Mistakes In A Relationship With A Man, And What Are The Consequences?

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Mistakes In A Relationship With A Man, And What Are The Consequences?
Mistakes In A Relationship With A Man, And What Are The Consequences?

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disheveled girl
disheveled girl

Relationships between people are generally a difficult thing, and a serious relationship between a couple is especially. They make mistakes - both, but the most common mistakes in a relationship with a man that a woman can make are as follows:

The content of the article

  • 1 Role of the mother
  • 2 Anger and misplaced priorities
  • 3 Unreasonable jealousy and suspicion of treason

Role of Matter

The manifestation of care is very pleasant for a man, but only if it does not go beyond boundaries. It is necessary to see the difference between a child, who, perhaps, will not wipe out snot without a mother, and an adult. A woman from an independent peasant makes a child who can’t do anything, and she herself later says that he can’t do anything. The results of such a relationship may vary:

  1. A man weak by nature gets used to the fact that a woman does everything for him and becomes a lazy person.
  2. An independent man will not tolerate excessive custody, so she will irritate him, and he will begin to defend his independence, which leads to quarrels or tacit abstraction from the other half. This process can be accompanied by depression and excessive drinking on both sides. When the intensity of passions subsides and the brain turns on, then usually one of the options is obtained:
  3. They forget about what happened, having made a non-conclusion.
  4. Break up.

The problem is that if you do not draw a conclusion and maintain the relationship, then the man will remain a slobber, since it will not remind him that he is a man. And the girl will remain a Cinderella, who will periodically reprimand her "child" for bad behavior, slap slaps in the face, since the pope is erotic, but erotic - she did not even deserve to cook-malashki. And he will get tired physically and mentally. But what she wanted, she got it.

Anger and mis-prioritization 2

The manifestation of excessive emotions is a deadly thing that leads to unpredictable consequences. Therefore, you should not quarrel over trifles. Here is a far from complete list of what men, not out of malice, but solely out of forgetfulness and absent-mindedness or lack of time, "get" women. Here is the problem and immediately - here is the solution in the head, and then - the action … Why shout something:

mistakes in relationship
mistakes in relationship
  • I forgot to buy milk bread, sugar, a nuclear warhead and an explosion device for it. I wanted to go home, I didn't have time, I forgot. Now or in an hour - I'll go.
  • Forgot everyone's birthday. Really a flaw. I'm sorry. I went to call to congratulate and, depending on who I forgot to congratulate, bought (if bought) or buy (if not bought) a gift. Better late than never.
  • Didn't take the socks to the bathroom and / or didn't throw out the trash. Consider that you have already reported everything and (or) thrown everything out.
  • You don't clean up the rubbish on the desktop - my desktop, whatever I want, I scatter, and the fact that everything is scattered is a creative mess. In fact, everything is at hand and it's more convenient for me.
  • You're not making time for me. I devote ALL FREE time that I CAN. The rest of the time I either work or - with friends with whom you are not interested. With those with whom you are interested - you walk with me or stay at home.

All the situations described are trifles that bring an unrestrained woman to white heat. Remember, girls, that a man is a breadwinner and protector of the hearth. He knows these little things are taking you out. And he has the list above in his head. He was just wrapped up and slightly exhausted, therefore, he forgot something to make of them. He didn't want to piss you off. But, if these little things have become a habit, you need to notify. Perhaps the man is not aware that these trifles can cause serious anger, since they are of very little importance to him.

Errors in a relationship with a man
Errors in a relationship with a man

Finding out who is in charge of the family, you can arrange such a debriefing that, in comparison, the situations that occur during the Second World War are the pranks of a child.

The question is solved simply:

  • Understanding that you are equal.
  • By establishing the duties and responsibilities of everyone.
  • If both can do something - you need to do something together or make a schedule.

Unreasonable jealousy and suspicion of treason3

There is no need to suspect a man of treason without strong evidence. A man who loves a woman will never allow sex with another - unless in an unconscious state. But even then the woman will only have a photo or video of him lying in bed like a mannequin, and on top of him there will be some … another girl.

If he says that he was at work and therefore returned home late, then this is how it is, as long as the woman believes in it. It really is. And you shouldn't inflate a man's brain. In the case of acquiring substantial evidence, the girl has the right to arrange a rut and take action.

Women's mistakes in relationships
Women's mistakes in relationships

Looking at another woman can be for two reasons if a man is loyal and loves:

  • Compare or, depending on what is in front of your eyes, give it credit with your eyes.
  • To piss off - until the object of adoration notices that the man has nothing to do, and, being in a good mood, has arranged for himself an improvised exhibition of female, visual merits - he will not take his eyes off. And so it was intended.

The mistakes in relations with a man described in this article are made by the girl thanks to her own thoughts and actions. Some of them arise in conflict situations and are not serious without serious evidence. The second part arises from thoughts and excess of free time.

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