Relationship For Money Is A Difficult Issue, We Will Deal With You

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Relationship For Money Is A Difficult Issue, We Will Deal With You
Relationship For Money Is A Difficult Issue, We Will Deal With You

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girl loves money
girl loves money

Relationships between people can be built on the principle of love and mutual trust, but often the facets of love come into contact with duty and duty, and often it is finances. Some ladies put pure relationships above material benefits, when “with a sweetheart and heaven is in a hut”, but others build relationships for money, on an exclusively financial, material foundation. It is worth saying right away what women think - love will come after, but …. Let's talk about relationships and money.

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  • 1 Family and relationships, money - a triangle and possible problems
  • 2 Two in one - is it possible?

Family and relationships, money - triangle and possible problemsi

Men try with all their might to provide for their family and the chosen one, however, it is worth understanding that it is harder for them to part with money than a woman. And if he invests in his lady, he is confident in her, loves her, or at least has a strong libido for her.

In order to competently build a relationship for money with a man, relying on a material foundation, it is worth understanding the main types, their behavior and what they should say. Consider taking into account the type, the nature of the behavior and what is said most often.

what does relationship mean for money
what does relationship mean for money

1. Broad soul. In her behavior, she is a rather generous person in all respects, she easily gets rid of in favor of a lady with money, conquering and doing everything that was good for others. What does he say most often? For example - I take all expenses into my account or money is not the main thing - the main thing is our love…. result….. relationship and so on.

2. Romantic soul. Experiencing considerable pleasure, akin to orgasm, when spending money on his lady of the heart. He eagerly fulfills all her whims, tries to do everything so that she does not feel need. What can he say? I am pleased to do…. to see you radiant with happiness. Or, for example, another phrase of his - Let's go to the islands for your birthday?

3. Analyst. This is such a neutral type of man - he will not reproach, but will count all the money to the penny. He analyzes all expenses, whether they are justified and where, on what and how you can save. More often a woman hears from him - do you really need this dress now … … and so on on the list. If you need it, we will buy it, but let's look for where you can buy it cheaper.

Such courageous persons conquer many ladies, but in the practice of psychologists there are also negative types. For them, parting with money is something like death, but they are. If you want to build a relationship with them for money, you should know their type, what they say and how they behave.

relationship for money
relationship for money
  1. Cooper. He does not give his lady money, she has to beg for the most necessary things for the family, she protects her bloodline with all her might. Most often, you can hear from him that you can do without one or the other, a reproach to the active lady - you are a spender, that you should not trust her with money.
  2. Small type. He counts every penny in his wallet, often - boring, incapable of romantic, grand gestures. Often from him you will hear - let's wait a little with the purchase, or, for example, where did they get so much money for purchases?
  3. Selfish type. If he gives money, only in exchange for certain pleasures from a woman. He knows what his lady wants and wants, and actively uses it. What does he say? We can buy you …., but instead you will do this and that.

It is not easy to live with such types, and probably the first decision in this case is to decide for yourself, do you need all this happiness in quotes? And if the answer is yes - adhere to a number of rules in the relationship.

  1. Never and under any circumstances, do not let yourself be humiliated - no matter how hard your man does not earn money, no matter how much he gives you, he definitely does not have the right to your freedom, words and actions. Respect yourself and don't show how dependent you are on his money.
  2. Smooth out quarrels and conflicts, otherwise you are guaranteed constant stress and a nervous breakdown. And even any money will not be worth the fact that in a year you will become neurotic and spend all your capital on medicines and doctors … … yours or your husband's.
  3. Always emphasize, as much as possible, the profitability and positive aspects of purchases, try to share the joy of purchasing. And no doubt - say thank you to the man, praise and encourage him.
what is relationship for money
what is relationship for money

Many women build relationships with a wealthy man on the principle of falling in love later. Although there comes a time when there is nothing else besides money. To condemn or say the right way is not worth it, the main thing is to understand and accept the state of affairs, to try to live in a new format.

Two in one - is this possible?

The combination in one person, a man of a romantic nature and a successful financial analyst, earning millions - such a development option is possible. But there are very few such men in the world and not every woman can be so lucky. And if you are a simple man in the street, a woman who does not shine with special talents, beauty and success, you cannot count on such an ideal. And if you think that it is - most likely, you are wearing pink glasses. Take them off and look around carefully.

Such a situation is possible, but most often it is typical for immature girls who see in their man more an ideal than a real balance of power. If a woman has taken place as a person and a financially independent person, she looks at men with greater reality, deciding whether she needs a relationship in the format of sex - money, or to release love in the first place.

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