Why Does A Man Give Money, And A Girl Refuses?

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Why Does A Man Give Money, And A Girl Refuses?
Why Does A Man Give Money, And A Girl Refuses?

Video: Why Does A Man Give Money, And A Girl Refuses?

Video: Why Does A Man Give Money, And A Girl Refuses?
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Why does a man give money to a woman
Why does a man give money to a woman

It has long been considered the norm that a man gives money to a woman. But today more and more girls begin to feel awkward at the moments when a man wants to give money, and some even believe that in this way he pays for the pleasures given. Let's try to understand the issue of generosity of the strong half of humanity, and find out whether it is worth accepting cash.

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  • 1 Caring for women: where is she from?
  • 2 I am the breadwinner of the family
  • 3 Pamper your beloved
  • 4 If a man gives money after sex
  • 5 Why does a girl refuse money?

Caring for women: where is she from? I

At present, equality reigns in the world. Both men and women work on an equal footing, each has a choice, to go to earn money, or to stay at home to manage the household (of course, if there is an opportunity). Earlier, the ladies were in full custody of their fathers, then husbands and lovers. It all began in antiquity.

Since a woman is physically weaker than men, she never went hunting. Bringing a mammoth leg into the house was a purely male task, and the girls had only to make a delicious and hearty dinner out of it. Information about the need to care and provide at the genetic level was passed from father to son, from son to grandson, and so on. That is why many men today continue this tradition, are earners in the family.

In the Middle Ages, ladies still sat at home, waiting for the beloved to bring a beautiful dress as a gift, to ensure a comfortable life. And the gentlemen did not get tired of pleasing their proteges with expensive trinkets, and, oddly enough, the girl chose exactly the boyfriend who was richer.

And today, men, without realizing it, are trying to get a woman's heart with gifts. But you must admit that it is not the girls who go on a date with flowers and chocolate, but the guys. But gifts are one thing, and it is very difficult to die of hunger today. So why does a man give money to a woman even today?

I am the breadwinner of the family_8212

No one is surprised that the spouse gives all his pay to his wife. And the thing is that he is simply too lazy to do his own shopping, pay bills. In this situation, it is easier to bring the earned home, give it to your half, and let her already figure out how to deal with the prey, how to divide it. Everything is just like in ancient times, only a plastic card acts as a mammoth.

And this behavior of men is considered completely normal. He is not a henpecked man who gives everything he earned with blood and then gives to his wife. And the spouse is not a shrew, taking away every last penny from the faithful. In this situation, the strong half gains, and in return walks with a well-fed, dressed and shod, completely satisfied life.

a man gives money to a woman
a man gives money to a woman

Should I take all my husband's salary? Probably not. He himself wants at least a small piece of money to remain in his pocket: drink beer with friends, and not beg from his wife, buy some trinket in the car, and so on.

Pamper your beloved2

It also happens that a man gives money to a woman with whom he has been in a relationship not so long ago, and does not even think about a wedding. Is this normal? Is it worth taking money? This is quite a simple and understandable situation, the guy just wants to show his worthiness to the sweetheart, as if hinting: "You won't be lost with me."

Even if you are a self-sufficient girl who knows how to earn money on her own, you should not offend your loved one when a man offers money. You can always spend this money on yourself, and at the same time for the joy of the chosen one. For example, you can buy erotic lingerie, get a super expensive manicure, cook an exotic dinner, or buy tickets for two to a concert of his favorite band.

There is also a second option: a man gives money to a woman instead of a gift for a holiday. Some ladies begin to take offense, allegedly he did not find a couple of hours to buy a gift, he just decided to pay off. In fact, this may be so, but in most cases the guy simply did not know what to give, and decided that money was more practical. So the girl herself will buy something really necessary for herself, and will not blow lips on the next teddy bear presented to her.

If a man gives money after sex3

Many women begin to experience real panic when, after intercourse, a lover puts several rumpled bills in front of her. Of course, the first thought - "He holds me for a prostitute!" You can't argue with that, but even such an act may have a completely reasonable explanation:

a man gives money to a woman
a man gives money to a woman
  • You made the guy happy in bed - he decided to please you after her, in return for the pleasure he received. Every man believes that girls love money. How can you not love them? But due to inexperience, they can present cash at a completely inappropriate moment for this.
  • A man fulfills his sexual fantasies. It's okay too. Better to let him give money for sex to his beloved, imagining for a moment that he is paying a prostitute, rather than vice versa. But this behavior is not worth letting go on the brakes. Talk to him about this topic, tell him that it was a little offensive, so you need to warn about the role-playing game next time. In any case, you can always laugh it off, for example: "Oh, yes, I can make good money today, let's just one more time, I can organize a small discount as a regular customer." - the guy will be delighted!
  • The man paid honestly for the sex. And this also happens. This is especially true for couples who had a first date, and the young man could quite purposefully lead to bed. And then, so that there is no offense that an invitation to the next meeting will not follow, just pay off. And some even believe that any work should be paid, therefore, after each intercourse, they take out a purse in order to pay for the satisfaction received. In this situation, in order not to lose dignity, it is better not to take money. You look, and after this you can give your friends your phone number! But there is no need to scandal, it will be stupid and funny, because nothing can be fixed. You just need to calmly dress and leave, without throwing a glance at the money, while saying: “It was not bad, but it happened even better. Okay, if there are no other options, I'll call you."
a man gives money to a woman
a man gives money to a woman

Why does a girl refuse money? 4

It happens that a man gives money to a woman, but she categorically refuses to accept it. There are many reasons for this behavior, it may be one of the following:

  1. The girl really does not need material support, she earns herself, or her parents provide her.
  2. The lady doesn't want to be owed. She is a self-sufficient and independent woman who has not yet decided on her feelings for a man. And so that at the moment of parting she does not feel the burden on her shoulders in the form of money once accepted, she simply does not take it.
  3. She is afraid to show the cynical, hungry for profit. After all, greedy women who breed men simply do not like.

Is it worth accepting help when a man gives money, and you really need it, but are afraid to remain in debt? Surely, you need to borrow, but in debt. Just be sure to announce that you will give up every penny as soon as the opportunity arises. Of course, the guy will shake his head that he will not accept back, but you stand your ground.

Remember, men want to take care of the beautiful half of humanity. And if a believer gives money, you need to think twice before refusing. You can greatly hurt the pride of a dear friend, offend to the core.