Why Do Women Choose Younger Men? Maternal Instinct?

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Why Do Women Choose Younger Men? Maternal Instinct?
Why Do Women Choose Younger Men? Maternal Instinct?

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There are two theories that explain the behavior of women and answer the question "why do women choose men younger than themselves?" The first reason is maternal instinct, and the second is the desire to feel younger and more attractive. Such relationships, and even more so marriages, are not always accepted in society, so couples doom themselves to constant pressure from the outside and condemnation.

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  • 1 Maternal instinct in relationships
  • 2 Desire to feel younger
  • 3 Problems of unequal age relationships

The statistics formed on the analysis of almost 36 thousand people really testify to the choice of a young partner by a woman - on average, five years younger. Data based on experience with dating sites. The number of initiations of acquaintances with a younger man several times exceeded the number of acquaintances with peers or more mature men.

Maternal instinct in relationships

Usually in couples with an unequal age, where the woman is much older and wiser, the relationship develops according to the "mother-son" type. This does not mean that the man does not have his own opinion and is completely controlled by the lady - no, the woman simply takes "education" upon herself. Being more mature and experienced, a woman is more active and takes a leading position. This position is very convenient if there is no desire to change the formed stable picture of the world in an adult man - it is much easier to form it yourself.

Such couples have a chance for a happy and long-term relationship, but only if the man is able to realize himself and does not become henpecked (this, unfortunately, happens often). Psychologists say that if a man sees in his soulmate a replacement for his mother, the relationship is doomed to failure and separation.

Desire to feel younger2

At any age, a woman wants to look beautiful, well-groomed and young. Having a young companion next to her, a woman will have to correspond to her status and pay more attention to her appearance. This is a great way to motivate yourself to take care of yourself and your body. In addition, it is not uncommon for a girl to flourish being next to a young lover - the hormonal background during regular sexual relations changes and has a beneficial effect on the body. Perhaps an active sex life, which may not be given by a peer, helps to feel elated and unambiguously answers the question: "Why do women choose younger men?"

Problems of unequal age relations3

1. Negative assessment of society.

First of all, this applies to close people. The most popular phrase that you can hear is: "You will get tired of him, you are too old for him, he will go to the young anyway." This and other similar phrases make a woman ashamed of her age and feel unworthy of a young man's attention.

why women love younger
why women love younger

Singer "Madonna"

Parents also add fuel to the fire - they are categorically against if their son starts a relationship with an older woman, they try to reason with him and in every way prevent the development of events. This may be due to the popular opinion that a woman starts a relationship for the sake of entertainment and will soon play enough and leave the "victim". It is difficult to maintain balance and calmness when there is so much negative reaction around.

An interesting fact: they treat relationships with a mature man much better. It is even customary for an adult and wealthy man to have a lady younger than himself. Such injustice raises even more questions for public opinion and stereotypical thinking. Why do women choose younger men and cause fierce indignation, while men are easily content with young companions?

2. Sexual relationships.

These problems depend on the age difference - the peak of female sexuality comes to 35-40 years, and male - to 20-25. Nature, as it were, gives the go-ahead for such a relationship, because peers by the age of 35 can hardly agree in temperaments and satisfy each other. Sexual problems are more likely to arise from an excess of sex than from a lack of it. After 30, a man is unlikely to want as much sex as a woman needs at 40, hence inconsistencies may arise.

young people have the right temperament
young people have the right temperament

Problems in sex can arise from the aesthetic difference between a mature woman and a young woman, but this is mainly a matter of taste - a woman in her 50s can be even more arousing than in her 20s. Moreover, modern cosmetology and surgery will correct the situation without any difficulties.

3. Lack of common interests.

This can affect any couple, and not only those of different ages. Tastes and interests can vary greatly, including due to different age backgrounds and preferences. Not always a woman will be able to match her active and young companion. This problem is solvable, especially for active and resourceful couples - you can always find a compromise.

The main thing is, when building any relationship, especially those of different ages, close your eyes to the advice and tips of people and do it your own way. Social prejudice is very restrictive and hindering the construction of healthy relationships. Any couple can become happy, regardless of nationality, interests and, moreover, age.

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