How To Learn To Flirt With A Man And Do It Without Hesitation?

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How To Learn To Flirt With A Man And Do It Without Hesitation?
How To Learn To Flirt With A Man And Do It Without Hesitation?

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girl flirting
girl flirting

How to make a man notice you and talk to you at a friendly party, corporate event or a walk in the park if you barely know him? If you really like a man, don't miss this opportunity and start flirting with him.

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  • 1 Attract with your gaze
  • 2 Non-verbal signs
  • 3 Time to start a conversation

Flirting of a woman with a man is communication with the help of verbal and non-verbal actions, which has been known for a long time. Flirting gives a hint to your partner that you are interested in him and you are ready to accept courtship from him.

Women usually start flirting first, because they have this ability inherent in nature itself. Of course, you can do nothing and wait until the man himself guesses about your sympathy, but this, alas, can never be expected. A man needs to get some inspiration from a woman so that he can start doing things.

For example, in the form of flirting. Probably every girl at school age at least once "made eyes" to the boys in her class, who then began to run after her, pull her pigtails or present pleasant surprises, wear weights instead of her and jointly solve math problems.

In adults, approximately the same scenario occurs, only in their actions more fantasy and intimacy can be noted. You need to start flirting if you are confident, happy with your appearance and outfit. Don't be afraid to show attention and speak to the man first. If your signs and gestures look quite natural, he will not even guess that it is you who frame him, but will decide that it is his own choice.

Attract with your gaze

It is difficult to pass by the charming female eyes indifferently and not notice them. Women at all times delighted men with their look. Eyes can "speak" sometimes more eloquently than spoken words.

Flirting women
Flirting women

Flirting always starts with an alluring look, but a girl needs to wait until the men feel that they are looking at him. Having established eye contact, look at the man with tenderness for 2-3 seconds, and then modestly lower your eyes down.

Try to do this trick several times during your meeting. The man will most likely be interested in you, but he will not dare to immediately approach you. To consolidate the result, you can still "shoot" your eyes to the sides during the event, but do not forget to give your smile to others.

With these signs, you show your readiness to develop new acquaintances and connections. Rehearse the exercises in front of the mirror and bring them to their natural performance so that from the outside it does not seem like you are grimacing.

Non-verbal signs2

The flirting of a woman with a man includes the transmission of non-verbal signs to each other - this is the use of gestures, touches, changes in facial expressions, body position. A person perceives words literally on a conscious level, and with the help of non-verbal signs he receives information that remains in his subconscious and can be interpreted in different ways. Some non-verbal signs may be pleasant, while others may be repulsive.

The success of flirting is 70% dependent on the signals that we transmit to the person of the opposite sex without words. To win over a person, you need to sit in an open, playful pose. You cannot cross your arms over your chest, lower your head and shoulders, as if you are examining your shoes. A squeezed girl is not conducive to communication, so straighten your posture, raise your head, and at the moment when you listen to the interlocutor, slightly tilt her back or tilt to one side.

You can use sign language to awaken sensuality in your partner. Accidentally straighten the dress in the neckline, touch your neck with your palm, flirt your hair back, lick your lips slightly, raise your eyebrows in surprise, or accidentally touch the knee of the man sitting next to you.

It's time to start a conversation3

When eye contact with a man is established and you even managed to use a couple of sensual gestures, you need to consolidate this result by starting a conversation. Talk about something easy to understand, do not complain about your problems in the first conversation, but you can ask the man a question or joke if appropriate.

Flirting with a man
Flirting with a man

Try to find interesting topics in your conversation with your man. This may concern his hobbies: music, sports, cars, dogs. In conversation, call him by name more often and meet his eyes. If you feel that you are being reciprocated, you can compliment him or offer him a dance, a walk together.

For the first time, these actions will be enough. You should leave a good impression of yourself, but don't get close right away so as not to seem intrusive. Otherwise, the man will decide that he is your last chance. On the contrary, leave when you see that the man is seriously interested and does not mind continuing to communicate with you.

Give him the opportunity to compare his feelings when communicating with you and without your attention. Just say goodbye to him: "Now I have to run, but I hope we'll see you again." You can leave your phone number, and if he really wants to be with you, he will definitely call or send you an SMS.

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