How Do You Know That A Girl Loves You If She Hasn't Talked About It Yet?

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How Do You Know That A Girl Loves You If She Hasn't Talked About It Yet?
How Do You Know That A Girl Loves You If She Hasn't Talked About It Yet?

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beauty with candy
beauty with candy

The girl is a world shrouded in mystery, in comparison with which it is easier to rob a Swiss bank than to find out what is not supposed to know. Everything will be found out in due time, but the guys would like to know the answer to some questions as soon as possible. One of these questions, if a guy has serious intentions, sounds something like this: "How do you know that a girl loves you?" And here, despite the fact that this issue has not yet been clarified, there are some signs. You just need to be able to notice them and draw conclusions.

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  • 1 Touch
  • 2 She wants to spend time with you
  • 3 Showing concern
  • 5 Keeps distance and freaks out
  • 6 Tries to look better on the outside
  • 7 she trusts you
  • 8 She misses you and is interested in your business
  • 9 is naughty, flirts and has frequent mood swings
  • 10 Gives a boyfriend gifts
  • 11 Conclusion


What you want to touch - you want to touch, but what you don't want - you don't want to. It doesn't matter if they are intentional or "accidental." A girl who wants to touch something will touch it. Even if for this it is necessary to arrange a buffoonery scandal or to pretend that she is scared like a little girl. She is small. And, moreover, it already clearly shows that he wants to be taken by the hand through the hair or, like a child, on the arms. Just say - the language does not turn, so you have to show.

She wants to spend time with you2

In everyday life, free time is quite small, since work, study, everyday life, and business take a lot of time. If a person finds time for you, despite the circumstances - it's cooler than winning a Lamborghini in the lottery, since you won what she can't return - her time. And if you also found out that to meet with you she put off her friends, going to barbecues, etc. - then you are also important to her. Although, to barbecues and to friends, you can offer to go together.

why is the girl silent what she loves
why is the girl silent what she loves

Show of concern3

No one is obliged to take care of you except yourself. Therefore, if a girl puts coffee for you, apologizing that it is instant and will be filled with boiling water, and not grain from a copper turk. She can also scold you for small flaws - unshaven, sweaty, disheveled, or you - this is all a manifestation of attention to your person.


They must be caught and answered by their own. They are varied - neat, intent, and with a playful interest. Moreover, you can feel them on yourself both in a noisy company, and in private. They are sung by poets and writers of all times and genres. With them, the girl notices a bunch of little things about you, Her eyes take pictures of you at a speed exceeding the speed of creating a frame of any camera. And the information received from these cameras is processed so quickly that AMD Intel processors seem like Tetris. And they also know how to signal, so they are the most wonderful assistant in answering the question of how to understand that a woman is in love.

Her mood is lifted when she meets you. If a girl, seeing you, from the first seconds the girl shines like a Christmas tree with bulbs - oh, and you are "a little" happy here. Automatically, within reasonable limits (you are still a man, you cannot be long), shine in response.

Keeps distance and worries5

if a girl loves and is silent
if a girl loves and is silent

A certain stiffness in the relationship between a girl and a guy is not a sign of cooled interest, but rather, shyness. It plays a role here, how the girl was brought up and some fear of the guy, since she cannot predict his behavior and actions.

If with some fears about an unfamiliar guy is understandable, then this is what else worries the girl. Simultaneously with thoughts of a noble upbringing, the girl's brain is worried about the question of how to do so to show the guy that she is not a stupid stupid, and - not walking, but so … Maximum - a mischievous person. And - respectable. On the street or in an institution from a diner to a restaurant - okay, easy. Where to go at home? That is precisely why all these grimaces occur, nervous zigzags of hands in the air and tapping of fingers on any surface, pressure surges, strands and bangs straightening … And other similar signs of excitement. Even if she imagines how to accomplish this task, then the thoughts about how the guy assesses her behavior - she still remains. As a way out - when she does not cope with experiences, she can turn away and avoid looking. But,this does not mean that something is wrong.

Tries to look better6

How to understand what a woman loves, she wants to please her chosen one. And in all looks - from "Home" to "Wow". And here she carefully goes ahead, since it is necessary to start with Wow, "so that the fallen teeth, from the fallen jaw, are collected before the Platinum wedding. But in everyday life she will maintain her “Home” or, depending on the situation and places, “Basic options, to which she is used to.

if the girl is silent what she loves
if the girl is silent what she loves

She trusts you7

Trust is earned for years, but you lose it in an instant, so if a girl talks about something intimate or does not suit you with a scandal because you took her phone to answer a call or accidentally read the correspondence on the Internet, appreciate it.

Also, if she is silent about something, try to delicately ask her about it. But be prepared for the unexpected - even the most attractive girls may have serious problems or not the most pleasant events may take place in their lives. It is necessary to understand that it can hide not only alcoholic parents. But, for example, the fact that her brother was in a psychiatric hospital several times, and her own uncle harassed her from an early age. And, nevertheless, it is necessary to talk. Ultimately, if you don't push it, it will only build trust. And everything that was in the past was in the past, if it is irrelevant.

She misses you and is interested in your business8

There is a bold statement that girls should not write and call first. Bored - write and call great. She will find a reason - the crane has broken down or the OS has fallen off the laptop, and the bedside table has suddenly tilted … More daring girls just say the phrase: "I missed you" - and that's it. And again a conversation for a half and a debt on the phone. And there is also a possibility of getting a reprimand from the authorities, but using a headset will help not to get it. A guy in love cannot but answer.

the girl is silent that she loves
the girl is silent that she loves

Is naughty, flirts and has frequent mood swings9

  • Flirting is the element of girls, - the guy there only sings along. One gets the feeling that they have tasted coquetry with mother's milk or that it is embedded in their DNA. But, flirting is an extremely emotional, funny and not extreme process that can lead to anything. The goal of the interlocutor is for the opponent to be in the electric chair. The main thing is not to say too much and not to fry in this chair to ashes.
  • Whims. Girls sometimes want to arrange the strength of a guy and bring him to white heat, so that he himself can run away from her, since she cannot run away from him. The guy's task is to pass this exam.
  • Change of mood. It can happen either because of the guy or not. If it's because of the guy, then it's just a brew of your own thoughts about both the relationship and the thoughts of the guy. Also, the girl may well think about herself. These thoughts, more often than not, are sad, since it is natural for a person to think about all sorts of nonsense, warning of various difficulties that do not yet exist. Perhaps it never will. Mood swings are common there. You can dispel fears by talking. Then the lady will understand that the fears are in vain and will again be, if not in high spirits, then in normal.

Gives a boyfriend gifts10

Panties-socks, by February 23, here - does not count. A gift from a girl to a guy is selected by her individually. Taking into account all the characteristics of the guy, depending on what the girl wants to say with this gift, and the level of seriousness of the relationship. It can be a gift, either for or without it.

How to find out what a girl likes
How to find out what a girl likes


Even if, by nature, a girl is an introvert in life and speaks little by herself, then, showing a little observation, answer to yourself the question: "How do you know that a girl loves you?" easy enough. The signs of this are very simple.

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