How To Arrange A Romantic Evening At Home For Two? 11 Ideas And Scenarios

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How To Arrange A Romantic Evening At Home For Two? 11 Ideas And Scenarios
How To Arrange A Romantic Evening At Home For Two? 11 Ideas And Scenarios

Video: How To Arrange A Romantic Evening At Home For Two? 11 Ideas And Scenarios

Video: How To Arrange A Romantic Evening At Home For Two? 11 Ideas And Scenarios
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Romantic evening at home
Romantic evening at home

What could be more beautiful than a delicious candlelit dinner, sitting hand in hand with your loved one? Many things! If you decide to have a romantic evening at home, this does not mean that everything has to happen according to a well-established scenario. Of course, this is very sweet and touching, but we bet that you already had a similar scenario. I want something new and unusual.

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  • 2 Champagne bath
  • 3 Defile
  • 4 Tasting
  • 5 Chocolate fondue
  • 6 Picnic in the yard
  • 7 Fun games
  • 8 Theme evening
  • 9 Everybody dance!
  • 10 Evening of nostalgia
  • 11 Literary reading
  • 12 Practical Tips for Setting Up the Perfect Evening

The ingrained stereotype that the best romantic evening can be spent in an expensive restaurant in the city center needs to be crossed out. Everything ingenious is simple and affordable without crazy spending. All that is required is to connect your imagination, and an ordinary routine evening will turn into an unforgettable joint adventure.

Home Cinema

Imagine you came home from work. A hard working day is behind. In my head only obsessive thoughts about a quiet rest flicker. However, because of this daily hustle and bustle, you completely forget to devote time to your significant other. It's a great idea to spend a cozy evening, put on comfy pajamas, stock up on chips or popcorn, and cover yourself with a blanket. Such a pastime is especially pleasant in autumn or winter, when it is raining outside the window or fluffy snow is slowly falling.

However, approach this romantically and prepare for the evening ahead of time. Find an interesting film, be it a comedy or erotica. But you should not give preference this evening to a tearful melodrama, thriller or horror movie. Nothing should be stressful. Think carefully about which movie to choose.

It is very difficult to find what both will like. Choose something neutral and compromise to avoid fights. For dessert, take care of the logical end of the evening - sex. Prepare seductive lingerie, and when the movie is over, let your senses run wild. Minimum costs with maximum pleasure and convenience.

Champagne bath2

Do you know what else will help you to relax? Hot bath. And what will bring unprecedented pleasure? Hot tub with champagne and a loved one. Sounds exciting. Purchase a bottle of champagne (or other alcohol of your choice) in advance. Fill the bathtub with hot water, add aroma oils, foam and colored bombs to it. You can make delicious pastries - a great addition to sparkling champagne.

Turn off the lights, instead place small scented candles around the room, turn on your favorite melodic music for the general background. A romantic evening at home in this format will not only allow you to relax and unwind, but also bring you closer to your partner.

how to arrange a romantic evening at home
how to arrange a romantic evening at home

He will be ready to do a lot to repay for such a pastime.


If you are a romantic experimenter who loves to arrange an unprecedented evening for your significant other every weekend, we bet you haven't had such a date before. This evening is not for those who like to be modest, not for those who pass by a sex shop with paint on their faces. It's time to fully open up and demonstrate your relaxedness in action. If you have a couple of maid, cop or firefighter outfits in your wardrobe, this date format is perfect for you!

If you don't have such clothes, you can experiment with your wardrobe and underwear. To create images, be guided by the preferences of your partner. Prepare a delicious dinner in the form of canapes, skewers, waffles with strawberries and cream. It all depends on creativity and imagination. Meet your partner unexpectedly, blindfolded and taken to a comfortable place. Demonstrate your plasticity and challenging images, add a grading system. End with a daring nude show.


A great option for food lovers. You will need to shop at the grocery store to simulate a real tasting. Shop for several different types of champagne, cheese and fruit. Play background music to create the mood you want. Dimmed light will create a romantic atmosphere.

come up with a romantic evening at home
come up with a romantic evening at home

You can arrange a belly feast in a buffet format, and at the end, arrange to eat goodies from each other's naked bodies. Strawberries, grapes, whipped cream or rolls? You can decorate hot bodies with your favorite food, and eat a bite without using your hands. There are many ideas. Don't waste your time and combine business with pleasure.

Chocolate fondue5

An alternative option for those with a sweet tooth. Chocolate with fruit is already a great idea. And what if you melt this tile, cut the fruit, light a lot of candles, incense. But the main thing that needs to be done is to feed each other with all the prepared goodies, licking the dripping drops of chocolate. A win-win option for an inexpensive but most romantic evening. Run, stock up on chocolate bars!

Picnic in the yard6

If there is an opportunity to go to near the house, on the terrace or in the yard, do not miss this chance. In this case, you can choose absolutely any place. Dinner with a blanket on the lawn is a great idea for spring or summer. There is no need to be upset if there is no quiet place to relax nearby, you can create an imitation of a picnic in an apartment.

how to arrange a romantic evening
how to arrange a romantic evening

A street feel can be created with indoor plants. You can put a blanket on the floor, and surround everything with greenery. To heighten the entourage, you can light candles with the scent of greenery or pine needles, turn on audio recordings with sounds of nature. Wine, champagne or light cocktails can be complemented with delicious sandwiches, fruit or cheese cuts.

Fun games 7

Cards, twister, checkers or bingo - all these good old games "shine" in a new way if you add eroticism to them, namely, stripping. Use your imagination and come up with a principle according to which you will remove an item of clothing. Any game played by a man and a woman already has an erotic connotation. So, there shouldn't be any special problems in adding new rules. An ideal pastime for gamblers.

A special place is occupied by a romantic quest. To set up a play space, you need to create a mysterious atmosphere. Lighting can come from a fireplace or spotlights, but light from chandeliers or lamps will not work here. Come up with a quest script consisting of twelve riddle notes. After solving these puzzles, the participant receives a prize at the end. You need to think over the script well, adding a little danger, excitement and sex to it.

arrange a romantic evening at home
arrange a romantic evening at home

To enhance the effect, you should choose a musical accompaniment from famous films.

Thematic evening8

An ordinary candlelit dinner will instantly become brighter if it is timed to some theme. For example, a Japanese-style party for two. To do this, you need to completely recreate this atmosphere: apply the appropriate makeup, decorate the room with fans, sakura branches, light small candles around the room. Food should also fit into this format: cook or order rolls and make unusual canapes. A well-thought-out romantic evening at home can replace a trip to an expensive restaurant. Of course, everything here depends on the preferences of each of the partners.

Everybody dance! 9

Dancing with your loved one with dim lights, good music and fine wine is always romantic. Even if one of the lovers does not know how to dance, it's time to learn it. There are many videos on the Internet freely available that explain in detail how to learn how to dance a particular dance. Choose lessons according to your mood.

Cheerful and groovy movements will cheer up, romantic and passionate - they will awaken the desire to continue the evening in a horizontal position.

how to make a romantic evening at home
how to make a romantic evening at home

Each small victory in training, each new successful movement brings partners closer and instills confidence in a loved one.

Evening of nostalgia10

The perfect way to rekindle old feelings and passion. To begin with, properly arrange a room where you can share your memories. Prepare the dishes you tried in the cafe on your first date together, play good music from the past, find photo albums and old videos. Then you can arrange a photo session in funny or beautiful clothes. This will create many new happy memories that will keep you warm for a long time.

Literary reading11

No, this does not mean that you need to go to the city library and please your mind with new food. Prepare an interesting book with erotic scenes. "Emmanuelle" or "50 shades of gray" is not a bad option. Read aloud over the lines, surrendering to the rush of that passion and mood. Scenes where people are given amorous pleasures must be strictly followed.

how to spend a romantic evening at home
how to spend a romantic evening at home

Create an erotic ambiance in the room, buy a couple of bottles of good wine, cook simple meals, and wear something erotic. The best pastime for bookworms or those who want to try literally everything.

Practical tips for the perfect evening12

Choosing a scenario according to which a romantic evening at home will be arranged is another half of the success. There are some tips and tricks you need to follow to make it go great.

For a gourmet evening, opt for simple and basic ingredients. Not sure about your own culinary options? Better not to risk it and order food from your favorite restaurant. And in general, do not get too hung up on food - this evening you will have something better for dessert. If the evening is unplanned, do not rush to reveal all the cards to your partner. Tell me what time you need to be home and what to wear.

It is important to choose the right day for the meeting. If a loved one has a lot of things to do on this day, then even the most perfectly arranged date can be met inadequately. Against this background, a quarrel can erupt, and instead of the expected date, you will get disappointment. A perfect evening is a fitting evening.

Romantic evening at home
Romantic evening at home

If a thematic evening is being used, then all the details must correspond to the given theme: clothing, food, room arrangement, makeup, attributes. You can sit in the living room or on the balcony. Include light meals on the menu to continue the evening without full stomach and overeating. Table setting should not be cumbersome. More decor, less food, and you will be happy.

What a romantic evening at home without a bottle of wine or champagne? That's right, none. However, do not take too many strong drinks. Everyone knows how excessive alcohol consumption can ruin the intimate continuation of the evening. Therefore, you need to stop at one or two bottles of weak alcohol. If you wish, you can make your own alcoholic cocktails, decorating them with exotic fruits.

Paying attention to other attributes, you should not forget about lighting, which plays an important role in creating the right atmosphere. For a romantic dinner, dim lighting with lots of candles is the best option. The fire will instantly create a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Music, even for the background, is also very important. Even if you or your partner are in love with hard rock or metal, this music is highlighted in red for a date. Find something relaxing and melodic. An instrumental melody without vocal accompaniment is a great choice.

A romantic evening at home is a great way to relax together after a hard day at work. It will help you bond and freshen up your relationship. Romance never gets old. And at home, you can create a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere.

think over a romantic evening at home
think over a romantic evening at home

And if home is a great place for this, then why pay crazy money for a predictable scenario in a restaurant? So it will turn out to come up with an original picture for mere pennies.

Follow all the tips, give free rein to your feelings, turn on your fantasy to the maximum. You can be sure that any of the above options will be remembered for a long time by both partners and will push you to new and daring experiments.

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