What Scents Do Men Like? Details Only With Us

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What Scents Do Men Like? Details Only With Us
What Scents Do Men Like? Details Only With Us

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What scents do men like
What scents do men like

Recommendations for choosing a perfume

Being next to a woman, a man pays attention not only to external signs, but also to how a woman smells and this is one of the main factors of his choice. Despite the low sensitivity of humans to odors, compared to animals, humans are surprisingly sensitive to them.

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  • 5 What turns men off?

Newborns and their mothers can only identify each other by smell for a few hours after birth, which is one of the reasons why the baby is placed on the mother's breast as soon as it is born. This is what we are like with most other mammals. Obviously, there are significant differences between the sexes in their sensitivity to smell - women are much more sensitive than men.

Definitely, women rate the smell as one of the important indicators in choosing a partner. It is generally accepted that men rely more on visual factors, but the smell of a woman is almost the most important for a man. You need to figure out what scents do men like?

Tips for choosing a perfume2

An important factor when choosing a perfume is to achieve harmony between the scent and the woman's age. Mature ladies should understand that light and fresh scents are more suitable for young romantic girls and it is better to choose a sweeter and tart fragrance.

Of course, the choice of scent is a personal matter, but there are still some rules. It is useful to know that the quantitative content of essential oils determines the quality and prestige of a perfume.

Eau de parfum with aphrodisiac acts as a separate group. Naturally, each organism secretes its natural pheromones, but to enhance the desire of a partner, you can use their substitutes. The variety of pleasant aromas in the composition of such perfumes can please others without the goal of intimacy.

Attractive smells3

  • Musky. This fragrance is unusually warm and heady, it is very intense and contains some shades of forest and wildlife. This fragrance is suitable for strong-willed and strong women.
  • Floral. The widest range of perfumes. There are aromas of carnation, violet, rose, lily and other flowers. Such aromas can be either single or combined in a bouquet.
The man likes the scent
The man likes the scent
  • Citrus. This is the most preferred category among women. Smells of lemon, grapefruit or bergamot are quite light and fresh. This fragrance is very convenient for constant use.
  • Fruit. These perfumes are dominated by the smell of fruits such as peach, apple, tangerine or pineapple. Women choosing such a fragrance are active and cheerful personalities.
  • Marine. In the manufacture of this perfume, synthesized substances are used, designed to recreate the atmosphere of the ocean, waves and sea surf. Suitable for harmonious and independent people who rely only on their own opinion.
  • Aldehyde. This fragrance has no match in nature, it is synthesized in the laboratory. It conceals a lot of notes in its composition and is designed for the best interaction with the skin and natural ferromones.

Top perfume brands4

Naturally, in the first place is Chanel No. 5. Although the longevity of these perfumes is average, men like the unique scent in their hair or on a graceful wrist.

Opium Yves Saint Laurent Eau de Toilette contains mystery and notes of the East. Men love to solve riddles, and the gradual disclosure of the compositions of citrus, flowers and spices will take him to the fabulous east.

What smell does a man like
What smell does a man like

Berry citrus notes combined with various floral oils will emphasize the status of the owner. The very persistent Incolence from Guerlain fascinates men, they will follow her and want to meet such a beautiful woman.

The tenderness and lightness of Bright Crystal from Versace or Flowerbomb Viktor & Rolf are suitable for young, gentle, romantic natures, because the opposite, as you know, attracts and attracts the stronger sex.

Advertising for such perfumes as J`adore from the famous house of Christian Dior is fully consistent with the luxurious scent that delights men.

You can also find a suitable perfume that will leave behind an unforgettable trail in the series from Agent Provocateur. By the way, it was this brand that made a great contribution to the creation of sexy lingerie and various female "tricks" for seducing men.

What turns men off 5

Of course, you need to know what scents men like, but it is equally important to know what can turn them off from you. Even an expensive perfume can turn the first date into the only one and the man will no longer want to communicate.

  1. Strong smell. May cause headache. Representatives of the stronger sex do not like it when women pour the floor of a perfume bottle over themselves for the best effect.
  2. Too sweet smell. The sweetness of the scent should not distract from the wearer's appearance.
What smell do men like
What smell do men like

Therefore, it is necessary to choose a fragrance that emphasizes the qualities that correspond to the woman's age. Perfume should be applied on the wrist and behind the earlobes, do not spray yourself from head to toe. Any girl should have several perfume options on her dressing table and use them, depending on the situation and in accordance with her image.

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