17 Tips On How To Properly Dump A Guy When You Meet

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17 Tips On How To Properly Dump A Guy When You Meet
17 Tips On How To Properly Dump A Guy When You Meet

Video: 17 Tips On How To Properly Dump A Guy When You Meet

Video: 17 Tips On How To Properly Dump A Guy When You Meet
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girlfriends gossip
girlfriends gossip

And to do it as less painful as possible for both sides. Step by step instructions and tips.

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  • 1 Choose the time
  • 2 Personal meeting
  • 3 Choose the right place
  • 4 The positive side
  • 5 Argumentation
  • 6 Hear him
  • 7 Constructiveness
  • 8 Who is to blame and what to do
  • 9 Do not impose your friendship on him
  • 10 Don't give him hope
  • 11 Let Him Forget You
  • 12 Let him go
  • 13 Free him
  • 14 Stop following each other
  • 15 New romance
  • 16 Don't Talk About It
  • 17 Or maybe …?

Choose the timei

Experts advise planning an unpleasant conversation for the evening. And you certainly shouldn't leave the guy on the eve of an important event (yours or his). The day will be hopelessly ruined.

Also, morning is a hectic time of day.

Better to talk in a relaxed atmosphere. In the end, you should pay tribute to this person and your relationship with him.

“Plus, you can call your friends and have a fun night out if needed,” advises Marnie Battista, Founder of DatingWithDignity.com

Personal meeting2

Making progress in the form of numerous messengers and social networks is great. But don't be tempted to text your boyfriend. If you have something to say to each other, it's best to do it in person.

This applies to "official" relationships. If you met from time to time and occasionally corresponded, so be it - you can discuss the breakup online.

Choose a suitable place3

A movie theater, a noisy party, or someone's birthday is a poor choice of location to dump a guy.

Especially if it’s a noisy birthday party for someone you’re planning to dump.

Choose a quiet place where you can talk. Let it be neutral territory in which you both will be comfortable to be.

Marnie recommends going for a walk: "You don't need to look at each other, but you are there."

The girl leaves the guy
The girl leaves the guy

Positive side4

Mention what you are grateful for to this person. Tell me why you fell in love with him. List his strengths and say that the time spent with him was great.



This "but" must be present. If you inundate him with compliments and tweet about how perfect your relationship is, he will have a question - why then did you decide to dump me?

Be honest with him. If you couldn't put up with any of the guy's shortcomings, tell him about it. This will help him avoid repeating mistakes in the next relationship.

If you are not satisfied with the format of your relationship, or you just want to focus on yourself, be direct about it.

Listen to him6

You don't have to endure insults or aggression. But it's still worth listening to his opinion and looking at the situation from his side.

Girl talking to boyfriend
Girl talking to boyfriend

It's always helpful to look at a problem from a different angle.

It is possible that your relationship is not as hopeless as you think.

An important point: do not be fooled by manipulation. If you clearly realize that you are not on your way with this person, the relationship makes you unhappy, and the guy is not going to change - leave.


You have accumulated grievances and claims to each other. But from the fact that you yell and wave your hands, it will not become easier for anyone. You will scare away all the pigeons in the area, but a constructive dialogue will not work.

Do not be fooled by his provocations and stay calm.

Who is to blame and what to do8

Do not blame him for all sins. Do you remember that the dialogue should be constructive?

Don't let him pass all the responsibility for your relationship onto you.

A girl and a guy sort it out
A girl and a guy sort it out

Does he press on pity and guilt?

Say that you are not going to be manipulated. Either he talks to you calmly, or you pour coffee on him and hail a taxi.

Do not impose your friendship on him9

"Let's stay friends?"

Let's not stay?

If you can manage to maintain your friendship, consider that Heaven has blessed you.

But - and this is important! - you do not have to create friendship on the ashes of love. If the breakup is painful for you, it is better to stop communicating.

Don't Give Him Hope10

You are breaking up. Point. There have been many good things in the past. But it's time to move forward. You wish him all the best, but with another girl.

If you allow him to cherish vain hopes of reunion, do not be surprised that he will attack you with calls and messages, guard you at the house and throw up scandals.

Pop art girl
Pop art girl

Let Him Forget You11

This point flows smoothly from the previous one. Do not write, do not call him and do not provoke. Do not impose your company on him, do not ask mutual acquaintances about him.

He needs time to forget you.

Don't bother him from doing it.

Let him go12

There is a great risk that pride will start playing in you.

"I feel so sorry for him, how he will be without me, he loved me so much!"

He will be fine without you.

He will suffer, of course, and then recover.

Again - if you let him do it.

If, seeing him with another, you feel jealousy, anger and resentment, it means that you really did not let him go.

Free It13

Take your things. Returning gifts is optional. All that you may need in your new life, return to each other. Tear the rest, burn it and send it to the trash heap.

Girl with a suitcase leaves
Girl with a suitcase leaves

Or give it to those who need it more. For example, toys or things can be donated to charity.

Stop following each other14

Do not ask mutual acquaintances about him. His life doesn't concern you anymore.

Don't talk about your personal life either. One way or another, he learns that you are no longer alone. Don't spread rumors.

New romance15

You have the full right to post photos with a new guy on Instagram. You have the right to enjoy life and be happy. But are you sure you're not motivated by the intention to show off in front of your ex?

If you find it difficult to answer, block it on social networks.

Do not discuss it16

Especially in a negative way. Especially with his friends.

First, it will all come to him. Secondly, in the eyes of his friends, you will not look very dignified.

Girl gossiping with her friend
Girl gossiping with her friend

Most likely, they will side with him.

If you need support, seek the help of an outside observer.

Ideally, a psychologist.

Or maybe …? 17

Sooner or later, unnecessary thoughts begin to creep into our heads. The most dangerous of these concerns reuniting with exes. Don't discuss your thoughts with your mutual friends. In no case. What you said "in secret" will surely reach his ears, be sure. And a bacchanalia will begin, which neither you nor he needs.

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