5 Reasons Why A Woman Needs A Man

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5 Reasons Why A Woman Needs A Man
5 Reasons Why A Woman Needs A Man

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In the modern world, a woman appears before society not as a fragile and heavenly creature, but in the form of an independent and strong personality who decided that she is able to live alone, without a man's shoulder. And the truth is, why does a woman need a man if she already copes with all male duties herself?

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  • 1 He and She
  • 2 Mom + Dad
  • 3 Sex addiction
  • 4 Ruble support
  • 5 Stone wall
  • 6 in spite of society
  • 7 Appreciate a woman

He and Shei

More recently, a woman sewed, knitted, raised children and cooked beshbarmak for dinner, and now she is a business woman who runs factories and plants. Today, asking her to change plugs or change the tap is not scary, she can handle it. But no, there are firms that will send a husband for an hour and everything is ready. So why does she then need someone who will lie on the couch with a beer and still rattle her nerves “why the soup is not salted”.

Such modern ladies do not need a mediocre peasant, she will not be content with little. Here you can't do without someone unique. But alas, there are not many of them left. Putin is not enough for everyone. So the woman is left alone with what to live her life with. Only the moment comes anyway when she begins to understand that the heart requires love, and the soul needs family warmth. And here a prince on a white horse is needed. And facts are stubborn things, he and she need each other.

Mom + Dad2

Rarely does a woman not experience maternal instinct. Despite the growing childfree movement, sooner or later the X-hour comes when the need for her own child prevails over all other areas of her life and becomes the most important priority. And to be able to change diapers, wash ass and buy toys, a woman needs a man. Of course, there are other opportunities to acquire a child, but the natural approach is somehow closer, easier and, importantly, more budgetary.

And with the advent of the baby, the feminist in the woman dies out, giving way to a caring mother who is trying with all her might to make the world around the child full and bright. And for this it is necessary that both parents were next to him, because he loves both equally equally. According to statistics, many families are trying to maintain relationships, avoiding divorce, just for the sake of the child. Yes, and according to psychologists, a woman only becomes completely happy when all the needs of her and the baby are satisfied. Therefore, in this case, a man is simply necessary for her.


Sex addiction3

Yes, today there are many sex shops offering a huge assortment of toys for adults, with the help of which a woman can independently get a sexual release. In addition, many of them leave, so to speak, to another clan, that is, change their orientation. However, no dildo can replace the living flesh of a real man. Regular sexual activity is necessary for the full functioning of the reproductive system of the female body. Endorphins, which are released during intercourse, will lift a woman's mood, making her happy.

Some modern girls claim that they are satisfied with one-time sex, without obligation. But according to psychologists, this is nothing more than fear. Fear of trusting a man, opening his soul to him makes a woman keep her distance. Although according to the same psychologists, most women get a real orgasm only when sex becomes a part of life together and is accompanied by deep feelings.

Ruble support4

To decide why a woman needs a man, it is enough to look at the family model in Russian society. It is still relevant to see a man as the main earner and keeper of the family budget. This is especially strongly felt in those periods of a woman's life when she:

  • studies at the institute and cannot earn money for their own needs;
  • is in position or maternity leave;
  • has any health problems;
  • for any reason left without a job.

Even if a woman has a job, her salary is not always enough to support her family, especially if she has children. In such cases, male financial support is essential. By the way, precisely because she needs stability and confidence in the future, she is looking for a wealthy partner.

Stone wall5

While children are small, parents act as protectors from all adversity. You can often hear the phrase "tear for your child." So, when a child, especially a girl, grows up, she wants to hear the same thing. Only not from mom and dad, but from a husband or boyfriend.

Any heterosexual representative of the weaker sex dreams of having a reliable support, a stone wall, a strong male shoulder nearby. Only in this way does she acquire spiritual comfort, knowing that there is someone to stand up for her. Of course, you can go to karate courses and, in the event of an attack, make hara-kiri to the offenders, but it is much more pleasant if your beloved man does it. Deep in their souls, women are very defenseless creatures, still living in a stone cave while her husband catches a mammoth and collects shells for beads.


In addition to some kind of physical violence against enemies, a woman also needs support emotionally. So that in case of frustration, there is someone to cry into the vest. The girlfriend and the glass of wine look good too, but the man is better, his shoulder is wider. And what can we say, if suddenly the pipe burst or the traffic jams were kicked out, who else but him, the hero of All Russia, will save the apartment from the flood.

And those men who endure and support a woman throughout pregnancy are generally worthy of a monument during their lifetime. Not everyone will lead their pregnant wife to sniff or chew on rusty nails at 2 am. And this is only a small fraction of all the desires of a woman while waiting for a child. You can not even mention the smell of kerosene, tires, cucumbers with honey or herring with chocolate.

In spite of society6

Another important fact why a woman needs a man is society. Try a woman not to marry until 30 years old, neighbors, girlfriends, relatives, colleagues, etc. will peck. Here, like it or not, the word "must" works on a subconscious level. Get married urgently. Give birth urgently. And after all, it's a shame to look in the eyes and tired of answering questions. Hence, another reason in the desire to quickly find a man and get married.

Why does a woman need a man
Why does a woman need a man

And if a woman is with a child, then the heels are on fire. Then the criteria are reduced and the number of claims decreases. In this case, the mansion on Rublyovka is not so important, and Khrushchev will do. And the requirements for the size of wages are rapidly falling exponentially. But the man is in the house, and now let them bite their tongue.

Appreciate a woman7

Another reason explaining why a woman needs a man is the need to be necessary, needed by someone. And it's not about the child, but specifically about the man. At a subconscious level, most ladies have a hostess, a homemaker's attitude. She wants to cook a delicious dinner for him, create coziness and comfort in the house, so that it will be appreciated and said “thank you”.

A man who thanks a woman for what she does for him finds in her the most faithful and devoted friend. It is the need to be appreciated in one's actions, to be needed and irreplaceable that leads to the search for a partner. Indeed, in fact, a woman does not need much. A bouquet of flowers, a grateful smile, praise for a delicious breakfast or lunch, and she will put the whole world at his feet.

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