Are Girls Happy Who Marry Rich Men?

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Are Girls Happy Who Marry Rich Men?
Are Girls Happy Who Marry Rich Men?

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girls who marry rich
girls who marry rich

Probably everyone remembers the story of Cinderella from childhood. Finding herself in the right place at the right time, she found her prince and began to live happily ever after. But reality is not a fairy tale and the harsh reality says something completely different - it is not always the girls who marry the rich become really happy.

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  • 2 Reverse side of the coin
  • 3 Growing above ourselves
  • 4 Appearance and wardrobe
  • 5 Self-sufficiency
  • 6 Husband's interests

Ideal i

Looking beyond the edge of reality, of course, you can simulate a fantastic situation when a millionaire with the appearance of Apollo falls in love with a waitress who accidentally met on his way (a stewardess, nurse, realtor, or just a random passer-by). And she lives in his palace (villa, cottage) happily and not caring about tomorrow. This kind of love between a rich guy and a poor girl can often be seen in the film.

Unfortunately for beautiful but poor girls, such cases are a huge exception. And if a rich man is struck at the moment of meeting by the arrow of the restless rascal Cupid, then, as a rule, such feelings are short-lived and the girl will face a completely unhappy development of events.

Reverse side of the coin2

In most cases, girls who managed to strike up a relationship and, even more so, marry a wealthy man, expect a huge disappointment. Of course, to support his own image, a rich husband will dress her in furs and show her with diamonds. However, in the overwhelming majority of cases, this will have to pay dearly.

Of course, we are not talking about physical violence in the form of beating with a whip (although this is also allowed for rich men who are perverted in their sexual life), but about moral violence in the family.

The first feelings will cool down, the candy-bouquet period will end and the husband will remember that he pulled his wife out of poverty, literally, out of poverty (if it is just such an option). A financially successful breadwinner will begin to fully demonstrate his sense of his own superiority and the phrase “knowing your place "or" want to go back to your cafe "will become commonplace and daily. Young girls are unlikely to be pleased to hear them. Is there a way out of this situation?

Growing above ourselves3

In order to prevent the events described above, it is enough to follow the following, completely simple recommendations and make changes in your appearance and character.

Appearance and wardrobe4

If a girl attracted a wealthy man with her bright appearance, including bright makeup and multi-colored curls, she should remember that after marriage, she should immediately get rid of the “war paint”.

happiness of girls who marry rich
happiness of girls who marry rich

Despite the fact that it was perhaps she who led to an acquaintance and the man fell victim to the acid-green hair, he clearly does not want to see them on his wife's head.

As soon as the feeling of the first passion subsides, the girl will hear mocking reproaches towards the multi-colored strands. It is better not to wait for this moment and immediately, having received the status of a married lady, go to a beauty salon (fortunately, current finances allow this).

An experienced stylist will help you choose an image that will most effectively emphasize all the advantages and at the same time will not be defiantly striking. After all, everything that is permissible for a bride is already unacceptable for a married lady. The husband should not be ashamed to appear in society with his young wife. All the same applies directly to makeup and wardrobe. For the success of a long family life, they will also have to be changed.

Self-sufficiency 5

In order to become really happy, the wife of a rich person must be self-sufficient. Wealthy husbands simply cannot devote enough time to their companions. Business, business negotiations and business trips take up the lion's share of his life. And, being at home, the husband may simply want to rest and remain in seclusion.

girls who marry rich
girls who marry rich

In order not to throw tantrums and not get bored alone, you need to discover an interesting lesson for yourself. This could be clothing modeling, landscaping, or training a Rottweiler guarding your mansion. The main thing is that the lesson is fascinating and distracts from thoughts of tantrums.

Husband's interests6

In order to become for her husband not only a beautiful toy, but also an important and interesting companion in life, one external beauty and the ability to remain invisible at the right time is not enough. In addition to this, you need to become a pleasant companion for your spouse.

It is necessary to collect the most extensive information about everything that interests the husband. And this also applies to his business and the scope of his hobbies. This is not about studying numerous philosophical and scientific treatises on drilling oil wells (if the faithful has a business related to oil products). You just need to be knowledgeable at a basic level and follow the industry news. How to do it? It's very simple - no one has canceled search engines on the Internet yet.

are girls happy married to rich
are girls happy married to rich

It’s just as easy to learn ice fishing tricks (breeding Californian earthworms, gluing model airplanes, etc.) if your spouse is interested in just that.

If you follow the above recommendations, girls who marry rich can become full-fledged companions of wealthy men, and, accordingly, become happy.

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