What Is The Reason For Female Jealousy? 9 Real Reasons

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What Is The Reason For Female Jealousy? 9 Real Reasons
What Is The Reason For Female Jealousy? 9 Real Reasons

Video: What Is The Reason For Female Jealousy? 9 Real Reasons

Video: What Is The Reason For Female Jealousy? 9 Real Reasons
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female jealousy
female jealousy

Man is a rational being, but there is no escape from instincts. The protection of their territory by animals is a natural and necessary process. In the human world, this process is accompanied by the concept of jealousy. We will tell you what jealousy is and how to deal with it in this article. Both women and men are subjected to it.

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  • 1 "Jealous means love"
  • 2 Causes of jealousy
  • 3 How to recognize a jealous woman?
  • 4 Do men like “passionate natures”?
  • 5 How to regain psychological balance?

In both cases, the feeling of jealousy is clearly destructive. The owner will sooner or later bring his relationship to ruin, because love is a fragile feeling. Female jealousy is usually a more sophisticated process than male jealousy.

According to statistics, the percentage of women who periodically experience doubts about the loyalty of a partner is slightly lower than among men. This conclusion was made not so long ago on the basis of a large-scale sociological study of the American professor David Fredrick. For many, this fact will come as a surprise. But it has a reasonable explanation based on the theory of evolution and the history of human development.

A man cannot be sure of his paternity for sure. On the contrary, a woman always knows that she is the mother. This is due to the fact that men are more likely to be jealous. This also explains the differences in the very attitude to the concept of fidelity among representatives of different sexes.

Women are more afraid that their partner is thinking about others. For the weaker sex, psycho-emotional union is much more important than physical union. With strong emotional attachment, a woman knows that she and her offspring are protected by the "male".

"Jealous means love" _8212

One of the brightest delusions in matters of devotion and love is the belief that jealousy is an obligatory attribute of harmonious love relationships. If you are not jealous, then your partner doesn't care.

But this statement is wrong. Especially if you don't want to find out why the girl is jealous! Statistical observations and social studies have long proven that jealousy directly depends on the level of independence and mental stability. The more self-sufficient a woman is, the less she is inclined to arrange scenes of jealousy.

Female jealousy
Female jealousy

The degree of upbringing also strongly influences a woman's behavior. If a girl developed a psychological trauma in childhood (for example, her father cheated on her mother ), then in adulthood she will not begin to trust men unconditionally.

In such a situation, a woman is a volcano that erupts at every, even insignificant, occasion. Such ladies can arrange an epic scene of jealousy at any time and under any circumstances.

Let's say a man celebrates his birthday with family, friends and colleagues in a restaurant. Now comes the turn of congratulations from a school friend. She says touching words, gives a gift and kisses a friend on the cheek. Here it is, a clear reason to throw a grand scene.

Jealous people are unable to control their emotions and reason wisely. They cannot be stopped by the fact that their beloved is having a holiday, and there are plenty of guests nearby. A fit of jealousy can be accompanied by foul language and even end with assault.

Situations equivalent to the above are often accompanied by owners. Love cannot explain such behavior. Pathological female jealousy is an indication to seek help from a psychologist. All about the psychology of jealousy and how to deal with it can be found in our article.


Causes of jealousyi

According to the luminaries of psychology, the prerequisites for a jealous attitude towards a partner arise in girls at a very young age. Parents should definitely pay attention to their relationships, as they leave a clear imprint on young children's minds.

Very often, a child hears something that is not at all intended for his mind. If the father or mother cheated in the relationship and this affected the atmosphere in the family, then with a 90% probability the girl will develop a fear of being a devoted man.

The main problems why girls are jealous include:

  • Injustice. This feeling is due to the fact that a woman, entering into a relationship with a partner, fully associates herself with him. Simply put, he believes that they now form one whole. If a guy looks to the side, and a woman puts all of herself into their union, then she feels the dishonesty of what is happening.
  • Girls are very afraid to be betrayed. Treason is often interpreted by them as a special type of betrayal. A world where a couple "together and forever" is destroyed, ideals are betrayed and vows are broken.
  • Low self-esteem. Probably the most common reason for doubting a partner. When a woman thinks that she is not beautiful, not smart and not desirable, this always creates a lot of problems in the relationship.
  • She is constantly thinking that in the place of her man she would choose a more interesting and well-groomed partner. At the same time, the man is practically powerless. Compliments and praises are perceived by the girl as a lie and an attempt to “show off”.
  • Fear of being alone. The less independent a woman is, the more she needs a partner in the person of a man nearby. When there are no own hobbies and aspirations, she will go to extremes and take up her free time with nagging and spying on her own partner.
Why is the girl jealous
Why is the girl jealous
  • Complete material dependence. The reason is related to the previous point. A woman who has not realized herself in the profession, but is completely in the care of a man, is greatly concerned about maintaining a comfortable position and material stability.
  • Here the fear arises not only of being left alone, but also of losing the only source of funding if a man leaves for a younger and more beautiful rival.
  • Heightened self-esteem. It seems that ladies with great self-importance should not be jealous. But this is not at all a correct judgment. If such a young lady notices that a man drew attention to another, made a compliment or opened the door for someone other than her, she may well fall into jealous aggression.
  • This is due to the fact that a woman thinks that only she is worthy of the attention of the opposite sex. She can perceive even a slight shift of attention from her person as an alarm bell and harbor a mortal offense.

How to recognize a jealous woman? 2

Love arises spontaneously. This feeling is hardly predictable. But in order to preserve it for many years, you will have to make serious efforts. Jealousy is clearly not a helper here, but an enemy.

At the same time, it is impossible to know for sure whether the relationship will be accompanied by scandals against the background of jealousy.

The girl is jealous of the guy
The girl is jealous of the guy

There are a number of signs that will accurately help determine the pathological owner.

  • "Detective Agency". Possession is the opposite of love. But a jealous person always seeks to take all the movements and communication of a partner under his own control. This can be expressed in different ways, not always explicitly. A woman can both ask questions of interest to her forehead, and peep into a man's phone unnoticed.
  • "Developed Fantasy". Loved one late at work or at a bar with friends? Well, who works 12 hours a day? And in the bar, well, a luxurious curvy brunette, who really wants to spin an affair with a stranger, is sure to spend the evening.
  • The betrothed did nothing clearly reprehensible, but, returning to a cozy nest, he stumbles upon a disheveled and furious woman there. She just spent her free time very useful. To the detriment of herself, she did not watch her favorite movie and did a manicure, but invented by the power of her own imagination such terrible pictures of infidelity that even Othello did not dream of.
  • "Investigator". In addition to detective work, female jealousy manifests itself in the presentation of non-existent charges, to which a man must constantly bring refuting arguments and provide unshakable proof of his innocence.
  • "Furious Fury". Women are able to arrange passionate performances and roll up large-scale scenes of jealousy, even from scratch. This causes enormous damage to the mutual respect of partners, since in a fit, a lot of dirt is often said to each other.
jealousy men
jealousy men

Do men like "passionate natures"? 3

Passionate women, of course, cannot but worry about men's thoughts. But is it necessary to play the role of Othello to be loved? How do men relate to jealousy from a lady of the heart?

To a certain extent, jealousy can flatter male pride. But in most cases, she is a serious irritant. It is possible that in small doses, jealous behavior can stir up and reignite stagnant relationships. With constant problems associated with mistrust in the loyalty of a partner, love quickly fades away.

In fact, men experience discomfort and fear when faced with a jealous girl. Their usual image of "the keeper of the hearth" and "mother of children" does not coincide with the disheveled and screaming lady. In such a situation, they try to end such a relationship as soon as possible and find themselves a calmer and more gentle life partner.

Interestingly, according to statistics, jealousy is the second most popular reason for committing serious crimes. It cloudes the mind and does not give the opportunity to take control of itself.

How to regain psychological balance? 4

Fighting hypertrophied feelings of jealousy is not an easy task. It is important to want very much to change yourself. To do this, you should contact an experienced specialist for help.

First, you should clearly formulate your goals and give yourself categorical arguments why it is necessary to eliminate the feeling that destroys the family.

The second challenge is to raise your own self-esteem. It is important for a woman to feel herself worthy of love and loyalty. This requires you to like yourself outwardly. It is worth reconsidering your attitude to appearance and monitoring him 24 hours a day.

How to deal with jealousy
How to deal with jealousy

At the beginning of the journey it will be difficult, but then such little things as beautiful home clothes, a neat hairstyle even for sleeping, well-groomed hands and other "things" that create the image of a well-groomed lady will become a habit.

Self-development is the most important ally in the fight against female jealousy. The main thing is that a woman who has a favorite profession or is passionate about any kind of activity becomes more spiritually filled, irritability in general decreases. This applies not only to women, but also to men. Being interesting to yourself, knowing your worth are more pleasant moments than insecurity and fear of being alone and offended.

"If you are afraid of losing someone, then lose and do not be afraid anymore." This expression is one hundred percent correct. It is a known fact that jealous people are more likely to experience problems with the cardiovascular system, nerves and health in general. If there is a panic fear of losing a loved one, then you need to either work on yourself and find harmony. Or break off the "toxic" relationship and take care of yourself.

In addition, it is important to understand that even after finding undeniable evidence of treason, you need to have the courage to apply the information received in life. How often does it happen that a woman long and persistently seeks to find evidence of adultery. Then, having learned that this fact is undeniable, multiple scenes of jealousy, quarrels, accusations occur.

How to deal with your own jealousy
How to deal with your own jealousy

As a result, the couple continues to coexist together in the same space. A man is comfortable with a stable partner, a woman is afraid of losing what was created with great difficulty. What all the spent nerves are for is unknown. No conclusions have been drawn, problems have not been resolved. Therefore, you should be clearly aware of where you are trying to come in the end.

Female jealousy is an exhausting process on both sides of a love relationship. Hormones sometimes lead a woman to reckless actions and even crimes. Although jealousy is not a disease in the standard sense and is caused by evolutionary factors, it must be dealt with with the help of loved ones and qualified psychologists.

Without trust, there is no strong and harmonious relationship in a couple. Human feelings are a fragile substance that is very easy to destroy with harsh attacks and even words that jealous people may not even remember.

Realizing what caused the destructive behavior, you can not only get rid of the poisonous feeling, but also develop your personality in general. Striving to be better tomorrow than today is the most commendable and noble of all.