How And Where To Find A Husband: 15 Places To Find Love

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How And Where To Find A Husband: 15 Places To Find Love
How And Where To Find A Husband: 15 Places To Find Love

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How to find a decent man
How to find a decent man

When a girl has no other half, she feels lonely. You can, of course, sit and wait until fate itself knocks on your doors. If you trust the chance, then there is no guarantee that a woman will be lucky enough to meet a normal guy.

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There is nothing wrong with looking for the right person, because no one is ashamed to look for the best job. Why not take steps to make yourself a happier woman? Consider how to find a decent man and maintain a relationship.

How to attract a decent man? I

In order to keep a man close to her, a woman needs to work out her own thinking and relationships with men in general. Use step by step instructions to change your consciousness. Further detailed recommendations on how to attract a man and keep him:

Step 1. Remove restrictions. When a girl is haunted by constant failures in relationships and no adequate partners are found on the way, you need to deal with your psychological attitudes. To do this, analyze the relationship with men in your family, the interaction of parents. Negative moments, constant scandals were deposited on the girl's subconscious and her self-esteem

For a worthy man to come into your life, you should forgive all men, including your father. Look at all the situations that happened in life and analyze the connection with previous attitudes. Draw conclusions, thank the past for the experience, and open up to new relationships.

Step 2. Form the image. The search for the chosen one begins with determining the type of man. The girl needs to form an image of a worthy representative of the strong half of humanity. What traits should a partner have?

For example, he must be strong, intelligent, generous, considerate, and so on. Should be written down on paper. The more detailed the image is, the better, because you will attract the guy who has the qualities of your worthy man.

Step 3. Visualization. A person's thoughts are material, so everything that you imagine about your future chosen one will most likely appear before you. You can make a love card, take a Whatman paper and stick pictures that correspond to your ideas about an ideal relationship

This will help you determine what exactly you need to be happy. Look at the collage from time to time, imagine the scenes of your future. Positive thoughts make your dreams come true faster.

Step 4. Self-development. After you have seen a clear image of your man and your relationship, imagine what kind of woman this guy would like. How to find a guy if you yourself do not reach him? You found yourself inconsistent with the imaginary girl of your chosen one, which means you have a lot to move

Create a new look for yourself, update your wardrobe. Pay attention to your body: if necessary, lose a couple of extra pounds, sign up for the gym. And most importantly, fill your inner content. To do this, you can read books, be creative, communicate with interesting people, be open to everything new.

Step 5. Plan. After you have completed all the preparatory part, it is time to proceed with the very implementation of the plan. Your task is to choose the best meeting place that is accessible to you and most comfortable. Feel free to start making your plans a reality

How to find a decent man and where? 2

Of course, you can find a real knight by chance. But it's better to increase your chances and visit the most popular places for a fateful meeting:


Ideal for looking for an athletic, healthy guy. The advantages of the chosen one are obvious: he is purposeful, strives for the best and most likely with a good figure. To get acquainted with the guy you are interested in, ask him to show you the technique of performing the exercise, set up the simulator. Conduct the conversation very lightly with a smile and open eyes. "An invitation to flirt is written with the eyes." (Jeanne Moreau).

For dating, choose the morning hours, since men who have already achieved something start their working day later. They often play sports in the morning, they are relaxed and calm. Therefore, the likelihood that you will be paid attention to and offered to drink a glass of juice is very high.

How to find a decent man
How to find a decent man

Trainings, courses

Attending these events has two advantages: firstly, you are engaged in self-development, increase your intellectual level, and secondly, you look closely at the surrounding men who also strive to become better.

Therefore, choose those meetings that are of interest to you personally. Common interests promote harmonious relationships. A large number of successful and strong men are trained in business training. If this topic is even a little close to you, walk boldly after a worthy chosen one.


These are not art galleries or other places of art. Men willingly visit exhibitions of cars, equipment, latest technologies, raw materials in order to purchase or study new production. An acquaintance with a pretty girl will be a good acquisition.

Social networks

Finding a good man through the screen is very difficult. Online you will not be able to find out the real essence of a person, because he can impersonate anyone. Even if the communication seems pleasant and he behaves super decently, when you meet in person, you may not feel the attraction. Therefore, this method will take extra time. But if the girl is shy, then the dating site will help find a contender for her heart.

the man
the man


You have received an invitation to a celebration and you doubt whether you need to go there. Definitely yes. Usually there are many men present at this holiday. The very atmosphere encourages new acquaintances. And in a beautiful dress and in high spirits, you will definitely attract the guy's attention, the main thing is that your choice fell on a decent one.


An active man loves adventure, vacation abroad or within the country. This is a great place to find a worthy beau. Choose an excursion according to your interests. Find a suitable tour, find out the number of participants. It is important that this is not a tour for retirees.


If a girl likes a romantic pastime in nature, then you can go hiking with a company of guys. The main thing is to choose really normal people, find out who is going. In such conditions, people converge very quickly. A few days after meeting, it will seem to you that you have known a man for eternity.

the man
the man

Equipment stores

These places attract men, and a single girl will definitely arouse a guy's interest. Of course, you need to start the conversation first. Better to ask what he chooses. If he himself does not know the features of the product, then pretend in front of the consultant that you are choosing together, just try yourself in the role of his girlfriend. I am guided by the situation, be open to communication.

Airport and planes

In anticipation of rest, a man feels as relaxed as possible. A positive atmosphere encourages new acquaintances. If a man is there alone, then he also wants to have a good company. Moreover, the audience of the guys is definitely better off.

Book Shop

Earlier, the older generation got acquainted in libraries, we will replace them with bookstores. Here you can meet writers, outstanding men, literature lovers. You can also immediately identify the interests of the applicants. It's great when a guy picks up a book that is interesting to you. Maybe this is a sign?

the man
the man

Shooting gallery

If you often wondered how to find a decent man? Then here's another place. Many men like to shoot, this method relieves nervous tension. For some professions, this is generally a necessary skill. A girl with a weapon looks very impressive and sexy, of course, if she knows how to shoot. Therefore, practice first.

Ski resort

Active rest is a favorite place for worthy men. They love winter sports. Therefore, if a girl can afford to rest, she can go to a ski resort to communicate with nice people. After the snowy slopes, everyone meets in the cafeterias to warm up and drink mulled wine. Then you can take a closer look at the surrounding men, and if you find something worthy, you can act.

Extreme sport

It is unlikely that you will meet a boring and lack of initiative man here. It can be skydiving or extreme driving. Guys who like extreme activities are definitely strong and active. Find the next event, get the courage and take on a new hobby.

How to find a decent man
How to find a decent man

A party

Events where friends of friends gather. If you are invited to a holiday, then do not refuse the offer. Or organize your own party yourself and make it mandatory to bring several friends with you in order to expand your social circle and possibly meet a worthy gentleman.

At work

Women spend most of their lives at work, so it is worth taking a closer look at who is nearby. Perhaps the only and worthy partner works with you in the same organization. Moreover, you have incredible bonuses, you know a lot, for example, that he is not married.

Do you need to take the very first step? 3

After you find out where worthy men live, a dilemma arises: is it enough to be in their company or you need to act decisively yourself. It all depends on where the acquaintance will take place.

If you attend courses, trainings, then this means joint classes, in which you will naturally communicate and establish contacts. It is recommended to actively use feminine tricks to attract the attention of a man: languid glances, a manifestation of special interest in his person, support for his point of view, tactile contact.

the man
the man

When you are attending a business lunch where candidates are just eating, they may notice you, have mercy, and disperse in all directions. You need to act more boldly and make acquaintances first. If you are of the opinion that a woman's initiative is unacceptable and you must wait for a man to act, you risk waiting for him forever.

Therefore, if you really want to find a worthy man, then first you should talk to him in order to assess how he meets the required parameters.

Be active, do not hide your location, invite on a date, be sincere, and a worthy man will pay attention to you.

Important points when choosing a decent man4

After you have found a suitable option for the role of your future lover or life partner, you should make sure that this is exactly the one you need. Use effective advice from psychologists to create a lasting alliance once, and not spend your entire life searching.

Check the senses

When meeting a partner, a woman rushes into the pool headlong and hurries to get married so as not to miss that same man. Soon, common children appear, and without understanding their own relationships, problems begin in the family.

Then the woman does not at all consider the chosen one worthy. Therefore, before you get married, check your feelings for at least 3 years. On the other hand, extend the courtship time, your betrothed should definitely be able to please you.

Keep your distance

Do not rush to provide a man with a full range of services. Let him know that you are demanding attention and respect for yourself. This way you can filter out those men who are not interested in long-term relationships.

the man
the man

Be yourself

Of course, when meeting a guy, a girl creates the image of the most refined lady, kind and sweet. But if you do not really strive to become such, then you should not pretend to be someone who you are not. Because you can't pretend all your life, just be natural.

If you fail5

The girl visits an insane number of places, trainings, events, but all the acquaintances end in failure. Don't take bad luck to heart. You have already done a lot to find your own happiness, so praise yourself for your success. Please note that a man's refusal does not mean that something is wrong with you.

Maybe you just haven't met the right partner. And you need situations for your personal growth. Be confident in yourself, an engine to your goal and a worthy man will definitely appear in your life. For example, Baptist priest Glynn (Scotty) Wolfe of Blyth, NY. California, USA tried to find a decent one in 28 marriages.

How to find a decent man? You can meet him anywhere: shop, plane or subway. If you clear your mind of prejudices, lead an active lifestyle, visit interesting places, you will radiate live energy that will attract the very same person.

And in conclusion, we recommend our next article on how to attract a man's love by the most efficient methods with a guarantee, risks and without them.

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