How To Get A Guy Off? Tips For Girls From The Guys Themselves

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How To Get A Guy Off? Tips For Girls From The Guys Themselves
How To Get A Guy Off? Tips For Girls From The Guys Themselves

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girl showing tongue
girl showing tongue

How to get rid of a guy you don't like? How to end a relationship? Today we will figure it out. We even throw you a list of phrases that will help you get through this drama in the least painful way.

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  • 3 Phrases to help you
  • 4 How do guys feel?
  • 5 Ten "not"

You've probably already heard a lot of advice on this topic from your friends. What about the opinion of the heroes of the occasion themselves? How do guys feel when they get kicked off? How do they deal with it?

Read and find out.

15 tips from guys15

Reddit is a treasure trove of not only memes, but also very useful information. Here are fifteen male revelations about how guys imagine "perfect rejection". Plus a few words about what the guys just can't stand.

"Personally. In a private setting. Fair. Why do you want to part with me? Without any "it's not about you, it's about me."

You can't argue with that. Nobody wants to be rejected in front of the public. And hackneyed phrases of this kind will not help you or him in any way.

“The best thing you can do is make me hate you for a while. Be as straightforward and rude as possible. "

One of the most honest answers. Hard? Maybe. But this approach is much better than sweet speeches and regaling a guy with false hopes. Some girls, being absolutely sure that they don't need a boyfriend, do not say a firm "no". Some simply do not know how to do it differently - the pathological fear of offending someone, to seem "bad" makes them mumble something incomprehensible, instead of telling the bitter truth. Others simply do not want to lose a fan and keep him next to them "just in case."

“My ex-girlfriend did just that and I am very grateful to her. No drama or beatings around the bush. Honest "I am not satisfied with this relationship for such and such a reason."

This is called the smart approach. You say why you don't want to date this guy - calmly and directly. You thank each other for the time spent together and disperse like ships at sea.

girl throws boyfriend
girl throws boyfriend

However, there is one nuance here. This approach does not work if the guy's ego is fragile, like a Chinese vase, and he perceives refusal as a personal insult. Run away from such a prince as soon as possible, burning all bridges (blocking him on all social networks).

“Remember that everyone experiences it differently. This means that not every guy is able to maintain friendly relations after a refusal. Even if everything went smoothly. "

It turns out that guys and girls are creatures from the same planet. What a surprise!

Don't insist on the proverbial “stay friends”.

“My ex, when she parted with me, laid it out in facts. At the same time, she tried very hard so that her words were not offensive. She made it clear with all her might that the fault for the breakup did not lie with me. It turned out something like this: “I don’t want us to be together. But know that this is not your fault. You haven't done anything wrong. It's just better for me. "

Tell me why you are not satisfied with the format of the relationship that the guy offers. Don't blame him. Don't use clichés. This is really the best thing you can do.

girl shows middle finger
girl shows middle finger

“Speak directly and honestly. And don't start dating someone else before you end this relationship. This annoys me most personally. "

Quite a reasonable approach for those who have been in a serious relationship for a long time. If you send off a new acquaintance, as such you have no obligations to him. But nobody canceled an honest approach - no false hopes.

“Take your things and leave my house. Leave a note in which you take responsibility for the stupid things you have done. "

Many girls (and guys too) will likely disagree with this scenario. Leave? Is it that simple? Without heart-to-heart talk? Not everyone is capable of this. It's fair to say that this is not the worst course of action. Especially for those couples whose relationship has long been kept "on a kind word."

“She didn't care about my feelings at all. Some kind of passive aggression. She showed with all her might how much better her new boyfriend than me. "

Needless to say, such antics hurt both sides? If you take out your anger and resentment by using the other guy to do it, you will be disappointed and devastated.

girl angry
girl angry

Even if you found yourself a new boyfriend very quickly, try to make sure that your ex doesn't know about it for a while - just out of politeness

If you communicate in the same company, it will be difficult to hide this information. The main thing is not to do like the girl from point # 8. Do you remember why?

“It's like a plaster - rip it off with one sharp movement. The slower it hurts. "

Laconic, metaphorical, capacious. By the way, this doesn't always work with patches. At least not everyone decides on such an extreme. But with relationships, it is better to do exactly as this guy advises.

Long before the intimacy (in every sense) in a relationship starts to fade

Relationships don't fall apart overnight. The realization that this guy is not suitable for you and you do not want to start dating him does not burst into your head with insight.

Doa dead or alive
Doa dead or alive

Do you feel like everything changed overnight? At a glance, word, touch or deed?

It just seems this way to you.

A message that provides irrefutable proof that things should be this way

Interesting. Most guys and girls unanimously declare that it is better to kick someone off in person. But there is still some truth in this commentary - sometimes it is easier to put an end to it without meeting a person face to face.

If, as such, you did not have a relationship with this guy and you want to send him off, it is better to do it through text messages. How to kick a pen guy? We'll tell you a little later.

“Guys want to know the reasons. Be prepared for the fact that he will begin to convince you that he will correct if you stay with him. "

Some guys and girls are ready to save a crumbling relationship at any cost. Like a break is the end of the world. Besides, annoying fans can be very annoying. They do not take the word "no" and think that the girl is playing and wants to be achieved.

girl shrugs
girl shrugs

“You’ll still hurt me no matter what you say. So give me the opportunity to walk away with my head held high and do not deprive me of the privilege of knowing the truth. "

There is even nothing to comment on. The perfect answer.

“Be honest and logical in your statements. Everything will be terrible anyway. But if you give me an honest explanation of your decision, then after the pain from a broken heart subsides, relief will come to me. "

So we listened to the guys' opinion. In general, we did not see any impracticable requirements here. Guys just want sincerity and humanity.

And now we go further.

How to kick a pen guy? I

Option one: you were in a relationship.

Avoid clichés and phrases from cheap melodramas. Speak clearly and to the point. Why don't you want to date anymore, what exactly doesn't suit you in a relationship. The guy must understand that this is not a whim and not "monthly hormonal storms." You have made the final decision. There is no need to write him a huge message, the volume of which will be the envy of War and Peace. Thank the guy for everything and apologize for not daring to talk to him in person. Wait for his answer. If he starts scribbling you angry messages, do not react to them.

First daughter movie
First daughter movie

Option two: he wants to date you, but this scenario does not suit you.

You met on social networks or through mutual acquaintances. You may be studying or working together. At first it was pleasant for you to communicate with him. But then he began to insist on taking your relationship "to the next level." And you suddenly realized that you don't see him as your boyfriend. You don't like him and that's it!

The worst thing you can do is keep flirting with him, giving him hope and keeping him close to you. Sooner or later, the former ease will leave your communication. He will start making demands on you, giving you ultimatums and getting on your nerves in every possible way. You will start to avoid him, get annoyed and flinch at every notification on your phone.

So so perspective, right?

Here everything works in much the same way as in the first version. But you have much less obligations to each other. Say that you are not going to go to any "new level" and you do not see yourself in a relationship with him. Don't ask him to remain friends. And be careful if he offers this himself - there is a great risk that he is trying to buy time.

vicky christina barcelona
vicky christina barcelona

Phrases that will help you2

  • “Sorry, but nothing will come of it. I don't want a relationship at the moment. At all. I have not recovered from a painful breakup / immersed in work. "
  • “This relationship has become obsolete. You understand that too. I am not satisfied that we continue to maintain relations only because we are afraid of the reaction of acquaintances / fear of loneliness / hope to return the old feelings. "
  • “We won't succeed in a relationship. I love an active lifestyle, and you prefer calmness and measuredness (or vice versa). And that's okay. We will be happy, but with people who really suit us. "
  • “We look at life absolutely differently. Our plans for the future do not intersect like parallel lines. And neither of us is willing to compromise. I think it's better to leave and keep a warm and respectful attitude towards each other. "
  • “I only see you as a friend. And I don't want to give you false hope and use you and your feelings. I cannot demand friendship from you because I do not want to hurt you. I told you my thoughts. What is your answer?"
girl showing tongue
girl showing tongue

How do guys feel? 3

It’s foolish to think that guys don’t experience mental anguish when they lose their girlfriend or get a turn from the one that has occupied their fantasies for so long. Do not believe? We present to your attention another collection of male revelations.

Topic: the most stupid things done out of resentment.

“I broke the window of her car. The next day I decided to give her money. I felt very lousy."

“I told her parents how she drank and used drugs. She was put on house arrest for a year."

“I put on a bunch of piercings and shaved off all the hair on my head. Did everything that she forbade me when we were together. Now she thinks that I have become better and wants to bring me back."

sad guy
sad guy

Oh, those women!

"I am not kidding. When she left me, I burned absolutely all the things that reminded me of her."

“I got drunk and went to her house. Shouted under her windows that I love her. And her family was having dinner at that time."

“Everything was bad. When we finished fighting, I said that she would never see me again. He slammed the door. Realized that I forgot the keys. I felt like an idiot."

“I had a fight with the guy she was talking to. I shouldn't have done this. This was not his fault. I was in pain and lost the ability to think sensibly."

“I posted a video on YouTube in which I call her a bitch and burn things that she gave me. Her parents said that if I don't delete this video, they will sue."

fat man with a beard
fat man with a beard

“I walked three and a half miles to her house, having gotten drunk in honor of July 4th. I told her to tell me everything in my face. Although she already said everything in the correspondence."

"I made fake accounts in different chats and gave her number to every pervert who came to me."

“I knew the code from her garage. I also knew that she was not going to return my things to me. So I got there at three in the morning and stole mine."

“I slept with all of her friends. I thought it would get easier. It's gone."

Ten nots 4

Finally, we want you to read this list.

girl drinking juice
girl drinking juice

So, turning a guy off, in no case:

  • Don't give in to guilt for not liking him;
  • Don't let him manipulate you into pity and guilt;
  • Don't give up hope for him;
  • Do not settle for friendship if he obviously has an unfriendly interest in you;
  • Do not pour mud on him in the circle of mutual acquaintances.

Remember that it is not your fault that you do not see yourself in a relationship with him. Perhaps one day you will change your mind, and the guy will open up on the other side.


Until this happens, there is no need to deceive either yourself or him.

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