What If You're Jealous Of Your Ex? 5 Ways To Forget About Him

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What If You're Jealous Of Your Ex? 5 Ways To Forget About Him
What If You're Jealous Of Your Ex? 5 Ways To Forget About Him

Video: What If You're Jealous Of Your Ex? 5 Ways To Forget About Him

Video: What If You're Jealous Of Your Ex? 5 Ways To Forget About Him
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Jealousy is inevitable. And after breaking up, she usually only gets stronger. When a breakup is difficult for a person, jealousy is an absolutely normal feeling. However, what to do if you are jealous of your ex? You need to learn to move on.

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  • 1 No contact
  • 2 Focus on disadvantages
  • 3 Talk to your friends
  • 4 Focus on yourself
  • 5 Ban on social networks
  • 6 Consulting a psychologist

There is no point in living in the past or holding on to empty hopes. All people deal with the pain of parting in different ways, and if one of the former partners enters into a new relationship or lives life to its fullest, you cannot blame him for this.

At times, when the relationship collapses, one of the partners is sure to feel terrible, depressed, and everything around him annoys him. Most often this is due to the unwillingness to accept the fact that it's over and the relationship is over.

And even if they manage to come to terms with this fact, few people want to see their - albeit former - partner with someone else. Everyone goes through it, so there is nothing to worry about. The main thing, even if you are seized by a mad attack of rage and confusion, is not to commit stupid revengeful acts. So what if you're jealous of your ex?

For most people, feeling jealous of an ex is an experience that hurts a lot but is still very personal.

No contact

To remove someone from your heart and stop being jealous, you first need to make an effort to remove that person from your life, even against your will. The best way to overcome jealousy is to distance yourself from your ex in all senses of the word (in person, via smartphones, and over the Internet). In order to avoid jealousy after a breakup, you should get rid of all things that may remind you of a past relationship and cause sadness and pain.

Focus on disadvantages2

In order not to be jealous of your ex, you should think about the partner's shortcomings, which, in fact, led to the breakup. Psychologists recommend focusing on the negative aspects of the relationship, as this can help overcome not only jealousy, but also the desire to fix everything. Although you need to focus on the negative at this point, you shouldn't turn your whole life into negative.

Talk to your friends3

Friends are a real miracle! They can help you cope with any problem and especially overcome jealousy after a breakup. Psychologists recommend pouring your soul out to your friends and tell them what was wrong in the relationship. It's important to only share your thoughts with people you can trust.

The main thing is not to dwell solely on the topic of parting. In general, you should spend more time with your friends, as alone thoughts of breaking up and your ex can hardly be avoided.

Focus on yourself4

Low self-esteem is the most common cause of jealousy. Therefore, the logical answer to the question of what to do if you are jealous of your ex is the following: you need to do things that awaken feelings of joy and happiness. Doing something that distracts from thoughts of a bitter breakup.

jealous of the ex
jealous of the ex

Focus on current skills and development to build self-esteem. Instead of focusing on the past, it is better to focus on the future. It is important to love yourself, even if your heart is broken into pieces. All the energy that a person loses thinking about how to get their ex back could be spent on something useful. You can try meditation, sports, travel - all these should help to overcome feelings of jealousy.

Ban on social networks5

Often, after breaking up, many men and women follow the profiles of their ex on social networks - this way you can check who they are communicating with and whether they are happy at all. But this habit actually causes even more jealousy in a person.

In order to stop being jealous of your ex, it is better to block his profile on social networks or completely remove him from your friends list until the pain of separation subsides. If you don't, photos and posts from your ex will constantly appear in your news feed. And this, in turn, will only fuel jealousy.

Research has shown that social media prevents people from forgetting their past relationships. This is why the Facebook team has developed a new feature that allows you to block your ex until you are completely resigned to a breakup. Another important thing to mention is that you should never misuse social media, whatever the phrase implies.

how to deal with jealousy
how to deal with jealousy

Psychologist's consultation6

If fears and doubts about past relationships continue to torment the soul, and jealousy does not disappear, it makes sense to seek professional help. The professional can help build self-esteem by making the person understand their misconceptions.

It is important to understand that professional counseling is very effective when it comes to dealing with anger, jealousy, nervousness, and other negative emotions. Most importantly, there is nothing wrong or shameful about it. It is easiest to stop being jealous of your ex and forget him when you focus on your own happiness.

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