How To Understand That A Man Has Another Woman On The Side?

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How To Understand That A Man Has Another Woman On The Side?
How To Understand That A Man Has Another Woman On The Side?
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Love and relationships between a man and a woman are wonderful. People in love stop noticing other people around them, for them there is only their second half, but it happens that a man grows cold towards his partner, so he looks for something on the side, and then betrayal appears. How do you know that a man has another woman besides you?

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  • 3 Mobile phone
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  • 5 Attitude towards your woman
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Surely any adult woman had some strange thoughts about whether her man had her alone. This situation is very sad, but at the first thought, you do not need to arrange some tantrums, reproach yourself for your wrong behavior, try to track down something, and so on. In such cases, you just need to calm down and wait for the man himself, by chance or not, to divulge the truth.

Changes in appearance i

You can understand that a man has another woman by his drastically changed behavior, which is not at all characteristic of him. In this case, you need, without wasting words and hysterics, just start to carefully observe the man.

Very often, when men find another woman, they begin to carefully monitor their appearance, visiting high-level hairdressers, the gym, spending a lot of time in the bathroom in front of the mirror, dressing stylishly and much more. He begins to choose sexy underwear for himself, a new cologne that his mistress may have chosen. Men want to match their chosen one, especially if she is younger than them.

Delays at work2

Of course, a man begins to linger after work very often, if before he rushed home to rest, do some business or spend time with you or with the children, now you can see that he has various problems at work, which before It never happened. Now he has eternal “fumes”, a large number of meetings, business trips to another city, which he previously refused in every possible way.

Usually, from his mistress, a man returns home very clean, he may smell like soap or shower gel, behind which the natural body odor that is produced during the day is not felt.

How to understand that a man has another
How to understand that a man has another

Mobile phone3

When a man cheats, he begins to protect his phone very carefully. He keeps it with him every minute, during a telephone conversation, he goes away from the woman so that she does not hear. Also, men set a password on their phones and hide notifications so that no one can see anything. You can order a detailed list of calls and SMS from your service provider, find out the most called phone number and check who is hiding on the other side of the handset.


A man's mood can tell a lot. When he has another woman, he is always cheerful, cheerful and much that previously seemed to him a problem, now for him is a trifle and nonsense. There is always a smile on his face, although earlier he was very concerned about some adversity at work, in the family, etc.

Attitude towards your woman5

The cheater stops paying attention to you, your intimate relationship is reduced to zero, he compares you to other women - this is what should definitely give you the idea of ​​a mistress. The man is unhappy with you, because on the side he sees something better than you, well, at least he thinks so.

Sometimes it becomes really pity for men, because they do not understand that their woman at the beginning of the relationship was completely different, just as beautiful as her mistress, but precisely because of men and their behavior, women become different.

There's a woman on the side
There's a woman on the side

There is also a reverse side of the coin, when a man, on the contrary, begins to overwhelm his woman with gifts, admire you, arrange some kind of dates, trips to your parents and much more.

Money question6

Did the man start bringing less money home even though he now has a lot more work to do? A reason to think, because gifts for a mistress, trips to cafes and restaurants cost a lot of money. He is reluctant to give you his salary, because he understands that he can spend money on another woman and get something pleasant in return.


If your man has a car, then be sure to check it, because it is a very common place to meet with his mistress. Often, the mistresses themselves leave various things in the glove compartment, under the seat and in other places. You can discover hair, underwear, cosmetics, and more.


Sexual health. Men who sleep with women on the side make one very stupid mistake - they do not use protection during intercourse, so men begin to protect their wife or girlfriend, and stop leading an intimate life with her.

How to find out about connections on the side
How to find out about connections on the side

Very often they begin to come up with very stupid excuses, they say, they picked up a disease in the pool, in the bathhouse and in various other places where, of course, you can catch the disease.

If you, nevertheless, found out about the betrayal, then you should not cut from the shoulder. You can discuss everything calmly and just find out what your man lacked in you, that he had another woman. It must be remembered that any relationship can be returned and saved, because an affair on the side is not at all serious.

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