Dating Options That Will Make Lovers Happier

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Dating Options That Will Make Lovers Happier
Dating Options That Will Make Lovers Happier

Video: Dating Options That Will Make Lovers Happier

Video: Dating Options That Will Make Lovers Happier
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Dating options
Dating options

All dates are necessary and important. Timid and romantic - the first, joyful and reassuring impression - the second, exciting - the third. Familiar couples for several months and those who have been married for many years also need to go on dates. Why? These are new positive emotions, variety and pleasant memories. Romance strengthens relationships between people and does not allow a couple to get bogged down in a quagmire of family troubles and monotony. There are dating options for each specific occasion, and there are many.

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  • 1 Is it difficult to decide? Let's simplify the task
  • 2 Let's go for a walk
  • 3 At home can be good too
  • 4 A little extreme and thrill
  • 5 A Few Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes

Is it difficult to decide? Let us simplify the problem i

Confused about where to go, what to wear and whether a date will exhaust the family budget, it won't take long to despair. And do nothing at all. Do not. There is an easy way. All dates can be conditionally (just for the convenience of choice) divided into three groups: family home option, “going out” to society, and now popular options for joint extreme adventures.

Let's go for a walk2

The most neutral dating options are perfect both for first meetings, when a couple in love just gets to know each other, and for experienced couples, for whom every joint exit from home (not to a store or bank) is already an emotion and adventure.

How to dress? It depends on where the couple decides to go.

  • Picnic. A great idea in the warm season. Beautiful, romantic. One has only to carefully choose the place.
  • No one has canceled the classics of dating, a cafe, a restaurant, an evening dress and exquisite wine. Everything will be fine if you do not choose the most expensive items on the menu, dress simply but gracefully and do not abuse alcohol.
  • Cultural program: exhibition, museum, planetarium. There is an opportunity to learn something new together.
  • Simple and fun. You can have a good time and get a lot of positive emotions by going to the movies. If you don't like the movie very much, are there any “kissing spots”? Or a circus - it will definitely be fun.
Dating options for happiness
Dating options for happiness
  • There are no problems with renting bicycles, skates and roller skates now. If you don't want physical activity, then let's replace it with billiards.
  • Where can you see the stars together? At night - almost everywhere. But the most romantic thing is on the roof, when it seems that except for you two there is no one in this world.

It can be nice at home too3

It is better for married couples with experience to get out of the house more often. At the initial stage of the relationship, this option may also not work, since people still do not know each other enough. But for those who already have certainty and passion, but there was no question of living together - the option is ideal. Ever have to get to know each other better?

A homemade romantic dinner is more economical than going to an upscale restaurant, but you need to treat its preparation just as, and perhaps more carefully. It is better to exclude unplanned visits from relatives and friends, think over the menu, pick up music. Why is it so important? A date, not the first in a row, but the first in an intimate setting, implies the transition of the relationship to a new level. Yes, it's about sex. So everything must be thought out. Down to the color of your underwear.

Dating options for a girl
Dating options for a girl

A more daring option for a "home" date - Bathing together in a scented bath. Ideally, with rose petals, candlelight and a couple of glasses of good wine.

A bit of extreme and thrill4

The most expensive, but at the same time, the most memorable dating options are the extreme, fashionable and accessible now. It requires investment (however, it is quite possible to choose the appropriate level), but it gives an abyss of sensations and remains in the memory for a long time, if not forever. Such moments, if we remember them in difficult emotionally times, saved more than one couple from a rash separation.

Of course, before planning a joint extreme vacation, it will not be superfluous to make sure that both want this. So that it does not happen that a person, not wanting to upset another with a refusal, agreed to what he does not want or is afraid of. Is everything ok and both agree? Here are a couple of ideas.

Skydiving. It is quite inexpensive, given that you simply cannot forget about it. Even if this is the dream of one of the couple - and the second will remain in the role of an experiencing observer with all his might

Dating options for the thrill
Dating options for the thrill
  • Glider. For obvious reasons, few decide to do this. For couples equally in love with extreme sports, each other and the feeling of flying - what could be better?
  • The roar of engines, the smell of gasoline and motor oil, adrenaline, competition … Karting is not just for guys.
  • Walk on the water. It is not necessary to rent a yacht and take lessons to learn how to sail. A boat, a boat, a kayak will do just fine.

A few tips to help you avoid common mistakes5

Shopping and a photo session are often offered as a date option. Maybe it's not bad for a girl, but a man will just endure.

Ideas that eliminate the very essence of dating - paying attention to each other - are best off your list. A double date, visiting an animal shelter, that's not bad. But this is not a date.

Dating Ideas
Dating Ideas

The format and length of the date should be acceptable to both. And the last thing. In an effort to impress a loved one, it is completely unnecessary to plan what goes beyond budget and will force you to get into loans.

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