What To Do If A Man Falls In Love With His Mistress. All The Nuances And Tips

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What To Do If A Man Falls In Love With His Mistress. All The Nuances And Tips
What To Do If A Man Falls In Love With His Mistress. All The Nuances And Tips

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fell in love with his mistress
fell in love with his mistress

What do the rings and the stamp in the passport mean when it comes to treason? But, as it turns out, adultery is still half the trouble, but quite the trouble is when a man falls in love with his mistress and does not give an account of his actions. If you also got into such a situation and cannot get out of it, you should know that there is always a way out, you just need to take the right direction. But if earlier you thought more about what is below the belt, now is the time to use your head.

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  • 1 Is this love?
  • 2 How do men who are in love with mistresses behave?
  • 3 Is it possible to love a wife and a mistress at the same time?
  • 4 Why does a man feel love for his mistress?
  • 5 Why does a man think he still loves his wife?
  • 6 Do I need to leave the family?
  • 7 Imagine what you can get and what you can refuse in this or that case
  • 8 Maybe it's worth ending this relationship?
  • 9 famous men who left family for a mistress

Is this love? I

If you think that in relation to your mistress you have a feeling of falling in love or even specific love, then you can definitely determine this using the following "symptoms":

You lie constantly. Cheating your wife is, of course, no longer news to you, but if earlier you tried to give your lies some believability, now you are lying recklessly, without thinking about the consequences. The mistress also has to lie, who, feeling your true attitude, seeks to turn the situation in her favor, and you cannot decide what to do next. The most unpleasant thing is that you have to deceive yourself.

Changing your life, making a choice in favor of any one woman are very serious steps, it is not surprising if the cheater gets completely confused. In the meantime, you just run like a hamster in a wheel, hoping that nothing will have to be changed and everything will be settled by itself, but for now you are just lying, lying, lying.

You have become cold to your spouse. If earlier you tried to keep your adventures secret in order to protect her from stress and unnecessary worries, and were ready to part with your passion at any moment, now, your wife is just an insurmountable barrier that stood in the way of your happiness.

Fall in love with a mistress
Fall in love with a mistress

You absolutely do not need sex with your wife, you are constantly nervous, you answer inappropriately, you cannot concentrate. Phone conversations are becoming more and more secret, and you do not allow your wife to even get a cannon shot near your gadget. Delays at work turn into the same constant phenomenon as absences from home “on an important issue, which cannot yet be discussed”.

Own external attractiveness begins to interest more and more, despite the fact that the spouse's appearance ceases to matter at all. Everyday questions cause wild irritation, you want to drop everything, turn around and run away.

In a relationship with your mistress, there is a special thrill, you are afraid of losing her and are constantly jealous, so sometimes you panic and get nervous. You try to please her by any means and means. It is worth beckoning with your finger, and you are ready to drop all your urgent affairs, and rush to her to be a little close.

Such a change in the relationship with his mistress is very dangerous for married men. If they fell in love with a mistress, they may not be able to cope with their own feelings and destroy their family life, but at the same time, the relationship with the mistress may not be saved.

How do men in love with mistresses behave? 2

The behavior of any person determines his character and ability to make decisions. Therefore, in a situation with lovers, how men in love behave is very difficult to say, but most often, realizing the complexity of the situation, they try to maintain their sanity.

Why did the guy fall in love with his mistress
Why did the guy fall in love with his mistress

If men who even have very strong feelings for their mistress cannot leave the family. First, they cannot part with their loved ones and loved ones. They cannot leave them to their own devices and "let them down" with their behavior. Secondly, most often they have a fear that such an arranged and familiar life may end and they will have to start everything from scratch, and this is very difficult.

Such men are unlikely to make any decisions until life pushes them against the wall. It is much easier for them to lie and dodge than to refuse one thing. No, they want both to have both and not to be responsible for anything. Any shifts in such relationships are possible only if women lose patience and take the situation into their own hands.

However, not all men are so spineless. There are those who, realizing that the mistress is his other half, will not marinate her indefinitely with assurances of eternal love and empty promises. Just as they will not deceive their spouse because of their great respect for her. At the same time, they are responsible enough to be responsible both for the ex-wife with children, and for the new passion.

Despite the fact that such men "abandon" their families, they act honestly towards both their women, do not fool the mistress's head, wasting her nerves and time in vain; do not deceive the wife, giving her the opportunity to find “her” loved one; and, in the end, they do not comfort themselves with the hope that everything will continue this way and that he will not have to give up something.

Is it possible to love a wife and a mistress at the same time? 3

According to psychologists, it is impossible to love two people at the same time. Love is an absolute passion for another person, when all interest in the rest of the opposite sex is lost. However, there are many concepts that can replace the feeling of love. For example, it could be sex or passion.

Sex is about purely physical attraction. Passion is a very bright, but short-term feeling, when you want to spend a lot of time with the object of sighing and enjoy his presence. Such concepts that are essentially close can mislead a man and make him doubt his own feelings. It is important to understand that there is no love without sex and passion, but sex and passion can exist completely separate from love.

What to do if you fell in love with your mistress
What to do if you fell in love with your mistress

Why does a man feel love for his mistress? 4

If there were no feelings between lovers, then they would not have a relationship. At the beginning of any love affair, people try to show their best side. So, if a woman likes him, then she will try to fall in love with a married man. At the same time, a man may not be aware of her shortcomings, while he knows his wife as flaky, which means that a new acquaintance will seem to him an ideal worthy of love.

Why does a man think he still loves his wife?

Husbands often feel guilty about themselves and begin to feel sorry for their spouses and confuse pity with love. Despite betrayal, many men continue to respect their wives and even admire them, for them such feelings are comparable to love. Parting with your old life can scare anyone. Wanting to somehow cling to the past, men remember their former feelings.

It is possible that a man cannot prefer any one of the women, because he does not love either one or the other. He likes that all his problems and needs are met at the expense of the ladies, therefore, when it becomes necessary to choose one, he is tormented by doubts.

Do I need to leave the family? 6

If you are considering whether to leave the family, it means that you are not so in love with your mistress that you break up with marital relations overnight. It also suggests that everything in your family is not so bad that you can thoughtlessly exchange it for a love relationship. Whatever choice you make, there are only two ways out of the situation: either you remain a family man and say goodbye to your mistress forever, or you ruin your marriage and continue to build relationships with your passion.

Imagine what you can get and what you can refuse in one case or another7

Of course, family life is unlikely to surprise you. Your boring and not sexy wife, who always demands something, will remain by your side. You know it up and down, you know all its positive and negative sides, however, like it is yours. She saw you in all sorts of states and did not turn away, she worried about all your failures and defeats, forcing you to believe in yourself. Who takes care of you during your illness, makes your life better, and puts up with your obnoxious relatives and friends? Is it worth it to exchange such a life experience acquired by overwork for a bright advertising booklet called "mistress"?

Husband fell in love with his mistress
Husband fell in love with his mistress

Life with a mistress, especially if she is a beautiful and young woman, can be very pleasant and stormy for a while. But such a relationship will become commonplace someday. Or they will resemble the last day of Pompeii, when the volcano could explode at any moment. So in this case, you don't know what to expect: she can find herself another lover, she is able to leave you if she gets tired of the relationship, it is quite possible that she is just using you.

Try to remember what you generally know about her. It is unlikely that you saw her in an unattractive form, just as you yourself did not show yourself to her from the worst side. Do you know what kind of mother, wife or mistress will come out of her? Of course, she is a very sweet, passionate and attractive girl, but then your wife used to be like that.

One thing is absolutely certain - you need to make a choice, and the sooner, the better, otherwise the situation may get out of control and little will depend on your decisions.

Maybe we should end this relationship?

Only the man himself can answer the question of whether it is worth stopping the relationship with his mistress if great feelings have appeared in the relationship with his mistress. Only he can weigh all the pros and cons of such relations and understand what they can lead to in the future. As a rule, a man tries to end a love affair when he is seriously afraid for his peace of mind.

He realizes that it can only get worse, a small spark can ignite such a fire that he will not be able to put out. And he has something to lose in a fire: wife, children, home, material values, stability, respect of friends, relatives and colleagues.

As psychologists say, something really amazing should happen to a man so that he decides to change his usual world for a new life, which will also need to be equipped. Thus, the protective instinct of the ancient man is activated, whose duty is to protect his family. Many rational men try to listen to the voice of their own reason.

Famous men who left their family for a mistress

Famous men are always surrounded by the most beautiful and seductive women, whose charm is simply impossible to resist. Their desire to beat off a tidbit in the form of a celebrity is so strong that a man simply has no choice. So, the most famous unfaithful husbands who left their families for a mistress:

Angelina Jolie, Brad Peet and Jennifer Aniston-In 200, the famous actor left his wife for the beautiful eyes of Jolie, however, this union of the star couple turned out to be immortal

Angelina Jolie, Brad Peet
Angelina Jolie, Brad Peet

Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Evan McGregor are an actor couple famous for keeping their relationship secret for a long time, but after their secret became public, Evan had to divorce. But for some reason his mistress did not appreciate such an act, and she left the unlucky partner

Dominic Joker left his wife and children for the Voice contestant, Ekaterina Kokorina. But, according to his ex-wife, only children who rarely meet with their father suffer from divorce

Alexander Ustyugov, who became popular after the series "Cop Wars", was once linked by marital ties with actress Yanina Sokolovskaya. After the relationship had exhausted itself, the actor became interested in another actress, Anna Azar, with whom he married

Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva. One of the most scandalous celebrity divorces. After 30 years of marriage with his wife Svetlana, Bondarchuk left his wife for a young actress. Interestingly, their romance began even before the director's divorce

Evgeny Tsyganov is a fairly popular actor who, after a ten-year marriage, did not hesitate to leave his wife with 7 children. The actress Julia Snegir became Evgeny's new wife. By the way, Tsyganov does not forget his children and often visits

Evgeny Tsyganov
Evgeny Tsyganov

Probably, you can even feel sorry for celebrities, because if an ordinary man has to make so much effort not to commit adultery, then what is it like for them to constantly be in the company of the most attractive ladies? In addition, men who are in love with a mistress often risk not only family relationships, but also work, career and reputation. One wrong step and all prospects will be covered with a copper basin. However, the future of any traitor can be covered with the same basin, even yours …

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