How To Put A Girl In Her Place In A Relationship Using Only Words?

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How To Put A Girl In Her Place In A Relationship Using Only Words?
How To Put A Girl In Her Place In A Relationship Using Only Words?

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It so happens that your relationship started out great. Romance, first dates, shy kisses, walks under the moonlight. The soul sings and wants to compose poetry, and in the meantime the girl begins to barely noticeably change, press on you, openly use you. Yesterday your relationship seemed like a fairy tale, but it looks like the demo period has come to an end, get the full version and sign. Do I need to put up with this and how to put the girl in her place? Let's figure it out.

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  • 1 Finding the cause is half the solution to the problem
  • 2 Popular ways to put a girl in her place
  • 3 The most effective way to put a girl in her place

Finding the cause is half the solution to the problem

There are many rumors about female deceit, and now, finally, you became a victim of it. You spent a lot of time on her, gave her valuable gifts, carried her in your arms, now she began to take it for granted. You will like her next step even less: in most cases, she will suck all your strength and resources out of you and throw to the sidelines that empty shell that was once a strong and happy man, after which she will start looking for the next victim. Yes, this is the beginning of the end of your relationship, even if you want to believe in the best.

What is the reason for this change in her behavior? The answers need to be sought in those stereotypes and patterns of behavior that are encouraged and instilled in society. At what age did you first learn that girls cannot be offended, they need to be protected, they have the right to any whims, dirty tricks and meanness, when, like a real man, they must keep their word, be a stone wall and go and go.

But the girls grew up in the same environment, and their caring mothers explained to them from an early age that they are real princesses, deserving all the best simply by birthright, they don't need to do anything for this, and everything will get away with it. And the worst thing is if your beloved mother's personal life did not work out, and she places all her hopes on her daughter, who must find a rich and successful man and make him her slave for life.

Is this your girlfriend's fault? Only partly. Few people can independently overcome stereotypes supported by society and come to the conclusion that healthy relationships are built on trust, support and mutual assistance, that love is, first of all, a full-fledged partnership, and not an opportunity to sit on one's neck. And since you are reading this article, then you are out of luck. Perhaps it's not too late to put the girl in her place and change the situation.

Popular ways to put a girl in her place2

Be a man! Behave yourself harsh and tough! Show her who's boss, put her in her place! Such advice will be given to you by "experts in life", immediately after they give their wife their entire salary and ask her permission to go out and sit with the men for a short time. Only this method does not work.

put the girl in her place
put the girl in her place

Perhaps for a short while you will be able to reason with her, but by increasing the degree of tension between you, in the long term, you will only bring the inevitable end of your relationship closer. If you value them and hope for a better result, you need to look for another way. If not, why is this aggression necessary at all? Just break up and be done.

The opposite extreme is to seek advice from her friends. Those men who do not trust the male team, for some unknown reason, decide that the advice of their friends will help solve the problem and restore the former joy from the relationship. Unfortunately, this is not the case. At best, the opinions of other girls will be useless and at least not hurt your relationship even more. At worst, your chosen one finds out about this conversation on the same day, and then you will receive a fresh portion of psychological abuse.

The third way is to talk to her honestly, face to face, to express all claims. Sometimes it really helps. Your girlfriend may be smart enough to analyze her behavior and realize that she is destroying your relationship with her actions. And mom's advice on how to break a man and subjugate him to your will is not the best guide to building happiness.

the best way to put in place
the best way to put in place

Unlike the two previous methods, this one can work, but the probability of this is extremely small. When certain patterns of behavior and stereotypes are laid in early childhood, and the whole world around them contributes to their consolidation, it can be very difficult to get rid of them. If this succeeded in your case, you can rejoice - life has not yet spoiled your chosen one completely, she is capable of independent wise decisions, and you have a chance to build honest and equal relationships. Just remember that the term “honest” and “equal” also applies to you.

The most effective way to put a girl in her place3

You will be surprised, but you were told it back in school, right in the literature lesson. Perhaps you did not attach any importance to this and did not think about it, but this article exists to remind you of this. The sun of Russian poetry, Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, was a noble ladies' man and knew a lot about female psychology. Do you think something has changed since then? Nothing like this!

“The less we love a woman, the more she likes us,” said the great poet, and he was absolutely right. Reduce the number of contacts with her, stop texting her every half hour and prove your feelings, take control of your emotions and turn on a cold mind. When you met her, you probably had a lot of hobbies with which you filled your free time, which she now completely captured. Return to them, do what you love and do not explain or prove anything to her. The situation will begin to change right before our eyes.

the girl sat on the neck
the girl sat on the neck

Your meetings will become more rare, but the emotions from them will become more vivid. The girl will not need to explain that it is worth appreciating every minute spent with you, because now these minutes will be much less. As soon as you stop running after her, she will start running after you! Alexander Sergeevich guarantees.

But if no methods help, the girl finally sat on your neck and your relationship turned into a hopeless darkness, there is only one way. Break this relationship. There are three and a half billion women on this planet, why do you need one that pulls you to the bottom, if you can fly from the other?

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