What Shouldn't Guys Do In Relationships With Girls?

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What Shouldn't Guys Do In Relationships With Girls?
What Shouldn't Guys Do In Relationships With Girls?
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Many guys wonder what they are doing wrong when they start dating or interacting with the opposite sex. Maybe due to the nature of men or some animal instincts, often their actions lead to a break in relations. Now we are not talking about sexism, and not about the fact that a man must certainly be a man in a relationship, not be a nanny, and so on. In the modern world, the boundaries of what is permissible for both a guy and a girl are beginning to blur.

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1 Top Most Common Boyfriend Mistakes in Relationships

But why is the opinion that a guy should be strong, not show his feelings, not dress stylishly, because he will automatically be considered gay. This is absurd. Yes, perhaps most women would like to have a person next to her who will protect her, take care of her, but no one needs a tyrant. How can a young man not cross this fine line, and what shouldn't guys do in relationships with girls?

Top Most Common Boyfriend Mistakes in Relationshipsi

In fact, men often make very similar mistakes. Maybe this is due to inexperience, maybe they just feel dominant. But what should guys avoid when they date or start dating the opposite sex?

1. Pay attention to two girls at once.

It seems obvious, but, unfortunately, most guys are looking for a girl according to the principle: at least one must be lucky. This is definitely a failure, because this way the guy builds a bad reputation for himself, and also, as they say, everything secret always becomes clear. You shouldn't be an alpha male and think that the more girls you have, the cooler. This is not true.

2. Forbid something to a girl.

Dear men, please do not forget that a woman is not your property. No matter how serious the relationship between a guy and a girl is, a young man has no right to prohibit something to his lady. For example, walking with friends, wearing revealing things, wearing bright colors, chatting with boyfriend friends. This violates the girl's personal boundaries. If one of the partners does not like something, then it is necessary to discuss it and come to a mutual solution to the problem, and not make a scandal out of the blue. No one has ever liked such men.

3. Be annoying.

Yes, a girl likes it when a man takes initiative, but if this initiative develops into importunity, every woman dreams of getting rid of such a burden. It is important to call and text your girlfriend, wondering how she is doing, but not follow her every step. Both partners have the right to have personal boundaries, beyond which the other should not step.

What guys shouldn't do
What guys shouldn't do

4. Rush the relationship.

Now we will talk not only about sex, but also about relationships in general. Guys like to rush somewhere, but, unfortunately, most of the girls do not like to rush things. Especially if a young man starts to put pressure on them.

And, yes, most guys only want sex, as sad as it sounds. Remember that no self-respecting girl will jump into bed on her first date.

5. Consider a girl a housewife.

Young people need to remember that they have no right to tell a girl. She should not sit at home with her child, cook meals and clean the apartment. The stereotype has become entrenched in society that the fair sex is the keeper of the hearth. She can bring comfort to the house and keep it in order and frequency. And a man is a breadwinner. He can only go to work and periodically fix something in the house. But now is not the eighteenth century, people can do whatever they want, regardless of gender.

Relationship with a girl
Relationship with a girl

6. Whining.

This item refers to men not because of their gender, but because no one a priori likes whiners, and no matter what gender they are. Many girls are even frightened by men who constantly talk about their problems and do nothing with them. By the way, there is a fairly precise line between whining and just a story. A person who constantly complains about his life and does not want to do anything, does not want to solve his problems and just goes with the flow - a whiner. A person who talks, shares with his experiences, problems, simply needs support.

7. Devaluation of the girl's actions.

It's not just about a girl taking care of her boyfriend. Guys often neglect a delicious dinner that a woman has prepared especially for them. Such courtesies should be appreciated. And also admire the success of the girl and praise her. Because this is a kind of support, and everyone needs it.

Of course, one cannot say that the man is always to blame for breaks or quarrels, no, this is not so. But this is a series of things that really annoy or even scare girls because it offends them or violates personal boundaries.

What not to do in a relationship
What not to do in a relationship

Of course, when compiling such lists, it is impossible to highlight all the problems, but there are some that occur most often. If you know the opposite sex and its psychology a little better, then you can very easily avoid standard mistakes. These points help to understand what a guy should not do in a relationship and how to better behave with women. You need to manage your emotions, and if something goes wrong, then you should take control of the situation.

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