8 Fears Of A Man In A Relationship With A Woman

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8 Fears Of A Man In A Relationship With A Woman
8 Fears Of A Man In A Relationship With A Woman

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the man is afraid to say
the man is afraid to say

Don't feed women with bread, just let me have frank conversations with your partner. The desire to show your feelings translates into constant calls to open up, talk about your feelings, several times a day be sure to remind you of your love and report on how the day went.

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  • 2 Adult man with child complexes
  • 3 What a man is afraid to tell his partner about

The nature of men has made them taciturn, and rare specimens with a hanging tongue, on the contrary, often cause mistrust in women. If we talk about relationships, it is not uncommon to hear that a man is afraid to say a number of things to his partner, or does not want to touch upon topics that cause him negativity. What are men afraid of and what are they stubbornly silent about?

Features of education

Asking why a man is afraid to talk about his innermost partner should not be from him, but from the parents or grandmothers who raised him. Little boys, starting from 3-5 years old, constantly hear from their parents twitching and criticism, wrapped in phrases "you are strong", "be patient", "do not complain", "what a girlish tenderness".

How, after this, a sensual and gentle man will grow up who can talk about what worries him to a loved one? No way!

Parents for a child are the main things in life, gods, friends, advisers, a higher mind that controls his life. Disobedience always borders on violence, often physical, but moral pressure does not pass without a trace. Fathers proudly say that a real strong man is growing up, not noticing how the child shies away from one formidable look and tries to do everything to please.

Adult man with child complexes2

There are men with a fine mental organization who know how to share experiences and talk about them with their beloved. The second category resembles the disabled, who have learned to live the way their parents taught, simply adapted to containment of emotions and self-control.

The man is afraid
The man is afraid

The violence of parents and constant reproaches formed a persistent chain of reflexes that a slack on his part can cause an inadequate reaction, and there will be punishment for it. The relationship model is transferred to his personal life and the man is afraid to talk about his feelings or problems to his partner so as not to cause an unwanted reaction in her.

If a woman asks the question whether such a condition is being treated, then, most likely, it will not be possible to completely eradicate the drill, which was driven into the minds of the parents. He does not know how to show feelings, he is ashamed of them, he was not shown that this can and should be done.

Trust and patience in this case will help awaken the spectrum of feelings at least half of what is possible. Arrogance and the eternal feminine "I'll change him" will not help. Only trust, harmonious relationships and personal example will reveal slightly secret thoughts and fears of a partner.

The man does not tell a secret
The man does not tell a secret

What a man is afraid to tell his partner about3

Long-term relationships with criticism and ridicule completely kill the desire to open the soul. So what is a man afraid to tell his wife or girlfriend with whom he is in a long-term relationship? A short list of topics that he would prefer to hide in the depths of his mind.

Issues related to erection, dissatisfaction with the size of the penis

Painful topics for men of all ages. Learning to live with obvious defects is not easy, but you may not even be able to avoid intimacy and women. Problems and stress at work complete the picture, and now there is already unsuccessful sex and another problem with an unstable erection.

The blow can be of such force that a man will lose faith in himself, discord in the family will begin and sex will become a reason to break off relations. The partner's reaction with words of comfort and regret will only add gloomy colors.

A man is afraid to tell secrets
A man is afraid to tell secrets

Relationship stories

It is not easy to talk to your partner about past experiences. Does she meticulously ask or asks constantly leading questions, or requires criticism and objective comparison with her ex? These conversations don't end peacefully. A man does not want to talk about the past if he feels good now, as well as to listen to how many people were before him. Asking questions will get you nowhere.

Talk about responsibility

The roots of the problem are again in childhood, when he was forced to be a man, responsible, serious and should always be the head and carry the burden of authority alone.

Family, children, plans, a dog and a tree near the house is a great stereotype of a family man. What if the guy is not ready or not sure that now is the time to take on so many new things? It remains to be silent and not comment on this topic until there is a convenient occasion to clarify everything.

The hidden secrets of a man
The hidden secrets of a man

Childhood talk

A man is afraid to talk about a bad childhood, dreams, immoral parents, or troubles that happened to him as a child. Rarely does one come across an understanding girl with whom it is easy to communicate, even less often one who wants to entrust the delicate and fragile.

Memories from childhood are always more vulnerable and it is easier to offend, ridicule, painfully prick a partner, talking about his childhood. One comment about his desires and a burst of laughter will help kill trust forever. Men are quite justifiably afraid to talk about painful things, so that later, at the first successful case or quarrel, they do not hear the flaunting of an invincible trump card.

Fear to tell about love

Falling in love and the desire to conquer a woman at the level of instincts works in a guy or a man. An unpleasant situation when new love and relationships go in parallel with the family and the image of an exemplary family man. A man is constantly torn between partners and is looking for a middle ground.

The guy is afraid to confess to cheating
The guy is afraid to confess to cheating

But if the wife guesses everything, and he does not mind going to his mistress, then it is quite natural to be afraid to tell and to be afraid of hurting a loved one with words. The dilemma sometimes lasts for years, where, on the one hand, there is stability, and on the other, new relationships and moral comfort.

Fear of being weak

The main fear why a man is afraid of a woman is to appear weak in the eyes of his beloved. If he maintains the image of a strong guy, ready for all troubles, he will hide problems and experiences that violate this stereotype to the last.

Strong feelings such as love, hatred, jealousy, anything that unsettles the emotional rut are scary. The fear of losing credibility and becoming addicted to emotions sometimes leads to paranoia. Such a man loves and appreciates relationships, except that sometimes he will behave detached, showing indifference and coldness.

When there is trust and partners share with each other important experiences, dreams, plans, it is impossible to break harmony in a couple.

A man is afraid of being weak
A man is afraid of being weak

Tyrant parents who taught the boy to be without an emotional rock remained in the past, and a loving and sensitive girl nearby will melt his feelings. Male logic and strict upbringing with female tenderness and understanding together are guaranteed to give amazing results.

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