How And Where Can You Find A Good Girl To Start A Family?

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How And Where Can You Find A Good Girl To Start A Family?
How And Where Can You Find A Good Girl To Start A Family?

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find a good girl
find a good girl

“If I knew how to find a good girl, I would have married a long time ago,” you think, but you flaunt at the tactless questions of others: “The one who could conquer me has not yet been born.” The curtain. The scenario is repeated in communication with colleagues, relatives, but the girl still does not. And somewhere inside, in a lisping, old woman's voice, common sense incites: "Years go by, you are not getting younger …". How can you find that only tamer of your heart, with whom you will live in joy and sorrow, and until the end of time, and die in one day under one fence?

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  • 1 How to find a good girl? - And what is she, good?
  • 2 Bad habits
  • 3 Intelligence
  • 4 Temperament
  • 5 Appearance
  • 6 State of good girls
  • 7 Good & Bad
  • 8 Clothing style
  • 9 Face
  • 10 Speech, conversation
  • 11 Emergency response
  • 12 Rumors

How to find a good girl? - And what is she, good? __ 8212

“You really find yourself a good one,” says the female half of the family. How good is she? Your friend described his friend, well, just "Wow!", An angel in the flesh, but for you, so, ordinary, mediocre, well, the chest is valid without question, and perhaps that's all.

So yes, the criterion of goodness is different for everyone, to which one will close his eyes, the other will cause a nervous tremor. So relying on someone else's taste in this matter is irrelevant. Therefore, the first thing to do is determine for yourself which girl you need.

Bad habits

A good girl has no bad habits. Probably. And you probably won't find one at all. And it's not about cigarettes, alcohol, and so on, but about what is specifically not acceptable for you. Seemingly simple things can irritate: the ubiquitous jars of creams, a spoon in a glass. If you think that this is nonsense, the main thing is love, the rest will come, but no. According to statistics, 30% of couples broke up on domestic grounds.

Simply put, they could not get along. Of course, this does not mean that she throws her hair clip anywhere, and then frantically searches for her and it wildly enrages you, it means that everything is a collapse and an urgent need to surrender and burn all bridges. There are no unsolvable problems. Cut her hair at night and she won't need a hairpin. Of course this is a joke. Give her a handy organizer for her stuff and the question will disappear by itself.


Which one do you need: a smart, almost genius in a skirt or a cute silly girl, ready to laugh at all your anecdotes, not even funny, even if she did not understand them at all? Naturally, these are extremes. Sometimes I would like to have a heart-to-heart talk, and not rack my brains about what theory she is talking about or listen to another delusional nonsense.


Sanguine people, choleric people and other types who divide people into very active, not too fast, but rather sedate, pessimistically depressive, optimists to the core. Phlegmatic people do not keep up with choleric people, sanguine people are amazed by the hopelessness of melancholic people. Psychologists themselves admit that everything is very conditional, but there is something in this.


For example, you are a lazy seal by temperament and prefer felting in the sand on your well-deserved annual vacation, and a typical “mountain goat” girl, in love with rock climbing and will happily conquer heights on her vacation. Is it bad? Is not a fact. Why don't the seal take its beauty to the sea to soak the bones. In turn, it is not necessary to climb 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support a friend's hobby; it is enough to go to the climbing wall a couple of times so as not to lose shape at all.


Beauty requires sacrifice. Of course, once a week you will endure the transformation of your beloved into something with a green mess on your face (for some reason, many masks have an ugly color and green among them is the most harmless), with unprecedented things instead of hair. These are not all the tricks every girl does to stay irresistible. There are a bunch of jars, tools, and if you put your shaving foam and shampoo against her care products, alas, the outcome is predetermined.

And, perhaps, the most important thing of all procedures is the issue price. Beauty requires financial investments, sometimes not small ones. Cilia, nails are nothing compared to beauty injections and various therapies. Therefore, drawing a blond angel in your head, think about how much her beauty will cost in the literal sense of the word. Take it for granted.


There are many more features that concern you personally: her position, nationality, security, and so on. Having decided what kind of girl to look for. Move on.

State of good girls5

It's a pity, but there is no such country, and the city does not exist either. They are all scattered around the globe and it's good if fate brings you to her. And if not? We need to help the acquaintance take place. The image in your head has formed, now you should think, not how to find a good girl, but where. The scheme is painfully simple, you need an athlete to go to the gym, the right quivering person is welcome to the literary circle.

In fact, a good girl can be found anywhere, even in an elevator. Therefore, use all your imagination and start acting. Now it remains to understand that that one with a flashy manicure and a tattoo on the floor of a leg in a miniskirt is the nicest girl in the world.

Good & Bad6

How to guess in a couple of weeks that the person you like is really decent, and not an immoral girl with a rich past? How to find a girl without a serious relationship? Read on.

find a good girl
find a good girl

Clothing style7

Whoever said what, but any girl loves to dress up. How she dresses will help clarify a lot for you. After all, choosing clothes for himself, everyone expresses his inner world, for someone it is a message, for someone a challenge.


No matter how the girl tries to cover up her face, it is a direct reflection of her lifestyle. And sometimes the face is much more eloquent than everything else. Not a healthy complexion, puffiness is all food for thought.

Speech, conversation9

Poor vocabulary, difficultly chosen sentences immediately give away a person who is not reading. Is it bad or not for you to decide. In any case, with such a special sincere conversations under the moon will not work, a fact. At all times, being well-read was considered a sign of culture. The use of non-normative vocabulary also does not paint a girl. But! Remember the legendary Ranevskaya and her obscene turns. Through the centuries, she became a star of social networks, her expressions were snapped up in statuses, and quotes were inserted into comments. It's one thing to swear beautifully, and quite another to use mat to connect words in a sentence. Feel the difference.

find a good girl
find a good girl

Emergency response10

An emergency situation forces people to open up from a completely different side. If you want to look at your darling in all its glory, arrange a mini check. Of course, you shouldn't throw her in a cage with tigers, but you can accidentally share your big "troubles". The reaction will not be long in coming, and you will immediately understand whether she will silently serve cartridges behind your back, or the first will run to hand over to the state authorities. When choosing a scenario, do not overdo it, after all, you have known each other for a couple of weeks and agree that not everyone wants to get involved even in non-existent problems, in fact, because of a stranger.


Collecting gossip is a dubious way, but, despite the baseness, effective. Who else but grandmothers at the entrance will tell all the ins and outs of your chosen one. And if the courtyard is literally buzzing with hard-hitting stories about her, you shouldn't blindly close your eyes and convince yourself “she's not like that, everyone just envies her.” There is no smoke without fire. But don't forget to filter the information.

There are actually a lot of worthy girls, they do not hide and do not hide. They are not at all as difficult to unravel as they might seem at first glance. They want to find a wonderful young man for a stable relationship just like you. Therefore, puzzling yourself with the search for that one, you do not need to go to the ends of the world. Take a closer look, maybe happiness is somewhere nearby. Now you know exactly how to find a good girl!

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