How To Kiss A Guy On A Date And Avoid Mistakes

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How To Kiss A Guy On A Date And Avoid Mistakes
How To Kiss A Guy On A Date And Avoid Mistakes

Video: How To Kiss A Guy On A Date And Avoid Mistakes

Video: How To Kiss A Guy On A Date And Avoid Mistakes
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How to kiss a guy
How to kiss a guy

The first kiss with an attractive young man is the most breathtaking experience that happens on a first date. But how to kiss a guy so that the first kiss really becomes unforgettable?

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  • 1 The Right Time for a Kiss
  • 2 Suitable places for kissing
  • 3 How to subtly bring a date to a kiss
  • 4 Signs a guy wants to kiss
  • 5 How to kiss a guy to make him want to repeat
  • 6 What to do after a kiss
  • 7 Kissing etiquette
  • 8 How to avoid mistakes in kissing

The right time for a kiss

The very first thing to remember is that your relationship with a guy cannot be in the dating stage. After all, you can't just take and walk up to a stranger you like in the park and try to kiss him. Of course, you can try, but the desired result will definitely not be after that.

It's best to start thinking about how to kiss a guy after a few walks together. Psychologists say that the best moment to kiss comes at the end of your date, because the very romantic setting of such a date is a great start to the upcoming kiss.

Suitable place for kissing2

In order for a first kiss to become truly memorable, a romantic setting is needed. Such an environment can be easily provided by a cinema or a cozy cafe, but a nightclub is hardly suitable, they are always noisy. You do not need to eat a lot before kissing, but it is better to try to have your boyfriend eat a little. When kissing, he should be thinking about you, not about food.

It is very important not to overdo it with alcoholic beverages, because instead of a love kiss you do not want to get a romantic standing near the toilet, waiting for your drunk boyfriend. The minimum amount of alcohol, on the contrary, will help the girl, cope with her shyness, and the guy will relax.

How to discreetly lead a date to a kiss3

And now, finally, the date is nearing completion, pleasant music sounds, or maybe he just walks you home. The main thing now is to find the right moment to kiss. To do this, you need to think over some important nuances of the upcoming date in advance.

  • Choose a comfortable place. It is very important that you are located relative to each other. If you sit in a cafe opposite each other, then reaching out to a guy with a kiss will be very difficult and inconvenient. Therefore, it is better to choose in advance the seats next to your lover. If the date takes place in the car, and he is driving, you need to sit next to the front seat.
  • Talk. Prepare for yourself a list of distracted, relaxed conversation topics in advance. This will help relax the guy and create a kiss-friendly mood.
  • Convenient moment. If you try to kiss a guy at the wrong time, then there is a high probability of getting a negative reaction from him. The prerequisites to understand that such a moment has come - the level of romance has been reached in the relationship, a pleasant conversation is conducted in a relaxing place and in the eyes of the young man it is clear that he really likes the girl.
kissed a guy
kissed a guy
  • Clothes and makeup. In order to look beautiful and gentle in the eyes of a young man, a girl should have as little makeup as possible and be as natural as possible. If you come to meet a painted like an Indian who has gone out on the warpath and at the same time pour over the spirits of a dubious production, then such a girl will not only be scared to kiss, but she will not want to come close.
  • It is better to put your hair back so that at a crucial moment the guy can easily get to your lips. Avoid bright lipstick shades, oddly enough guys are scared off by juicy colors. It is preferable to use hygienic lipstick, it will not only give your lips a natural pink tint, but also make your lips moisturized and more well-groomed. The oral cavity can be freshened up with chewing gum or a special refreshing spray.

Signs that a guy wants to kiss4

Ideal situation - the initiative for the kiss comes from a young man. But often guys at the most crucial moment begin to lead hesitantly. To find out whether a young man really wants to be kissed and does not mind taking your relationship to a new level, you need to pay attention to the main signs in his behavior.

air kiss
air kiss
  • The eyes are the window to the soul. A sincere interest in any person is shown by a focused gaze. Modest men seem to "shoot with their eyes": they lower them, then look away, raise their eyes, and actively wave their eyelashes. If a man catches a girl's eye, it shows that he is mentally trying to calculate the level of her interest in him. Therefore, the best way to show your lover that you want to kiss him is to smile at him.
  • Movement can tell a lot. An interested young man unconsciously begins to mirror the facial expressions and movements of his companion. At the same time, all his movements will be a little constrained, because he is trying to understand whether he is interesting.
  • The importance of touch. The guy is trying to hug his girlfriend, wants to take her hand? This means that he strives to enter the territory of her comfort and get the right position there. Wise guys try to lead as carefully and affectionately as possible, so as not to accidentally frighten off their beloved.
  • Common interests may not always be the same. If a man supports the interests of the girl with interest, this does not always mean that they are two halves. Sometimes the charm of a girl can temporarily deprive a man of his personal opinion and it may actually seem to him that he and the lady think the same way.
  • A voice can speak volumes. Chest, measured and low timbre of voice - tells about confidence and possible plans for a common future. Such guys are not afraid of further development of relations and are clearly in the mood for a kiss. Stuttering from excitement, twitching and breaking voice - says that he may and wants to kiss, but is afraid of a response and therefore is nervous. In this case, you will have to take the initiative. Smooth and cold voice - shows that this guy does not care how the date ends.
  • The man is trying to drag out the date. In this way, the guys hint at a kiss. Most likely your kiss will be very touching and gentle. Passion will be added later, when the gentleman is sure of reciprocity.

How to kiss a guy to make him want to repeat 5

If a girl thinks about the question of how to kiss a guy and at the same time wants this kiss to become an important step in the development of further relationships, she needs to remember a few simple, but important rules.

kissed a guy
kissed a guy
  • Give the primacy to the man. It is enough for the guy that the initiator of the kiss was a girl. Therefore, directly when kissing a girl, it is better to allow him to direct her actions and be led. Why is this done:
  • the guy will feel confident and begin to show himself;
  • next time the gentleman will not hesitate and will take the initiative;
  • the girl will be able to rely on the gentleman;
  • you can better know the skills and desires of your partner;
  • the likelihood of scaring a lover is found to be zero.
  • Try teasing. All men are inherently hunters. At the DNA level, they contain the desire to win, conquer and extract. How to tease a guy and at the same time allow him to enjoy the process of "hunting"?
  • Bite and suck slightly on his lips;
  • Try to change a passionate and gentle kiss;
  • Lean slightly away from him so that he can reach for you, and then smile;

    make a path of kisses from ear to mouth, while not touching the lips;

  • Make the kiss short, but do not move away from the beloved so that he has the opportunity to achieve the kiss himself;
  • Tickle his lips with the tip of your tongue.
air kiss
air kiss
  • Touching. No normal kissing is accompanied by a "keep your hands at the seams" position. Hands should act:
  • Stroke his face with your palms and fingers;
  • To touch his chest, sides;
  • Gently touch his neck with your nails;
  • To bury your fingers in his hair;
  • Smooth, gentle touch of the back.

What to do after a kiss6

It is important not only to start the kiss correctly, it is even more important to know how to end it correctly. As soon as the kiss is over, you need to immediately open your eyes. It's time to take a look at the person you just kissed. If you did well, his eyes will shine, his cheeks will become rosy, and he himself will smile. Now he is probably worried about whether you enjoyed kissing him. Smile at him, let him make sure he did everything well. It's good to tell him something nice about how good he kisses.

air kiss
air kiss

And finally, the long-awaited kiss happened. And what will happen now? There are several options for the development of events:

  • Wait for the gentleman to start taking the next step. If you are yourself and act as usual on a date with a man, he will most likely want to kiss you again;
  • Kiss him when you feel like it. In this case, you don't have to worry about who kisses whom first. The main thing is to make sure that the man wants it too;
  • It happens that the kiss is not impressed and you don't want to repeat it. There is nothing wrong with that. Be polite to him, but do not provoke situations where the young man can kiss you again.

Kissing etiquette7

There are some unwritten rules to know about kissing. It makes sense to pay attention to them and, if possible, carry them out.

kissed a guy
kissed a guy
  1. Don't tell everyone about the kiss. Yes, it's very easy to talk about it. But easy doesn't mean right. Everything that happens between a guy and a girl should stay between them. If you still want to tell, then try to say a little about it.
  2. Do not kiss if you are not completely healthy and could infect him. Yes, kisses bring you closer together, but not enough to exchange infectious germs.
  3. Kissing not everyone, but one. Kissing is very enjoyable, but that does not mean that you can kiss anyone you like. It is better to focus on one specific person who is really pleasant, and if suddenly nothing works out, then you can switch to another.

How to avoid mistakes in kissing8

  1. Many men get angry if they are kissed, and after kissing they refuse to go straight to his house. Therefore, it is worth telling the gentleman in advance that you are not an accessible young lady and a kiss does not mean that everything else will follow.
  2. To prevent the very first kiss from becoming the final stage of your relationship, you should not eat garlic or onions before a date.
  • At the first kiss, you should not show Latin American passion and express a storm of unnatural emotions. In order not to look funny, it is best to behave naturally.
  • Immediately after the kiss, you should not lose your head and tell the gentleman about your feelings. A kiss does not always mean that a man is in love.
  • You should not chew gum all the time, the young man will think that you are like a chewing cow. To freshen the mouth, there have been special refreshing sprays for a long time.
  • If it suddenly turns out that the guy does not know how to kiss, in no case should you make fun of him, you need to pretend that everything is fine. Otherwise, you can discourage the gentleman not only to kiss, but also to meet, communicate with you.
  • You cannot kiss a young man who has not shown a single sign that he is not indifferent to you. There is a high probability that he will push you away or even laugh at you. And it really hurts.
  • If a gentleman, after a kiss, invites you to go to his house to continue, never indulge him, so that later you will not regret and not feel used or abandoned.
  • It is advisable to brush your teeth immediately before the date. Besides garlic and onions, there are other foods that can leave an unpleasant smell and taste in the mouth.
  • In order not to seem an annoying person with a complete lack of tact, do not persuade a guy to kiss, especially if he is in a bad mood or is upset about something.
  • Never kiss if you have an infection on your lips. No man is excited by the opportunity, to a terrific kiss, to get a load of infection.
kissed a guy
kissed a guy
  • Guys don't like kissing people with chapped, rough lips. Before you think about how to kiss a guy, get your lips in proper shape.
  • A girl giggling or grinning after a kiss looks like a strange person in the eyes of any man.

The very first kiss can be an important stage in the development of any couple's relationship. Many lovers are sure that, from that moment on, their flirting turned into a real serious relationship.

Whether a kiss is appropriate on a first date, read our next article.

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