How To Take A Break In A Relationship And Is It Worth Taking A Break

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How To Take A Break In A Relationship And Is It Worth Taking A Break
How To Take A Break In A Relationship And Is It Worth Taking A Break

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At the first stages of meetings, there is always romance and love. These feelings give people lightness and joy. It seems that nothing in the world can destroy a relationship. But there comes a time when misunderstandings begin between the lover. Sometimes the best option is to take a break from the relationship to strengthen the feelings.

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  • 1 Break in a relationship with lovers
  • 2 Break in relationship with spouses
  • 3 Varieties of timeouts in relationships
  • 4 Rules during a short breakup
  • 5 How to suggest a break in a relationship
  • 6 Consequences of a temporary separation

Break in relationship with lovers

When a couple in love has been dating for many years, the relationship can be deadlocked. You don't want to completely break the connection with a person, but it is also problematic to stay together. Then the best option is considered not to see each other and not call up for a while. During this period, you can think over everything and decide your future fate. But here it must be remembered that most often they offer a pause for a complete breakdown of relations, since not all people have the courage to declare in their eyes about the breakup.

Psychologists recommend interrupting communication for a while in order to put thoughts in order, to understand for yourself whether a person is needed in the future or not. After all, being constantly next to each other, there is no way to understand yourself. But before you propose to run away for a while, you need to remember that at any moment the place may seem busy.

Break in relationship with spouses2

In family relationships, pause is much more difficult. Here people have lived for many years in marriage side by side, got used to each other, established a common life. But if you continue to live nearby, constantly swearing, it is better to live with your mother for a while. The first days will be overwhelmed by longing and, at the same time, feelings of freedom. Psychologists note the following reasons why spouses can take a break in a relationship:

  1. Quarrels over trifles. At the beginning of family life, when the newlyweds go through the "grinding" stage, they turn a blind eye to many things. They try not to pay attention or translate into laughter some uncivilized habits of the partner. After many years of living together, swearing begins from scratch.
  2. Husband and wife ceased to understand each other in everything, and in the evenings there is not even anything to talk about. If it comes to discussing any issue, then psychos and tantrums begin.
  3. The return from one of the partners has disappeared. If last week it was possible to come to an agreement and find a compromise, today it is impossible. Someone alone insists on his own and does not agree to yield.
  4. If one of the spouses cheated. Betrayal can be forgiven and live together further, as if nothing happened, but there will be a wound in the soul.
  5. Total control by one of the spouses. The feeling when a person lives as if in a cage depressing and pressing on the psyche. Especially when it comes to unfounded jealousy.
Do I need to take a break in the relationship
Do I need to take a break in the relationship

Before you decide to take a break from a relationship, you need to discuss all the details with your partner down to the smallest detail. There is no need to say that parting lies ahead, you should gently convey without a quarrel that this is temporary.

Varieties of Time Out in Relationships 3

There are many reasons why people decide to take a break from a relationship. A sociological survey among couples allowed specialists to identify the most common options.

  1. In the case of abuse by a man, women often offer to leave for a while so that the partner understands the loss.
  2. In some situations, you just need to break up for a short while in order to maintain the relationship. This leads to frequent conflicts.
  3. Checking the senses. Some couples use this method to test the strength of their love.
  4. Indecision. Some people do not know how to discuss pressing problems and what is "boiling" in the soul. It's easier for them to provoke a scandal and leave by slamming the door. Thus, they show self-doubt and unwillingness to smooth things over.
  5. Despair over persistent grudges is considered the most common cause of temporary breakups. One of the partners often humiliates or insults, which leads to cracks in the relationship.
Pause in a relationship
Pause in a relationship

Whatever the reasons for a pause in a love affair, you need to remember that everything can be destroyed in an instant, but building is not easy. During the period of separation, feelings may cool down, the relationship may not resume. Therefore, it is worth weighing the pros and cons before taking a time out. It is better to calmly discuss the grievances that have accumulated in your soul than to lose your loved one.

Rules during a short break4

It doesn't matter if people are legally married or meet, there are unanimous rules for everyone. During a pause in a relationship, you need to:

  1. Keep yourself occupied with what you love.
  2. Avoid new relationships.
  3. Do not close in yourself.
  4. Rest in body and soul.
  5. Travel if funds permit.
  6. Make new acquaintances for the purpose of distraction.
  7. Arrange for maximum life comfort.
  8. Play with the cat. Scientists have proven that the immune system and human mood are strengthened by interaction with animals.

In such situations, it is necessary to remember the possible consequences. A temporary separation, although it allows you to put your thoughts in order, but it also alienates people from each other.

How to offer a break in a relationship5

Most often, men are the initiators of a temporary separation. This is because women are naturally patient, they can turn a blind eye to resentment for years. And if a man leaves and then returns, then the woman breaks off the relationship once and for all. Therefore, if a husband or boyfriend decided to temporarily leave, he should correctly present this proposal. First of all, one is supposed to analyze the situation for oneself and ask oneself the question of whether a man can live away from his beloved or not. If the answer is unequivocal, it is worth mentally preparing your woman. Namely, smoothly lead to an unpleasant conversation. First you need to convey to her the reasons for your resentment, discuss the issue that led to such a decision. You also need to prepare for her tears and possible tantrums.

Should I take time out in a relationship?
Should I take time out in a relationship?

Next, you should clearly set your life priorities and list the advantages of temporarily disconnecting. It is not recommended to set specific terms for parting, since the man may not have time to reflect, and the woman will already guard him from work.

And if the initiator of the temporary termination of communication is a woman, you need to choose the right moment. In no case should you talk about your intentions after alcohol. Otherwise, the spouse will already be far from the faithful in his thoughts, and his memory may fail him in the morning. An auspicious moment for conversation is an evening in a calm atmosphere. With an affectionate voice and gentle habits, you need to clearly articulate your desire to take a break in the relationship for a while.

The consequences of a temporary separation6

Absolute cessation of communication is unacceptable in this case. People are used to each other, and a sharp break in communication can make you feel uncomfortable. There are people who have an increase in body temperature due to internal experiences. Therefore, a neutral SMS with a wish for a good day or a gift on a social network will not be superfluous, but will only have a beneficial effect on relationships in the future.

How pause affects relationships
How pause affects relationships

Do not forget that during this period a new gentleman or another woman may appear. But if people value relationships, they won't allow third-party romances. In general, a temporary time-out is an excellent test for lovers. According to the testimony of opinion polls, further relations are strengthened, love ignites with renewed vigor.

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