Female Infidelity: How Often And For What Reason?

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Female Infidelity: How Often And For What Reason?
Female Infidelity: How Often And For What Reason?

Video: Female Infidelity: How Often And For What Reason?

Video: Female Infidelity: How Often And For What Reason?
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Female infidelity
Female infidelity

There is a belief that men are prone to polygamy. They love a lot of girls and that's okay. If the lady “goes to the left”, then she is a “terrible person”. It's time to forget about stereotypes and find out how often women cheat.

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  • 2 Monogamous women in the past
  • 3 No one will know
  • 4 How to avoid cheating

Reasons for cheating i

It rarely happens that a husband and wife are perfect for each other. Conflicts occur in all pairs. Life is arranged in such a way that you have to work hard. To live normally, you have to earn money. Because of this, many end up on Groundhog Day. Events will repeat themselves, leading to stagnation and apathy.

Girls want variety, new sensations. Often they notice that the husband stops giving compliments and giving spontaneous gifts. This leads to frustration. There is a desire to change something. Let's figure out at the same time what treason is in our article at the link.

Rarely does a wife try to remake her lover. They decide that love has died out, and it's time to change something. Because of this, some are looking for someone on the side. Most often, girls in marriage are looking for someone who will give what is missing. Usually it all comes down to the following:

  • Intimacy. Not every girl admits she loves sex. But, this does not negate the fact that he is an integral part of the relationship. If the spouse loses interest in the bride, then she begins to look for males on the side.
  • Lack of care. Men who are used to the work cycle often withdraw into themselves. They stop showing attention gestures. Girls may not have enough love, so they are looking for it on the side.
  • Lack of funds. The modern capitalist world is built on money. Not every lady wants to date a low-income person. Often, due to a lack of finance, conflicts occur. Therefore, in pursuit of green bills, some run around the men.

Monogamous women in the past 2

Who cheats more often? According to statistics, there is no difference between men and women in the number of cheating. Both those and others do it with enviable regularity.

Man is one biological species. Not surprisingly, there are no definite predispositions. They are formed by the social environment.

For example, girls who grew up in single-parent families tend to distrust men. A purely maternal upbringing leads to the fact that the lady is unable to start a normal family and constantly changes partners.

woman cheated on her husband
woman cheated on her husband

In Russia, a woman had a different role. The political system worked in such a way that it had no rights. She was an incubator for children and a professional housewife. More was not required of her. Thoughts about treason did not arise, because "everyone is equally bad, which means - normal."

The modern world is different. Feminism has borne fruit, women are free to decide how to live life. Having before our eyes examples of successful families, there is a desire to go to the left. The guy will not be able to prohibit this, since the lady has every right to dispose of her own body as she wants.

Nobody will know 3

Psychologists from Cambridge conducted a survey and came to the conclusion that women rarely admit the fact of treason. They know how to masterfully pretend. Most of the respondents accidentally caught their beloved in bed with another.

This is explained by the fact that many modern ladies do not consider sex with another partner cheating. For them, this is a natural process, something like a handshake. Therefore, they know how to masterfully pretend.

There is also another version.

The bottom line is simple - men are stupid. Because of falling in love and normal human egoism, they simply do not notice what is happening under the nose. The girl doesn't even have to pretend. She can say everything directly, but the guy will not hear.

How to avoid cheating 4

In order not to get into a mess and not be left alone, it is enough to adhere to a number of simple rules.

First of all, we must not forget that a woman needs affection. They are fragile creatures who love to be cared for. We must not forget about compliments and nice gifts. Do not limit yourself to gifts for the holidays. Sometimes you can bring unexpected bouquets of flowers that will delight your beloved.

female infidelity
female infidelity

In addition, one should not forget about intimacy. Sex is an integral part of life, so you shouldn't give it up.

How often and why do women cheat? This is the wrong question. It is better to find out the reason for this process. To avoid a broken heart, you need to learn how to talk.

The only way to learn about each other's inner experiences is through dialogue. Using communication skills allows you to understand what girls want. It is worth asking directly why the beloved is sad. Normal communication is the key to a strong relationship.

A lady will never leave a person with whom it is comfortable and interesting to talk. A guy needs to work on himself to become a real ideal. A man who will never be cheated on by anyone else.