TOP-7 Rules In A Relationship With A Rich Man

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TOP-7 Rules In A Relationship With A Rich Man
TOP-7 Rules In A Relationship With A Rich Man
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handsome in a chair
handsome in a chair

When a woman wants to start a relationship with a wealthy man, she least of all thinks about the consequences. And they can be completely unpredictable. More often, she thinks how to present herself, what line of communication to build, so that these very relationships later become serious and everything ends with a wedding.

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  • 1 The pluses include:
  • 2 The disadvantages include:
  • 3 1 rule. Sincerity of communication.
  • 4 2 rule. No financial requests.
  • 5 3 rule. Show of interest.
  • 6 4 rule. Stop arrogance.
  • 7 5 rule. Don't provoke.
  • 8 6 rule. Don't forget about yourself.
  • 9 7 rule. Be level.

Before starting a relationship with a rich man, you need to analyze all the pros and cons.

The pluses include: i

  1. Improving financial well-being. A man will support his beloved woman.
  2. Career. It can be a good new position in the company of a beloved man, a promotion in an existing profession due to the emerging "blat".
  3. Helping family and friends. For example, buying expensive drugs or lending a certain amount of money without a refund framework.
  4. The opportunity to start your own business with the financial help of a man.
  5. Leaving work and the opportunity to pursue a favorite hobby that cannot generate income.
Relationship with a rich guy
Relationship with a rich guy

The disadvantages include: 2

  1. Condemnation by society. The vast majority will consider such a woman selfish and mercantile, in a relationship only for the sake of money. However, every woman wants financial stability in a relationship - this is inherent in nature. And whoever says the opposite is disingenuous.
  2. A relationship with a wealthy man can end as quickly as it began. He'll just find himself another woman. A rich man can afford it much more often than an average man.
  3. Abrupt cessation of funding. Rich men can be pretty mean. After they have conquered the woman, the gifts may stop abruptly. You need to be prepared for this.
  4. Gradual moderate degradation. When a person has everything and for this he did practically nothing. When the realization that everything desired has already been achieved has penetrated into the head - from this moment regression begins.
  5. Difficulty building relationships. Since a certain layer of wealthy young men are proud, selfish, boorish representatives. They do not reckon with anyone, they are not interested in someone else's life. There are two possible options: bend over and endure (for the sake of money, love or status), or quickly run away from such a man.
Is it easy in a relationship with a wealthy man
Is it easy in a relationship with a wealthy man

In order not to regret later, it is better to think it over in advance. And when all the risks are taken into account, the woman is ready for such a relationship, the question arises: Where to meet a wealthy man? There may be several options:

  • A suitable candidate may be the director of a company for which a woman works. It will be necessary to find out more about your boss (where he dines, what time he comes and leaves at work, what kind of coffee he prefers) and then it will not be difficult to interest him;
  • At a restaurant at lunch, if a man sits completely alone, you can approach him and act out the situation as if you were wrong. If a man is interested, he will continue acquaintance;
  • For dating sites. Oddly enough, you can also meet a wealthy man there. But most of them don't need a serious relationship;
  • In stores with expensive men's clothing. You can ask him for help in choosing a gift for your brother, dad, or colleague.
  • On a rest. It can be an expensive resort hotel by the sea (a ticket can be bought at a discounted price) or a ski resort. The first few days you can look closely at the contingent, and then act. In the presence of good external data, men themselves will come up and get acquainted.
  • When visiting expensive beauty spa salons. Wealthy men take care of themselves on an equal basis with women.
  • At the popular fitness center.

When a man is interested, it is not difficult to keep his attention. It becomes difficult after he has studied the woman enough. After all, wealthy people are quite capricious, because they know that they can get almost any woman. Therefore, there are several unspoken rules of communication in a relationship with a wealthy man.

How to deal with a rich guy
How to deal with a rich guy

1 rule. Sincerity of communication. 1

If a woman speaks openly and frankly about her attitude in certain issues, and it does not coincide with that of a man, then you can be sure that he will appreciate it (on a subconscious level). Also, do not violently prove your love. It looks out of place in any relationship.

2 rule. No financial requests.2

As soon as a young woman begins to ask for something from her wealthy gentleman, then you can be 80% sure - such a relationship will not last long. Since rich men are very sensitive to the moment when they are trying to get money out of them. Here the principle "from the opposite" works - she does not ask for anything, it is very strange, she urgently needs to present something (flowers, jewelry, etc.).

3 rule. Show of interest. 3

Sincere interest is pleasant to any person, even wealthy ones. This is one of the options for showing concern and participation in life. It is important to remember exactly what the man is saying. You can find additional information on the Internet in order to "be in the subject" during the next conversation.

4 rule. Stop arrogance. 4

You shouldn't choose the most expensive dishes in a restaurant. Or twist your nose when a man offers a walk in the park instead of an expensive bar. Sincere joy from any gift (flowers, movie tickets, cute souvenir) will make him understand that the woman is not pleased with the donated things, but the attention from the chosen one.

5 rule. Do not provoke. 5

Some women believe that a little provocation will fuel a man's interest in her. However, in a relationship with a wealthy man, everything can turn out quite differently. At the slightest hint of infidelity, the relationship may end abruptly and it will no longer be possible to prove your decency.

Rich guy, how to live with him
Rich guy, how to live with him

6 rule. Don't forget about yourself.6

This rule applies to any relationship. You don't need to dwell on the life of another person. You shouldn't always be available to him. After all, everyone has their own life, in which there is a place for work, favorite hobbies, meetings with parents or friends and a lot of interesting things. It's important to respect your privacy.

7 rule. Be at level 7

Only in the series can you see how a rich businessman falls in love with a plain girl from the village and makes her a queen. In life, such men need an educated woman who takes care of herself and her health. Who knows the basic rules of etiquette and can keep the conversation going in society when going out.

It is important to understand that the ending of such a relationship can be absolutely any. For example:

  • Love, wedding, happy family life. But this is a rather rare option.
  • Love, pregnancy, wedding, happy or not very married life. This option is also rare.
  • Pregnancy, quarrel, money for an abortion, or a promise to support a woman and a child. More frequent option.
  • Pregnancy, quarrel, life in splendid isolation with a child in her arms. Also the existing option.
  • Care for another woman, more interesting and not yet available. The most common option.
  • Acquaintance, interest, proposal to become a mistress. Consent or refusal.
How to build a relationship with a rich guy
How to build a relationship with a rich guy

The options can be completely different, and each woman independently decides with which man to go through life and what she expects from the relationship.

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