What If The Man Is Older? Rejoice Of Course

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What If The Man Is Older? Rejoice Of Course
What If The Man Is Older? Rejoice Of Course

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older man
older man

It happens that a girl likes a man much older than her. He is wonderful in communication, well-behaved in society. This man leads mature conversations and makes far-reaching plans. However, the big age difference raises some doubts.

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  • 1 From the perspective of public opinion
  • 2 From a man's point of view
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From the perspective of public opinioni

Society constantly dictates what to do if a man is older. It seems to people that a man who is too grown up should either leave a young girl, or she clings to him because of the man's financial situation.

Here the girl should immediately decide why she spends time with an adult man. If she is actually held by a high financial position, then it is worth thinking about the end of this relationship. After all, it turns out that one way or another, a young girl brightens up a man's loneliness for a certain benefit.

It's another matter if he does not have great finances and still attracts to himself. In such a situation, the opinion of others can be safely attributed to the second, if not the third, plan. If in these relations the mutual feeling of sympathy plays an important role, then the figure by which age is measured can be ignored.

However, the girl must understand that society has also formed its own opinion about the man. For some, he almost became a seducer of young girls. Others look at him with envy, while someone does not at all accept the age difference between lovers.

To avoid any awkward situations, there must be clarity in the relationship between a man and a girl. Everyone should clearly understand why they are together. In the future, this clarity will become a good amulet against bad languages.

Relationship with an older man
Relationship with an older man

From a man's point of view2

If an adult, accomplished and formed as a person, a man drew attention to a girl much younger than himself, then he was attracted by some qualities of her personality. Usually, a relationship between a young girl and a mature man does not last longer than a few months. It's another matter if a man tries to devote more time to the girl. You should understand how a man thinks in specific situations.

If a man is driven only by the desire to satisfy his lust, then the relationship takes place in the format of a "one-time meeting". In other words, communication is reduced to a single sexual intercourse. If you are lucky, then this is sex several times.

However, in this situation, the man behaves more aggressively. All conversations boil down to coming to his home or country house. The logical conclusion of the evening, it is not necessary to voice it and everything is clear.

Another case is when a man simply and unobtrusively tries to spend time with a girl. He talks about her interests, keeps the conversation going and develops communication in every possible way. In this case, even the talk of sex does not come.

K / f
K / f

Firstly, because the man simply does not know whether the girl has kept her virginity, and age does not allow asking. Having just crossed the threshold of 30 years, a man considers such a question indecent.

Secondly, over the years, a man has formed the opinion that if a girl wants intimacy, then she herself will bring her to her in every possible way.

The big picture3

For a girl, a relationship with a grown man should be like unspoken flattery. After all, with her a man is much more experienced, hardened and aware of something in life. He is not interested in an attractive appearance, but in the inner world of a girl.

A man simply cannot afford the luxury of wasting time with an uninteresting person. After all, first of all, a mature man is looking for human communication.

It is very easy to determine what goals a man pursues. If after three days he continues to communicate with the girl, even though they did not have sex, then he values ​​her communication. Psychologists explain this by the fact that a man is simply not ready to spend more than 2-3 days looking for a partner for sex.

This means that a girl has nothing to fear if a man spends more than a few weeks with her. As a consequence, the question: "What if a man is older?" disappears by itself. Another thing is that the girl's parents can hardly accept an adult man next to their daughter.

What if a man is older
What if a man is older

In such a situation, the girl must explain to her parents what kind of relationship they have. Unless, of course, this is a relationship for the sake of money. Again, honesty between a man and a girl helps to explain to her parents that they have nothing to fear. Moreover, adults should realize that a man who is more mature than a girl will not “waste his time on trifles” and their daughter attracted a man precisely by her maturity of mind, and not by her pretty appearance.

In order for herself to answer the question of what to do if a man is much older, you need to conduct a thorough analysis of the entire period of communication. Have you tried to get into your panties? What topics were the main topics of discussion and what kind of reactions did they evoke? The answers to these questions will help you understand whether it is worth continuing a relationship with an adult man at all, or you can find a more worthy person.

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