A Friend For Rent: A New Feature From Japan

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A Friend For Rent: A New Feature From Japan
A Friend For Rent: A New Feature From Japan

Video: A Friend For Rent: A New Feature From Japan

Video: A Friend For Rent: A New Feature From Japan
Video: How to Rent Friends in Japan 2023, March
Friend for rent
Friend for rent

Friend for Rent is a new service in Russia that came from Japan and is popular in other countries. When you order a friend for an hour, you rent a buddy to hang out with. What is so remarkable about this service?

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  • 1 Brighten up loneliness
  • 2 Accompanying to events
  • 3 Shop assistant
  • 4 Guide in a strange city
  • 5 Psychological assistance
  • 6 Company for the holidays
  • 7 Friends for social networks

According to analysts' results, the service is in demand among two groups of people: among mature women whose husbands do not like to go to the movies and among men to find a partner for sports games. How much does a friend cost?

The service is usually ordered for at least an hour. Many submit free 30 minutes. Now some private friends offer communication by phone. Payment is from 500 rubles / hour. Escort services in America cost $ 200 / hour. It should be noted that sexual relations are not included in a friend's spectrum. The very fact of being paid calls into question the concept of friendship, because this person just needs your money.

You can find a rented buddy on the Internet. There are recruiting agencies.

Let us examine what is the responsibility of a rented friend.

Brighten up loneliness

When a person has no one to communicate with, he feels like a hermit. Often such a need arises precisely in large cities. It is difficult for people to find a close person in spirit, even living in a multimillion-dollar metropolis. Loneliness arises from lack of time. Busy people have an intense rhythm of life, they just have no time to acquire acquaintances for communication.

friend for rent
friend for rent

Escort to events2

If there is no one to go to a party or presentation with, a friend will help for an hour. You will easily find a personable guy, all your friends will be envious. After all, you can choose exactly who you like in all respects. Responsibilities include accompanying to events, going to the cinema, theater, visiting a cafe, museum, entertainment center. A friend will go with you to the fitness club, jog in the park, ride horses or bike.

Note! Expenses: tickets, food, travel is paid by the customer.

Shop assistant3

If there is no one to go shopping with and ask for advice, then a hired friend will gladly accompany you. For girls, this is an opportunity to have fun, not to see the displeased face, which is typical for many men when shopping for many hours. He will help you choose clothes by size, model, cut and style. He will also check things for imperfections, help in the fitting room, if the size does not fit, bring a thing of a different color. It will also help carry bags. And men can simply take help in choosing clothes.

true friendship
true friendship

Guide in a strange city4

The service is extremely relevant for people who have come to an unfamiliar place. A rental friend will give you an excursion, keep company, help you navigate the area. And in general, it will cheer you up if you feel sad or bored.

Psychological assistance5

A rented friend helps, in a way, for people with communication difficulties. Because some people cannot communicate in person. He will become a support for people in difficult situations. A hired comrade will help you survive parting, make the right decision, pour out your soul. So parents order young girls a friend so that she can discuss her teenage problems with a particular older one. Sometimes people even pay for downtime mail correspondence.

Company for the holidays6

On the eve of the New Year, the most popular question is "Who will you celebrate with?" In order not to spend a festive night alone, you can use the service of a friend for an hour. And on other holidays you can also take him / her with you. Join the wedding company if you don't want to go yourself.

TV series friends
TV series friends

TV series "Friends"

A real friend does not want to go with you to some place, then the hired component is always ready. Sometimes places for ordering are quite interesting: a man hired a girl to come with him to the divorce court in order to annoy his ex-wife.

Interesting. In Japan and China, all relatives must be present at the wedding, so any missing family member is rented, even an aunt or uncle.

Friends for social networks 7

Modern people cover their lives on the Internet. And they often rent friends for group photos. It is these pictures that make a person especially popular and successful. The services are used by both young people and mature people. Friend service will give you the opportunity to feel like a star. A friend can travel with you anywhere and take pictures, as a result very high quality photos are guaranteed.

Friends for hire are real actors, they can play the role of a father, a lost relative, a brother, a partner. There is a known case when a pregnant girl's father was dying and without waiting for his grandson he was shown a rented child. You can rent a whole family to try yourself as a father or mother.

On the one hand, we can say that a friend for hire is just an illusion of communication for money. But if this makes a person better, more fun, calmer and it helps to achieve what he wants, to get through trouble, then it is obvious that this is only a plus. Experts predict that the service will become more and more in demand over time.

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