What Do Men Like About Women? Basic Qualities

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What Do Men Like About Women? Basic Qualities
What Do Men Like About Women? Basic Qualities

Video: What Do Men Like About Women? Basic Qualities

Video: What Do Men Like About Women? Basic Qualities
Video: 8 Feminine Qualities Men Love | Relationship Advice for Women by Mat Boggs 2023, March
What men like about women
What men like about women

Many women love to talk about what men value most about them. At the same time, the majority for some reason agree that the most attractive for them is a beautiful appearance. Moreover, they do not even suspect how far they are from the real state of affairs. After all, what kind of women do men choose?

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  • 1 What figure do men prefer
  • 2 What does the hairstyle matter
  • 3 Does body odor matter?
  • 4 So what kind of women do men love?

What figure do men prefer?

Most women are sure that men love a certain type of figure, not paying attention to all the others. In fact, this is not at all the case. In fact, different men prefer completely different body types. True, it should be noted that most of them are still attracted by a feminine figure. However, even with an imperfect physique, you can emphasize your strengths and hide flaws with the help of well-chosen clothes and other wardrobe elements.

It is worth noting that even weight does not play such a significant role here. Body proportions are much more important. If everything is in order with them, then any man will not be able to take his eyes off the woman, even if she has a few extra pounds.

Many men are very fond of small women, or just those who are shorter than them. This is due to the fact that they want to feel like protectors. And who is better suited for the role of the protected, if not a small woman? At the same time, her complexion does not always play a role. However, you should not be upset when tall, because there are not so few men who like tall women of the fairer sex.

what men like
what men like

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What does hairstyle matter2

Every man has his own image of the ideal girl in his head. Remarkably, in most cases she has long hair. This is due to the fact that long hair is a sign of femininity, which means that next to such a woman, a man will feel like a protector and a breadwinner.

However, this does not mean at all that men do not like girls with different hairstyles at all. Some, on the other hand, like something extravagant. They find their zest in this and consider such women to be extraordinary and interesting personalities.

Does body odor matter? 3

In the relationship between a man and a woman, smell has always been very important. True, not all people are fully aware of this fact. This is not about strong odors such as sweat, eau de toilette or perfume. In fact, special elements - pheromones - play an important role in this. They help attract males and females to each other in the wild.

man flirting
man flirting

Man is also not far from this, although he considers himself more civilized. The action of pheromones leads to the unconscious attraction of a man to a woman. At the same time, he does not pay attention to either her appearance, or her hair or complexion. However, this effect can only be achieved if the partners are compatible.

So what kind of women do men like? 4

In fact, external data is just one of the components for attracting a man. Of course, when he knows nothing about the first time he meets a woman, the only thing left for him to look at is her appearance. After some time of communication, appearance ceases to play such a significant role and such features as:

  • tenderness;
  • the ability to show your feelings;
  • femininity;
  • sexuality;
  • sense of humor;
  • intelligence;
  • some mystery.

Naturally, not all of these features can be seen at the first meeting. Most often, they appear during a long acquaintance or even during a joint residence.

guy whispers in ear
guy whispers in ear

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