What Is Better Not To Say At The Beginning Of A Relationship: A List

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What Is Better Not To Say At The Beginning Of A Relationship: A List
What Is Better Not To Say At The Beginning Of A Relationship: A List

Video: What Is Better Not To Say At The Beginning Of A Relationship: A List

Video: What Is Better Not To Say At The Beginning Of A Relationship: A List
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conversations at the beginning of a relationship
conversations at the beginning of a relationship

Demonstrating their trust in a girl, many men do stupid things and tell things about themselves that should be kept for a while. Or even keep it secret altogether. Despite the fact that we advocate honest and trusting relationships, in this article we will remind you of things that are best not to touch at the beginning of a relationship. Over time, perhaps you will return to these topics, when the level of your mutual trust is high enough and confirmed by actions. But if you only went on a couple of dates, don't rush things.

The content of the article

  • 1 Do not meddle in her relationships with friends and family
  • 2 Hold on to your sexual adventures
  • 3 And money topics too
  • 4 Do not touch the topic of your health
  • 5 And remember your ex

Stay out of her relationships with friends and family

Even if her friends seemed like rare idiots to you, keep it to yourself. This is her environment, which you entered recently, and any negative statements about people from her company will come out on your side. Be silent, or just say something neutral, such as "they seem to have slightly different interests" or "we know too little to jump to conclusions."

But it would be doubly scary to speak of her relatives, and even more so her parents. Even if she came to the date in tears and told about the quarrel with her mother, calm her down, help her to get distracted, but do not try to say at least something bad about her mother. Tomorrow they will reconcile, and she will remember what was said about the person closest to her and will not forgive. Try to be neutral on such topics. However, if, after meeting her father, you both turned out to be fans of ice fishing, the series Breaking Bad and Cuban cigars, you can express your joy at meeting such a wonderful person. The main thing is not to overdo it so that it does not look like flattery.

Hold Your Sexual Adventures2

Talking about sex before your first time can and should be. But if after the first date you tell her a cool story about how you fucked Masha from the second year with the whole room in the hostel, it is unlikely that this will add points to your positive reputation in her eyes. It is better to start such conversations carefully, you are adults, but it is worth testing the ground before giving her all your adventures in a pack. This is more suitable for a beer conversation with men.

However, there are girls who do not have any complexes and prejudices regarding the sexual topic, and take such things simply. Perhaps you were lucky and found each other. Or maybe tomorrow she will tell you that she has four boyfriends, and the place of the third one that she offers you is just vacated, since she stands for free love. So get to know each other in portions and do not rejoice ahead of time.

what not to talk about on the first date
what not to talk about on the first date

And money topics too3

Want to impress a girl with your income? Do not be surprised that only selfish kept women will soon remain around you. Before you decide to live together, she doesn't need to know how much you earn, how much you spend, or how much your new TV costs. A girl in the mood for love may think that you are trying to buy her, and even if she is convinced that this is not so, a residue will remain. And people who are predatory to the wallet will only take you into circulation and suck you to the bone.

If the girl shows some kind of heightened interest in your finances, most likely, you just met such a predator. Or does she work as an accountant? However, one does not interfere with the other, and questions about your financial well-being on the first or second date are a reason to think.

Don't touch the topic of your health4

Do you have panic attacks and have to see a psychologist? Many have, but those who are not familiar with the subject, after such a story, they will easily write you into psychos. Of course, if the woman with whom you are building a relationship is your doctor, you are unlikely to hide something from her, in other cases it is better not to talk about your problems. It is also not worth bragging that you were not taken into the army because of flat feet. Our illnesses are our weaknesses, and you are not yet in the right relationship to reveal them. Everything has its time.

If the girl herself talks about her sores, decide for yourself what conclusions to draw from this information. Is she just trying to look weak?

can we talk about sex on the first date
can we talk about sex on the first date

And remember your ex5

Chances are, the two of you have already had a bad relationship, and this is definitely not the best topic to start a relationship. If you think that after the bowling game she will be pleased with the phrase “and my ex never got a strike, let alone you!”, You are wrong. The girl will not want to be compared to her ex, she will prefer to be the only one, and that's okay.

But what if she herself is interested in how your ex is doing? Answer something neutral and by no means go into details. This question can be a test that will show whether you have forgotten your old relationship or continue to follow every photo of your ex on Instagram. It will be better if you forget, believe me.

All the most important things about how to behave at the beginning of a relationship will be discussed in our next article.