Is The Girl's Complex Character A Pathology Or A Flaw In Nature?

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Is The Girl's Complex Character A Pathology Or A Flaw In Nature?
Is The Girl's Complex Character A Pathology Or A Flaw In Nature?

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girl in crown
girl in crown

“We choose, we are chosen” was sung in a beautiful song about love and the complexity of relationships. It is extremely difficult to find a partner for yourself who will meet all the requirements and are far from lucky in this matter. The ideal partner who will be the living embodiment of the best qualities of a person does not exist, either among guys or among girls.

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  • 1 What does "complex character" mean and what does it consist of
  • 2 Pros of dating tough girls
  • 3 There are 7 reasons why it is easy to understand that a girl has a complex character

Finding the right person is not easy, but not losing him and continuing to build harmonious relationships is even more difficult. It is fashionable to say that a girl is closed, complex, contradictory, and some try to deliberately emphasize their characteristics. The complex character of a girl often becomes the cause of an unbearable life together. Is it worth continuing the relationship with her and is there really this complex character?

What does "complex character" mean and what does it consist of?

It is not easy to take and disassemble a person's character into its components. This is not a puzzle that is easy to take apart and see how the mechanism works. The complex character of a girl is a biased characteristic, a feeling from communicating with a person. It is not easy to talk with such people, to consult, they like to argue, insist on their own and believe that others are wrong or simply do not understand them. This is partly true. It is difficult to understand what is hiding inside a person, if there is no desire even to make small talk with him about anything.

A complex character often develops under the influence of difficult circumstances that a person had to overcome at the time of growing up. This is not always negative, very often it is a direct sign of a flexible mind, the ability to find the best way out and quickly understand their benefits from cooperation, the ability to achieve the most ambitious or insane goals, despite the difficulties.

In general, psychologists call a complex character a set of qualities that cannot be influenced, changed, explained. They only need to be accepted and understood that a person will not change behavior. This is a given. Therefore, a relationship in which a girl has a complex character will not be able to be a leader and change her for herself. But she will look for a partner who will be “under the thumb” in simple words.

girl with character
girl with character

Often there are girls who, behind a complex character, mask capriciousness, nervousness, feignedly try to be complex and incomprehensible. You shouldn't blame them. These are problems in parenting. A person quickly gets used to the fact that they must run around him and fulfill any whims. At the slightest suspicion that the girl is not sincere enough and behaves in such a way as to attract attention, you should not reproach her. It is better to try to overcome the shortcomings together, so that she understands that she needs to rely on herself, and not always manipulate the guys. Although there will always be those who are ready to fulfill any whims.

The Pros of Relationships with Tough Girls2

It's time to move on to a closer level of relationship and the question arises before any guy: is it worth marrying her? When choosing a life friend, men are divided into two groups: looking for a simple one, looking for a complex one intentionally. The first ones prefer to meet a girl with whom it is easy to negotiate, you can safely sail through life and not worry about anything. The second are looking for extreme, they do not need a girl without pretensions, drive, one who does not know how to saw and just loves.

The girl's complex character helps her not to sit in exactly one place, and she begins to move the man. This is a great partner for a creative union, a businessman, a guy with millionaire ambitions, who is looking for a magic kick. Such a girl will become an excellent engine in the family. Only a man will have to measure that she is in charge, and she will set the tone in the relationship.

complex nature
complex nature

There are 7 reasons why it is easy to understand that a girl has a difficult character_7

  1. She always demands respect for her as a person.
  2. The girl does not like unnecessary tenderness and appreciates not a teddy bear from a man, but real deeds.
  3. She has her own point of view on all issues and she prefers to defend her regardless of the status and position of the interlocutor.
  4. She has a flexible mind, she never stops learning, learning new languages, listening to the news, constantly aware of new trends and knows how to adapt them for the comfort of her life.
  5. She is talented and loves unusual people. This will always help not to bury the talent and will in every way look for how to promote it into the creative environment.
  6. The girl is not shy and prefers to once again emphasize her superiority over a man. This is not the type of girl who is taught to be humble and docile.
  7. In life he prefers to deal only with initiative men. He does not like mama's sons, is not afraid of rivalry and can harshly ridicule obvious shortcomings.
complex character
complex character

Despite the complexity of relationships with such girls, a brave man is looking for her. From these we get the heroines of programs about the successful and the strong, competent leaders, wives of heads of state. She does not need a man stronger, she loves rivalry, she is comfortable and alone, but like every woman, a girl will not give up love and care. And how the man will show it, she herself will tell.

We will tell you how to change the character of a girl in the next article.

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