat, and in his eyes, turned to you, there is often a "cold wind" most likely, a man's heart is muffled like a tank. His feelings are concentrated below the waist and do not reach the depth of the heart.

And how to understand that a man wants you, we read in our article further on the link.

How he values shared leisure2

You look forward to every date, and it is top notch. The beloved arranges a romantic dinner, treats with delicious drinks. You listen to music, dance and take a shower together, chat heart to heart and selflessly have sex, the quality of which is growing every time. Perfectly. This is how a week passes by a week, a month by a month.

He talks about a close-knit family, funny friends and wonderful places where he loves to spend time, but does not at all seek to introduce you to them. When asked to spend leisure time with his friends or relatives, the man waves his hands off and importantly declares that he is not ready for such a step. He does not aspire to anything, even to walk in the park, hand in hand.

a man loves or uses a woman
a man loves or uses a woman

The guy claims that he is sensitive to human gossip and does not want to be at the crossroads of neighbors' chatter. You leave him, making sure in advance that no one living next to you has noticed, late at night or early in the morning. When you come home, you get a nice message, you fall asleep with a smile and guess on a camomile: will we get married in the future or not.

If a guy for no known reason is embarrassed to walk around the city with his mistress, this behavior raises serious concerns in the existence of his feelings. The partner is shy about walking with passion in some cases:

  • if one of the couple is not free;
  • if there is a huge age difference between partners;
  • if he looks like Quasimoda and does not want to inconvenience the lady;
  • if she fulfills the last will of her great-grandmother on her deathbed;
  • if the guy is harshly persecuted by the local mafia or authorities;
  • or the man just uses it.

In other cases, the man clearly shows disdain for his partner. When a guy is in love, he doesn't give a damn about the public opinion, human rumors and other "vanity of vanities." Only because of the "ringing" his behavior justifies his unwillingness to appear with his beloved woman.

understand a man likes or uses
understand a man likes or uses

Some desperate lovers have mercy on the object of adoration on the streets of the city, being in a conjugal relationship with another lady and are not shy about it. The pressure of emotions turns off the brain. Is it worth asking the question of how to understand a man loves or uses if he refuses to spend leisure time with you outside the restricted area? Apparently, the answer is obvious.

How he looks at your future3

An acquaintance of your acquaintance, who is the second cousin of your beloved's mother, reported that he was secretly with his parent about the relationship with “one woman”, and the description of “the one”, one to one agree with you. He thought that she was a good housewife, a calm girl and perhaps he would take her as his wife. Inspired by dreams, you picture in your imagination the day of your wedding, but what is really happening …

At the meeting, the lover honestly and frankly declares that he is not ready for a serious relationship: yes, you, cool, he feels good with you, but the former lady of his heart broke his love so much that he will never be ready for a serious relationship.

Now the "wounded" representative of the stronger sex does not trust women and at the same time is afraid of losing you, which stubbornly declares: "If you want a serious relationship, look for someone else". Think if he really valued your communication, he would not say this.

man likes or uses
man likes or uses

Men love comfort and intuitively look at their partners to understand whether he wants to see her as his wife or not. He analyzes the inner feelings next to you, regardless of your knowledge of cooking and housekeeping.

Half a year is enough for a guy to conclude: you are his woman or a short-term lover. If during this time his attitude of a secretive lover has not grown into something more, do not flatter yourself. He does not see the other half in you.

How he makes you happy4

Attentions and gifts will tell you your partner's true attitude. The object of adoration, the guy pleases with bouquets of his favorite flowers, cute romantic things, in which there is a meaning that is clear to both. A loving gentleman is ready to present a sweetheart with a whole world, a lawn of flowers and "that little star", and despite the fact that you will have one air in your hands, your soul will be filled with happiness.

The gentleman will give the lover something from the "erotic-sexual" sphere: sex toys, underwear, stockings. All that is needed for a variety of sexual relationships and nothing more.

True feelings do not require proof. If you are thinking about the topic of how to understand whether a man loves or uses, it means that there is no seriousness, warmth and true love in your relationship.

a man loves or uses a girl
a man loves or uses a girl

But still, every girl has a drama in her life when she is used by her beloved man. How to be in such a situation and overcome the pain of resentment in order to start living on, read further on the link.

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