Nice Little Things In A Relationship - How Important Are They?

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Nice Little Things In A Relationship - How Important Are They?
Nice Little Things In A Relationship - How Important Are They?
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girl with long eyelashes

When a couple is just beginning their journey along the roads of love, then the lovers do not skimp on all kinds of amenities for each other. But over time, these nishtyaks go somewhere, but do not cease to matter. And we must not forget about such things, because they make people's lives brighter. What little things are we talking about?

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  • 1 "Your mother came, brought milk"
  • 2 "Call me, call …"
  • 3 Family time off
  • 4 Tactile contact
  • 5 Gastronomic romance
  • 6 Intimate side of life
  • 7 Children are not a hindrance

"Your mother came, brought milk" i

It's not a crime to come home empty-handed. But how indifference catches up melancholy. Of course, every time it is stupid to drag an armful of flowers, it will not pull any family budget, but buying ice cream, a chocolate bar or a few branches of lilac is very romantic. This suggests that the person was bored, wants to bring a moment of joy into the house, remembers his loved ones, and just wants to pamper once again. By the way, this also applies to women. For some reason, children always have a treat, but they forget about their husbands. Of course, the spouse has other requests, but all the same, he also waits for a small nishyachok and deserves it.

"Call me, call …" 2

The bell is a very important thing. And do not confuse business calls with care calls. There is nothing better when a call from a loved one works as an alarm clock. This is especially true for couples working in shift work. The spouse calls when he goes home and asks if he needs to go to the store. This suggests that he cares about the maintenance of the family.

Evening calls with wishes for a good sleep are not only a rule of etiquette, but also a manifestation of love. It is equally important to hear about the weather with recommendations for clothes and other such trivia. Messengers can also be a rescue. A cute sticker, a frivolous photo, a light description of an event. Everything matters. And the person was not distracted, and once again talked.

Family leave3

What is included in this concept? Everything is simple: the right to a favorite hobby. Fishing, hunting, gardening, stag or hen party. Everyone has the right to take a break from children and everyday life. And if someone has perked up to rest, do not interfere. Let him go. Of course, it is impossible to confront the fact, they say, "and I will go no matter what", as well as come up with all sorts of things to leave a person at home. We agreed, estimated and released.

The next item on the day off is a rest from household chores. So what if the floors aren't cleaned or dinner isn't ready. Oh, okay. Life can kill a relationship so much that it seems like a couple lives peacefully, but indifference is already in all corners. Therefore, FIG on rags, each other in an armful and forward! Cinema, cafe, picnic, city walk. There are many options. Weekends are not just for cleaning.

Important in a relationship
Important in a relationship

Tactile contact4

Byword. A person needs to be touched all the time: lightly hug, spank affectionately on the priest, fleetingly touch his lips, stroke the crown. In general, to perform manipulations that evoke very specific feelings. Unfortunately, over time, such things are forgotten, and this is bad. After all, gradually there is a feeling of loneliness and uselessness. Such a short caress can not only awaken warm feelings, but extinguish the beginning conflict. If a person starts to get inflamed, do not add fuel to the fire. Better to come up, hug and lower the degree to growl. Or even drown out the fountain of quarrels at the root, especially if it is out of the blue.

Don't forget about massage. Women, for the most part, spend the whole day in uncomfortable shoes. In the evening, just put your spouse on the sofa and stretch your feet. It is very relaxing and romantic. Men, on the other hand, can wash their shoulders and neck: they spend a lot of time driving or in an uncomfortable static position.

Gastronomic romance5

It is not clear why such things as breakfast in bed or an unexpected romantic dinner go into the background. So, while the conquest is underway, these moments are in the order of things. As soon as a stamp appears in the passport - that's it! Finita la comedy! Will not work! There is nothing more pleasant than waking up in the morning from the fact that a loved one has fried eggs, or a wife met her husband with an unusual dish. Breakfast in bed can become a Sunday tradition, and a romantic dinner can be a Friday bonus.

Important little things
Important little things

Intimate side of life6

Couple sex is not just about banging in the bedroom. There are many things that smell like sex, from home clothes to cooking. The main thing is the attitude. Why not rub the back of your loved one in the shower? Or not smear your wife with cream after the bath? How about cooking a dinner together that could end with sex among potato peels? There are a great many options for situations that can have a sexual touch, up to cleaning in a light robe without underwear. It all depends on what people who love each other come up with. The main thing is to show your attitude towards a person in all everyday trifles.

Children are not a hindrance7

Many may argue that children often interfere with the manifestation and realization of some things. Nothing like this. Well, yes, there are things that should not be flaunted, like love joys on the kitchen table. But children perceive everything else naturally if they grow up in this atmosphere from the very beginning. For example, rub the back. Mom bathes the child, this is a natural and familiar process for him. Therefore, when Mom went to rub Dad's back, it sounds to the child like a simple help in bathing. Naturally, ooh-sighs can attract attention.

Here it is better to restrain yourself from displaying emotions and wait for the evening or night, but the process itself usually does not raise any questions. The same applies to breakfasts, when children can be involved in both cooking and treating mom with a spoon. The same goes for tactile contact. Of course, if the son decides to slap his mother on the buttocks, this is ridiculous, but he immediately needs to explain that his mother is his father’s woman, and only he can spank her. In general, there are many little things, but children and romance are quite compatible things.

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