How To Determine The Best Age For Marriage? The Key To A Successful Marriage

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How To Determine The Best Age For Marriage? The Key To A Successful Marriage
How To Determine The Best Age For Marriage? The Key To A Successful Marriage
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best age for marriage
best age for marriage

The key to a successful marriage is a combination of many factors, which is not always easy to achieve. Interest in a partner, financial condition, moral preparation - everything should coincide equally. So that the family idyll is not destroyed by everyday life, it is worth determining in advance for yourself the best age for marriage, capable of keeping the union of two hearts safe and sound.

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  • 1 The opinion of scientists
  • 2 Early marriage
  • 3 Marriage at 22-27 years old
  • 4 Marriage after 27 years
  • 5 Polls
  • 6 Age difference
  • 7 Husband is older than wife
  • 8 Peer marriage
  • 9 Wife is older than husband

Scientists' opinion

Each age has its own pluses and minuses, but you can find out in aggregate only by turning to scientists and their statistics.

Early marriage2

There are many reasons for marriage at a young age. These may include:

  • Unplanned pregnancy;
  • Difficult marital status;
  • Youthful maximalism, etc.

Often, young men and young girls are in a hurry to get married or get married without considering the prospects and "rushing into the pool with their heads." Love, which seems to be the strongest and only one, cloudes one's head and interferes with rational thinking. As a result: lack of experience in everyday life and eternal thoughts that it was worth a little walk.

There is, however, another side. When married at a young age, young people are more likely to have children and manage to raise them before they feel old themselves.

There is no single correct answer, but statistics show that in most cases, early marriages entail dissatisfaction with the partner and life in general.

Marriage at 22-27 years_22-27

By this age, many girls (less often guys) are already seriously thinking about starting a family. An established position in life and the availability of any kind of earnings are an integral plus in creating a strong social unit.

Psychologists consider this age to be the best for marriage. For women, this is the time not only for a stable psyche and a clear vision of their life prospects, but also for the most suitable state for procreation.

How to determine the best age for marriage
How to determine the best age for marriage

There are also several disadvantages:

  • Starting a career can take too much time;
  • Two adults with their own ambitions sometimes flatly refuse to meet each other halfway;
  • One of the partners may still consider himself "not on the go".

Marriage after 27 years_27

Many modern people do not believe that marriage is in a hurry. It is more important for them to “stand firmly on their feet”, to have at least some capital, and most importantly, to be morally prepared to accept responsibility in the form of family and children. It is difficult to blame them for a serious approach to business, however, this age has several serious disadvantages:

  • Adults are already too much accustomed to not sharing life with others, which entails frequent quarrels and mismatch of interests;
  • The female body every year loses its chances of successful conception and childbirth;
How to determine the best age for marriage
How to determine the best age for marriage

Late marriage in many cases is almost devoid of romance and is more like a business commitment between partners


The opinion of the respondents on this issue is quite different, but general trends can be identified. Because many do not know how old to marry or get married.

About 70% of young men surveyed said the best age for marriage was between 26 and 28 years old. The girls named the numbers a little lower: the period between 23 and 26 years.

The older generation of respondents, on average, named the age equal to 23 years.

Age difference4

Choosing your own age for marriage is only part of the problem. The result is directly influenced by the combination of the partners' ages.

Husband is older than wife5

According to psychologists, this situation is the most common. Girls often look for older guys as husbands. Life experience and moral support from a man allow such marriages to last longer. But it is not without its drawbacks:

best age for marriage
best age for marriage
  • With a large age difference, different interests and often life goals become a problem;
  • Some men, feeling the power, establish total control over their young wife.

Peer marriage6

The same age has certain advantages in marriage. Partners have approximately similar outlooks on life, which means they will be able to agree on plans for the future. Common interests and desires will bring the family together and reduce the number of topics for quarrels and scandals. However, if in a couple both partners have not yet fully matured, quite significant problems can appear. The absence of a person in the family who would be ready to take responsibility can become a reason not only for quarrels, but also for divorce.

Wife is older than husband7

With a small difference, the changes are almost imperceptible, apart from isolated cases. But, if a woman is 10 or more years older, the situation changes. In most cases, such a marriage does not last long.

best age for marriage
best age for marriage

The man in this pair is most often an unformed person who needs the support of an older partner. Once a man is more experienced, he is more likely to end the relationship.

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