Why Does A Man Return To His "ex" After Breaking Up

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Why Does A Man Return To His "ex" After Breaking Up
Why Does A Man Return To His "ex" After Breaking Up

Video: Why Does A Man Return To His "ex" After Breaking Up

Video: Why Does A Man Return To His "ex" After Breaking Up
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sexy couple
sexy couple

Many women complain that their man has returned to his ex, or is regularly visiting her. What's the matter, and is it possible to somehow discourage him from such adventures? To find out for sure, you need to understand why a man returns after breaking up to the one with which, it would seem, all the dots have been put on the "Y".

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  • 1 Who left whom?
  • 2 There are common children
  • 3 Emotional pressure
  • 4 One Hundred Years of Solitude
  • 5 Everything is learned in comparison
  • 6 Or maybe he just loves her?

Who left whom? I

The guy rarely wants to return to the one that he himself, on his own initiative, decided to leave. If he no, no, and he comes to her, or even they began to meet again, perhaps this girl was the initiator of the separation.

The man simply did not stop loving her, he thought about her even in the moments spent with an already new passion. And as soon as the ex beckoned him to her, he immediately went.

How do such stories usually end? In most cases, nothing good. The woman will again hold the gentleman next to her until she gets tired of him again. And, perhaps, this time he will go again to the one from which he only recently left. Why not? Do not look for another girl when the previous one is ready to accept!

There are common children2

Why does a man return after parting to his wife he left behind? If they have common children, then this is not strange. Even though he is madly in love with his new girlfriend, he left his ex-wife because the feeling has long cooled down, he will continue to communicate with his child.

Every time the children will ask their father to stay, and, one fine moment, he will give in to them and return to the family nest.

How do such stories end? If a man left his spouse because he met another woman, the family is likely to grow stronger. Be that as it may, he can also have warm feelings for his wife, and common children will only enhance them. If the husband left because of constant scandals with the faithful, then one day the children will not be able to keep him. Returning once, he will again fall under the sight of his wife, and this again and again will bother him.

Emotional pressure3

There are girls who, with tears, can even return the dead from the grave. They begin to put pressure on the guy mentally. They can say that they cannot live without him, it is better to die, shed tears on the phone, social networks, relatives of the ex-boyfriend, even his best friends.

Why does a man return to his ex after breaking up
Why does a man return to his ex after breaking up

Few men can resist female grief, and even the strongest begin to feel like moral monsters who did so badly to their once beloved lady. And this feeling of guilt becomes the reason for returning to the arms of the unloved, to her joy, to her bad mood.

Stories like this don't usually end well. The guy will suffer next to the one that is not interesting to him, but he is afraid that she might do something with herself. At some point, the woman herself will understand that pity alone cannot build strong family relationships. No matter how bad it may be after separation, you need to be able to survive it, maintain self-esteem, and understand that you deserve the best, the one who will truly love you.

One Hundred Years of Solitude4

The couple broke up, the guy had already walked with another girl, but something went wrong in the relationship. He was alone for a while, and then decided to visit his ex-girlfriend. Why does a man return after breaking up to a girl with whom he has broken up a long time ago? Perhaps the state of loneliness began to strain him, and he wants a serious relationship.

Why does a man return to his ex
Why does a man return to his ex

But in such situations, there is a great chance that the business will end with a wedding and a happy family future for the couple. During the time of separation, he realized that there is no better one to which he decided to return, and that she alone is ready to endure all his "overtures".

Everything is known in comparison5

It so happens that a guy left his girlfriend because of her some shortcomings. But why does a man return to her again after parting, after all, he already realized once that he cannot put up with any traits of her character? Everything is simple here. Many such guys, after leaving their girlfriend, meet one with whom everything is much worse, and everything that happened before seems to be not so scary.

For example, in the first girlfriend, the man was irritated by her desire for cleanliness, she forced him to carefully lay out things, wash the dishes after him. And now he meets the one for whom cleanliness is not the main thing. It seems to be easy with her, but everything will stop at the moment when a horde of cockroaches meets in the kitchen, or traces of lipstick on a "clean" glass. Better to vacuum twice every day than to live in unsanitary conditions!

Why does a guy return to his ex
Why does a guy return to his ex

Will the reunion end well? Most probably not. The guy will keep running from one to the other until he meets the "golden mean".

Or maybe he just loves her?

There are such relationships when it is impossible with each other, but everything is impossible without each other. Here is a couple once again quarreled, decided to break off the relationship. He finds a girl with whom he is calm, but at one point she discovers the absence of his things in the closet. Why does a man return after parting to the one with whom, like on a volcano? He just loves her, and very much.

How long will they have a relationship? It's hard to tell. If they do not compromise and continue to swear, then they will part forever.

If a guy left you for an ex-girlfriend or wife, you don't need to keep him, try to return him. At some point, he may return, just think, do you need it?

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