What To Do When A Girl Doesn't Want A Relationship But Doesn't Mind Communicating

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What To Do When A Girl Doesn't Want A Relationship But Doesn't Mind Communicating
What To Do When A Girl Doesn't Want A Relationship But Doesn't Mind Communicating

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the girl does not want a relationship, but wants to communicate
the girl does not want a relationship, but wants to communicate

Girls dream of compliments, romantic walks and gifts.

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Ok, everything was, but the kiss turned out on the cheek, there is no question about sex at all. However, when you invited her for a walk again, she did not refuse. The question arises - how to understand? And this is when a girl does not want a relationship, but wants to communicate. Why does this happen, and what will come of it?

Why? i

Because I didn't impress as a guy

Women expect two states from men - security and the conviction that they are loved.

Protection is not necessary when dogs attack. Here she tells you in a timid voice what an awkward situation she got into. Tries to laugh, but it doesn't work out well.

How do you react? You say that everyone is afraid and shy, but she was just a fine fellow? Or dismiss it: what nonsense. In the latter case, she will feel bad. If there are several such small episodes, the relationship will not be built.

She will communicate with you, because you talk about films and games in an interesting way, invite you on walks, make fun as you can. But without feeling the strength aimed at protecting her, she will not want to become your girlfriend.

The conviction of what is needed does not come just like that. And don't even try to open your mouth to say that everything is clear anyway. A girl should feel unique and valuable to you. If you invited her to a cafe and walked along the street, that's good, but not enough.

How to convince? You will be right if you say that you shouldn't rush to talk about your feelings at the beginning of a relationship.

But again, about the little things. Did you give gifts? If not, then there is nothing to talk about at all. And if so, which ones? You are in a hurry for a date, you run the stall, you remember, you drop in, grab something suitable and … Here's a present for you, dear?

the girl does not want to communicate
the girl does not want to communicate

You may not believe, but everything that a person does in this world has its own energy. The more effort you put into something, the more energy it is filled with. So there is nothing in such a gift, and, believe me, she will feel it. If you always do this, there will be no relationship.

Now imagine a different situation. You go shopping a day or two goodbye and choose a gift. And when you give it, you tell how you looked for it, with what thoughts. I assure you, even if the gift does not please, she will appreciate your efforts, and her heart will be filled with warmth.

Because there are girls like that

Another not entirely pleasant answer is why a girl doesn't want a relationship. There are girls, hunters by nature. They are usually pretty and sexy. Realizing their attractiveness, they want to sell it at a higher price.


And the girlish rating rises when there are many men nearby. And he will surround himself with guys who are ready to take her out into the light, walk along the evening streets, restaurants and cafes, and give gifts. She graciously accepts this, looking around in search of suitable prey.

How to recognize this? Just. She will not be interested in you at all. And if suddenly interest woke up, and the girl, opening her mouth, listens, try to check. A few minutes after you turn the conversation to another topic, ask a question about what you just said. If she answers inappropriately, then she didn't listen, and it was a game for the audience. At that moment she needed something.

And such ladies are distinguished by tasks for men who are given out to the right and left. You always need something, and do not tolerate rejection.

Advice is a thankless task, but if I had listened, I would quickly run away from her. There is no life there, and there is no love. Only self-interest. And she perceives you as an errand boy, not the man of her dreams.

the girl leaves communication
the girl leaves communication

Because a friend

It also happens that you have not screwed up too much, but the girl is not ready for a relationship. If she's good with you, she won't want to let go. In principle, not a bad option, because friendship between a man and a woman still exists. And if that suits you, then everything is fine.

If not, then you can leave the friend zone and become her boyfriend, but there is no end of work. Both over yourself and over the situation. And it will take a lot of time. Decide for yourself what you need.

What to do? 2

In the first case, think about what you want from the girl. If you have a serious and beautiful relationship, then you yourself should act seriously and beautifully. Do you know how? Yes, women's psychology is fundamentally different from men's. But never a problem. Read, watch the video, watch, talk to your mom or a friend older than you. The main thing is desire, but information will be found.

And, of course, skill. In this case, the situation in which you become a friend will help. When you stop twitching and thinking that you have lost, you start to feel the thrill of communicating with a girl. Then it's time to observe, ask, analyze. A wonderful experience of communication with the opposite sex, which will be very useful in the future.

friendly conversation
friendly conversation

Well, it's better to stay away from beautiful, but cold bitches. This is also, of course, knowledge, but negative. And only one conclusion can be drawn - do not mess with such people.

If a girl does not want a relationship, but wants to communicate, then this can be a problem only when you are fixated on her. If an adequate guy, then you know that you can always find a girl after your heart, and one more friend will not interfere with you.

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